Before judging commenced, a minute’s silence was held, in the ring, to remember Linda Chapman (Sharidon), late Treasurer of the SCC of GB who will be sadly missed.

A very interesting entry including some from abroad, who I have judged previously and awarded top honours in their own country but today, I felt the depth of quality from the UK bred smooths was excellent and therefore some of these quality dogs had to leave the ring without a card.
My grateful thanks must go to Stewards, Peter Sewell and Bill Botten for keeping the ring moving, especially in the later classes.

On a concerning note, there were far too many exhibits with very short upper arms and consequently straight shoulders, more so in the bitches. This is not good for the future of the breed and must be watched as our lovely breed could easily lose the breed specific movement. As such, it was of much concern and has been reported under the submission of the Breed Watch scheme but on a positive point, very few UK exhibits had small eyes but eye placement could be better.



1. Lister’s CH ERIDOR IM MR BLU AT NEWARP (Imp Aus), now in his 9th year and still moves with the drive one expects. His colour is just fading with time and has softened his expression. Pleasing head with a well filled foreface, not quite the balance I prefer but he could not be denied this class on his shape, outline and movement

2.Unwin & Winter: STURTMOOR ALEXAVIER ODESSY AT SNOWTREKKA ShCm, striking tricolour of good size and shape. Pleasing and balanced head. Well set ears. Not as positive on the move as I would prefer but took the GC Class with ease later in the day

3.       Trundley – LILYMEAD AGAMEMNON, much smaller in type. Head is in proportion but is much wider in back skull than I prefer. I am aware that weather conditions have not been conducive to show preparation but attention should be paid to feet as well as show presentation. The blue is not a good colour and has darkened with age and he could have been cleaner.



1. Giddings – LEGEND OF CAMELOT’S CONFUSION AT RYECOMB (IMP). This boy stood alone and apart from his colour which needs to clear he has a very well balanced head, with a well filled foreface and good ear set. Moved very freely with drive from his well made quarters BPD but lost out on both colour and to the feminity of the bitch.





1. Bardill’s PLAISANCE FENTON LE BEAU well made tricolour that needs a bit more time to come to his best. Interesting to note that his dam took the BCC in this quality entry and he has inherited many of her virtues. Good balanced head well placed stop and good eye set. Well placed and used ears. Good reach of neck and good shoulders. Moved correctly both ways with nice tail carriage


2. Denton’s RYECOMBE JAFFA JAKE, another tricolour of similar shape but just lacked the head qualities and shoulder placement I was looking for.

3.       West, ALOPEX OYSTERMAN, mature tricolour who appeared to be his own worst enemy as he was not happy using his ears today, Finer in head than those above him and lacked the moulding in foreface for his age but has good shoulders and front angulations.

LIMIT (6/2)


1. Giddings RYECOMB DISCOVERED GOLD, young sable, not with his usual handler. Moved out well with drive and kept his topline on the move. Another who needs a bit more time to body up and mature. I liked his head pattern and foreface. Good ear set. Nicely made front assembly and moved with good front extension and tail carriage.

2. Leach MANODEIFI DIONYSUS AT HILLTARN, blue of good colour but rather heavily marked with black. In good hard condition. Not as positive in front as winner but moved with drive with good rear action.





OPEN (13/1)

To give all the exhibits the same chance, I split this class of quality dogs and feel that perhaps the Crufts show committee could return to previous years when more places were offered in both the Open Classes, as, in my opinion, there were more than 5 dogs well deserving of a place card.

1.       Hayward’s CH FOXEARTH FLINTAB, my notes just say stunning! Blue merle of good colour with well broken patches. Excellent size and shape. Pleasing head which is well balanced with a good foreface and lip line. Well placed stop and good back skull. Very good showman who was most attentive to his handler.
Concentrated on the job in hand regardless of the noise and others around him. Good neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Nice length of upper arm and good depth of chest. Ample bone of correct type leading to excellent feet and pasterns. I liked his depth of chest and length of back. Good hind quarters and nice stifles. Good hind angulations giving a very positive drive on the move, especially in profile movement and covers ground easily and fluently. Good tail carriage.
Never put a foot wrong in this class, very pleased to award him the CC and subsequent BOB over a good bitch.



2.       White: CH FOXEARTH FRAPPUCCINO, Lovely tricolour in good hard condition, sadly lacking in some exhibits today. He started out with a lack lustre outlook but as the class progressed you could see he was really settling down to the job in hand. One of few who moved out well with good extensions front and rear with correct tail carriage.

Good head and foreface, correct stop and when he used his ears gave that proud expression which just asked for a second look. Ample neck and well placed shoulders. Lovely body covered with a gleaming coat of deep black with no rusty tinges. Loved his outline and bone.  Pushed the winner hard but had to settle for the RCC in excellent company

3. French: CH FOXEARTH FLOCK MASTER FOR BRECKAMORE JW. Another tricolour also in hard condition and this showed in fluent movement but he just lacked the forward extension of those above him.  Good balanced head, nice eye and foreface. With a well placed stop and used his ears well. Good depth of chest and he has a lovely outline on the move but today just spoilt by slightly higher tail carriage. To be honest, I was really splitting hairs between 2nd and 3rd, and these 3 dogs will always change places


Good Citizen (2/0)


2. Trundley - Juniperwood King of Kings. Tricolour of good size but not enjoying his day out. I would prefer a more positive front movement and better ear carriage.



1. Moore’s MANORDEIFI SILVADORA, dam of my RBCC winner and easy to see where her qualities come from. Not the best of colours in her blue but she is an honest sound collie. Pleasing head with a lovely expression coming from well set eye and ears. Good neck and length of back moved quite well


2.       Robinson: Ch HILLTARN VALENTINE, tricolour, much finer in body and outline. Another who had a good balanced head and well used ears,


Kemp – BRECKAMORE BLACK CAVIAR, lovely tri growing up on good lines and construction. She needs time to mature and fill out but at this stage is looking very promising. Loved her head and expression. Good body and coat and moved well for her age and pleased to award her BPIB

2. Gladwell – CONEYPARK CAFFE LATTE FOR JOTARS, young sable who is at this stage a tad unbalanced in body and outline. Shorter on the leg at this age but she has time to grow on. I found her front assembly slightly too upright which made front her movement somewhat stilted.




1. Howard & Smith –JACK MACK’S HEFIN HUW (IMP DUE). Young blue whose colour could be slightly better. She is of good size and shape. Pleasing head with a well placed eye. Slightly larger upright but tipped ears placed well. Good neck and outline but perhaps a little too wide in front assembly but moved easily in both directions.


2. Hayward’s FOXEARTH FLY ORCHIS, a very promising young lady who was not quite sure of herself but settled down once moved. She has a lovely outline and very positive front movement. Very pleasing clean head with a  good stop and a lovely expression when she decided to show her ears. One I would love to see when mature.

3.  SWEENEY - FOXEATH FINE BEAUTY – merle of similar shape and size and l/s to 2nd. Not as positive in rear movement today.


One of my most disappointing classes of the day as the majority of these young ladies were lacking the correct front construction I was looking for and subsequently front movement was most erratic, however my winners were acceptable

1. Beeney’s RYECOMBE JOLLY JONQUIL AT CONEYPARK. Sable bitch of good size and outline, slightly finer in head than I was looking for but it is balanced with a well placed stop and good ear carriage. Moved freely in both directions

2.       Roden – FORTUNE COOKIE FROM BRECKAMORE, tricolour who was not happy following an incident outside the ring which affected her stability. However, she soon settled down to show off her virtues and take the GC Class later in the day.

3.       Campbell – RYECOMBE DOLLY MIXTURE – another sable of similar type and shape to winner but just lacked the more positive drive and outline of winner.

LIMIT (8/1)

1. French – FINNISH TOUCH FOR BRECKAMORE Young tri bitch who appealed for her breed type. Pleasing head and eye. I liked her neck and shoulders. Good outline legs and feet, moved out quite freely here but in the challenge decided to change her mind
2. Robinson – SOUTHCOMBE SUMMER SPECIAL AT DAWCHER – nicely made sable with a clean head and good eye placement. Pleasing outline and tail carriage but not as positive moving as I was looking for
3. Rice – KEVRANNA THERAS ENATE ECHO – very similar in type to 2nd but has a slightly better head pattern and foreface but again failed in front movement.

OPEN (10/0)

1.       McKenna & Bardill – CH SHULUNE IMPERIAL FLOWER OF PLAISANCE, my star of the day. I had previously awarded her a RCC as a youngster and felt that today she had matured well and was on top form. Good outline and stood easily.  Clean balanced head, nice foreface with a well placed stop and good eye. Well used ears. Liked her reach of neck and shoulder angulations. Neat feet and pasterns. Nice length of back. Moved very easily with the extension front and rear I was looking for, well deserved CC but met a dog on top form in the challenge and just had to give way to him
2.       Lister – MANORDEFI MISS DAISY AT NEWARP JW – this little lady is of correct size and shape but today, was carrying just too much weight which was one of the deciding factors in her placing. Very pleasing balanced head of good proportions well placed stop but a little reluctant to use her ears fully today. Moved so very easily with drive and good tail carriage and took a well deserved RCC.
3.       Hayward – CH KIIARAMANNA SHE MAKES MY DAY AT FOXEARTH (IMP) young blue bitch who for me is slightly too heavily marked. Her head is balanced but I would prefer a better placed eye and stop which would result in a softer expression. Excellent construction with well placed shoulders. Good topline and lovely legs and feet.



1.       FORTUNE COOKIE FROM BRECKAMORE – easy winner of this class on her breed type
2.       Neff – HIGHTRI UNTIL ShCm – nicely made lady of good size. Liked her outline and head. Moved quite well in profile but just lacked the quality of winner.
3.       Lusty – JUNIPERWOOD JUST A DREAM – young tri bitch that moved out well. I like to see fluent movement and the practise of this young and athletic owner of turning on each corner precluded constant flowing movement. However, she is a nicely made bitch of good proportions but just lacked the eye and expression I was looking for


Judge: Carole A Smedley