First, I would like to thank the committee for the invite & my stewards for their warm welcome.  I had a lovely day and my thanks go to the exhibitors who bought me some lovely dogs for the Rough Collie Breed.  Most of all the dogs where good and most of the dogs teeth where lovely and clean.

Puppy Dog Class Entered 4 Absent 0

1st Fox's Alanita Razzle Jazzle  10 month old sable and white male head handled well correct stop, almond shape eye, ears a little heavy but looked the part when showed them. Looked all male for one so young  Good expression leading to good reach of neck , nice body length , in lovely coat groomed to perfection correct tail length  moved o k. BPD

2nd Rycraft's Kynan Silvershadow At Rydelisky  Blue Merle male of 9 months well rounded muzzle, correct stop, used his ears well which gave him a masculine expression , coat of correct texture lovely shape, moved o k  Am sorry he met No 1 on the day Am sure they will change places on another day.

3rd Scott's  Aniesh Touch of Black

Reserve  Scott's Aniesh Legend in Black

Junior Dog Class 3 entries  0 absent

1st Cooney's  Jopium Stole My Heart At Lingwell  16 month old sable and white male who I liked when he entered the ring, correct head planes, correct stop, used his ears well and loved his expression but still looked all male, good reach of neck leading to level top line, coat of good quality, short hocks neat feet, correct  tail length  moved well was pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog. 

2nd  Slater's Danfrebek Double O Seven At Stanlox just 1 year old sable and white male head handled well, neat ears and dark eye. Good body shape profuse coat well off for bone moved well hope to see him again another day.

3rd Ross's Tremaro Star Touch At Samshemik


Post Graduate Dog 7 entries absent 2
This was a difficult class with some good entries

1st Cooney's Jopium Stole My Heart At Lingwell
As written in Junior Class

2nd  Melvin & Jopson's  Starlenga Street Ahead At Nithview sable and white dog of 18 months  liked his head proportions, masculine, correct ear set, good almond eye, reach of neck with well placed shoulders firm top line moved well coat of good quality. Correct tail length

3rd  Cook's Jopium Marley

Reserve  Rycraft's Born To Be Your Pinot Noir At Rydelisky

V H C  Rodwell's Coarhabeg Stormy Petrel

Open Dog Class entries 3 absent 2

Melvin & Jopson's Starlenga Street Fighter At Nithview Sh.CM
3 yr old sable and white male, with a good overall shape, height to length proportions correct & is elegant and masculine.  Clean wedge shaped head with well placed ears, dark eyes just giving me the right expression , good reach of neck with level topline coat of good texture, he stood and showed for his handler correct tail length, neat feet moved well Just loved all of his good attributes and was really pleased to award him BD and BOB  Found out after the show had awarded him Best Dog at Northumberland and Durham Open Show in 2013


Good Citizen Dog No Entries

Class Puppy Bitch  Entries 4 Absent 0

1st  Mason's  Tiganlea Truly Huggable for Glenspey  6 month old shaded sable and white bitch,  lovely baby at her first show, lovely make and shape, head was lovely with a feminine expression, lovely dark eyes, ears on top, coat of good texture, reach of neck, stood and showed herself off really well, neat feet, moved well, wishing her a good future and hope to see her in the ring in the future she deserved Best Puppy in the Breed

2nd  Hodges Riverside Song Venice Queen At Jopium  Another lovely 7 month old sable and white puppy bitch, loved her shape and expression just wished she had used her ears better, good colour and coat perfectly groomed as always from this kennel correct tail set neat feet moved well

3rd  Cook's Aniesh Forever Blue

Reserve  Whitaker's Aniesh Misty Blue Moon Over Ashtree

Junior Bitch entries 4 absent 2

1st  Mclenahan's Tiganlea Ticklepink With Shelfpark  14 month old lighter shaded sable and white lady who has the correct stop, lovely shape eye, ears on top, sweet expression which I liked about this young lady.  Reach of neck leading to level topline short hocks, good tail length, profuse coat which was groomed well. Moved well  was pleased to award her Reserve Best Bitch

2nd  Davies's Tiganlea Silver Trinket at Sabiha  15 month old blue merle young lady lovely dark eyes, ears on top, coat of good colour and texture with reach of neck, correct tail set correct shape moved o k


Post Graduate Bitch entries 9 absent 1

A really good entry for this class, I wish I could have placed more on the day

1st  Corney's Samhaven Scottish Melody at Yenroc  A lovely 2 year old sable and white bitch who has the correct stop, almond eyes, ears on top, giving a sweet expression, good reach of neck shoulders well placed  with level topline coat in good condition and groomed well, short hocks correct tail length, best mover in the class

2nd Jones's Erjon Elizabeth Arden  2year old blue merle bitch of good colour, with correct stop, lovely eyes, just wished she would have used her ears more loved her shape and proportions, correct tail length, also wished she had moved better on the day  I know she could swap places on another day

3rd  Whitaker's Jopium Magical Dream

Reserve  Farthing's Ladnar One More Time For Didek

VHC  Fox's Alanita Gaze Away

Open Bitch entries 4 absent 1
This was a difficult class today for me as my 3 entries were of good quality

1st Hodges  Jopium Secret Star JW Sh.CM  5 year old dark shaded sable and white bitch who I liked when she came into the ring, with  almond shaped eye, correct stop ears on top when she used them which gave her a lovely expression, lovely shape and stood well for her handler, coat groomed to perfection as I quoted before from this kennel. Short hocks correct tail set moved well.  Was pleased to award her Best Bitch

2nd  Moore's Danfrebek  Amaxing Grace for Alanita  4yr old sable and white bitch  lovely eyes, correct stop , ears on top, lovely expression, reach of neck, good coat well groomed, moved well, correct tail set

3rd  Slater's  Amalie Lynmead Lets Go Alexi To Stanlox


Good Citizen Bitch no entries.

Judge - Avis Annable