Thanks to the exhibitors for a good entry.

1 Collins’ Ch Jopium Touch Of Soul for Triburle, well known ch who excelled in showmanship. Good foreface, underjaw & ears which he uses well, very good neck, keeps his topline on the move;
2 Jones’ Ch Erjon Eyeopener, 11 years, an old favourite of mine, lovely eye & expression, moved very well for his years;
3 Wray’s Takhisis High Voltage. 

Puppy (10)
1 Randall’s Ladnar Harvey Moon, tri who appealed instantly. Very good foreface & underjaw, nice eye, very good neck & good topline, moves well;
2 Hodges’ Jopium Stole My Heart, very glamorous s/w, lovely make & shape, moved well enough to give him 2nd place in this very good class;
3 Ware’s Rowlands Paddy McGinty at Wassail. 

Junior (12)
1 McLaughlin’s Rydeen Jamboree at Brihow, tri who appealed instantly. Lovely eye & expression, good foreface & underjaw, ears right on top & he uses them well. Good neck running into good shoulders, keeps his topline on the move;
2 J Stole My Heart;
3 Melvin & Jopson’s Starlenga Streets Ahead at Nithview. 

Yearling (13,2a)
1 Flint’s Jopium Touch Of Ice at Highnol, blue who stood, showed & moved with ease. Lovely eye & expression, good ears, neck & shoulder placement, moved well to win a nice class;
2 Thompson’s Heracles The Hero De Cabrenysset, well grown tri, nice bone, plenty of heart room, well filled foreface;
3 Thibaut’s Haydn Honey Hymn of Lowlands Green Valley. 

Graduate (15,1)
1 Clark & Finney’s Salsina Smokescreen, what a lovely sized male, all dog. Presented beautifully as always from this kennel. Lovely well filled foreface, good underjaw, sweet eye giving a lovely soft expression, ears right on top & uses them non stop. Good arched neck running into a good shoulder & topline, moved well hence his place;
2 Houlding’s Sandcourt Blue Temptation at Martlese, another nice coloured blue, well filled muzzle, good chin, plenty of heart room, moved well;
3 Hendricks’ Mertrisa Emrys Destiny at Anpasch. 

Post Graduate (18,3)
1 Cronk’s Chelborn Dependable, s/w, beautifully put down as always from this kennel. Lovely clean head, nice eye & expression, good ears, lovely arched neck, moved well;
2 Melvin & Jopson’s Starlenga Street Fighter at Nithview, s/w who appeals standing, moved & showed well. Would like a sweeter eye;
3 S Blue Temptation at M. 

Mid Limit (10,1)
1 Iley’s Ileyda Jimmy Choo, I have only seen this dog once before, what a lovely surprise on handling him. Beautiful foreface & underjaw, nice eye & expression, well used ears (did not have anything on them as my co-judge remarked). Beautiful arched neck running into a very good topline which he held on the move. Good second thigh, good strong hocks, well presented as always from this kennel. I was pleased to award him his second CC;
2 Blaikie’s Willowdene Double Or Quits at Wassail, well presented tri who was unlucky to meet 1. Nice well filled muzzle, good chin, good well used ears, lovely arched neck, moved well;
3 Collins’ Triburle Zachary. 

Limit (13,2) 1 Jackson’s Sassari Mister Solitaire, beautifully presented blue who is a lovely make & shape. Very good bone, plenty of heart room, good shoulder, moved well keeping his topline;
2 Welsh’s Ladmar Perfect Time at Thistlewing, another well known blue, good foreface & underjaw, nice eye, well used ears, good neck & topline. Also another with a good second thigh, does not carry a big jacket but enough to show his lovely shape;
3 Jeffries &  Alexander’s Chantique Hot Toddy.

Open Class  (11,1)
Lovely class. 1 Randall’s Ch Ladnar Kingfisher, what can I say about this well known ch that has not been said already? Beautifully presented as always, well filled muzzle & good underjaw, nice eye, very good ears which he uses non stop. Lovely arched neck running into good shoulders, good topline which he kept on the move, good second thigh on well let down hocks. RCC;
2 Scott’s Ch Moonwalker Dallinaire for Chantique, nice sized s/w who excelled in neck. Nicely filled foreface, good chin, ears right on top, moved well on good strong legs & feet;
3 Grainger & Nagrecha’s Ch Samhaven On The Crest.

Good Citizen (9)
1 Adams & Carlyon’s Tudorlyn New Hope, big, well grown s/w, moved & showed well;
2 Boyle’s Chantique Scrappy Doo for Barrenclough, s/w who enjoyed his day. Moved very well for his age;
3 Aikman’s Erjon Extol Joins Welanga.


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