Collie Club Of Wales Championship show
Saturday 5th April 2014

Minor Puppy  3 (1)

1) Murphy’s, Riverside Song True Love At Sandcourt,
Sweet but immature puppy just 6 months, very clean head , nice eye set and good ear carriage, giving a sweet expression. Overall shape is nice with good top line, her movement is a bit loose as one would expect at this age. in good condition and showed well.

2) Wilsons, Gallenja Robbies Dream Girl, well developed puppy with nice head, eye and expression, profuse coat, good overall shape. unfortunately she took a dislike to the floor and lost her chance to win the class.

Puppy  8 (3)

1) Cronk’s Chelborn Touch Of Desire,Well grown but feminine puppy, good head lines with correct eye and expression. She has a good body and correct angulation. She moves well especially at the back. I would prefer a little more reach of neck. She is in full coat and was shoed and presented well.

2) Loader’s Redola Just as nice, Heavy coated puppy, with the correct head pattern with good stop and muzzle, I would prefer the eye, whilst correct size and shape, to be set more obliquely. Construction and movement were ok.

3)Tipper’s Tiganlea Wishful Thinking

Junior 6 (2)

1) Scott’s I’m Scarlett Johansson Of Moon River for Chantique (Imp Fra) Really good type of bitch, with nice eye and expression, good stop and muzzle. Her backskull flares slightly but it does not detract. Super ear carriage and good neck. she is a nice overall shape and moved well, in really good condition showed well.

2) Lockyer’s Gataj Sweet Surprises,tricolour with good overall type, nice eye shape, set and size however i should prefer her expression to be a little sweeter. her head is very clean with no hint of coarseness. She is a good colour and is constructed well. Moving well back and front.

3) Congdons Isn’t She lovely Des Beldones Via Aaronwell (Imp Fra)

Yearling 5 (1)

1) Humphrey & Hawkins Brilyns Guilty Pleasure. Attractive bitch with good head type, good stop and flat backskull, I would prefer her eye set to be more oblique, but she has a nice expression.She is a nice shape and is well angulated, she moves well. Presented and showed well.

2) James’s Mertrisa Damsel in Blue at Deanjan, Blue with well broken and correct colour She has a nice head type and shows no excessive depth. sweet eye and expression. Good outline and construction, she moves well on the front but a mite too close at the back. showed well

3) Brown’s Mertrisa Wild Honey

Maiden 3 (1)

1) Cronk’s Chelborn Touch Of Desire

2) McDade’s Chelborn Sweet Desire At Lyndale, Extremely feminine puppy who needs time to fill in foreface, her head shape is ok and stop is good, her eye is a little too round. She is a good shape and is in good condition, showed and moved well

Novice 3

1) Scott’s Chantique Fairy Dust, Still a puppy but entered here so as not to clash with her kennel mate in puppy. Really high quality puppy in super condition, she has a very clean head with no excessive depth or coarseness, good stop, flat skull and well moulded muzzle. She has the correct eye in shape, size and colour,  and is set obliquely to the headline. she has a sweet expression. She has nice ears though i would prefer them a little tighter set. She is constructed well and has good angulation and moves well. showed and presented well. She charmed her way to the Res CC in hot company and in conjunction with my co - judge was Best Puppy in Show Congratulations.

2) Margetts Collingvale Chardonnay feminine bitch with good head type and good ear carriage, for me her eye is slightly too full, but her expression is ok. she is of a good shape and construction and moves well.

3) McDade  Chelborn Sweet Desire At Lyndale.

Graduate 1(1)

Post Graduate 11 (2)

Jeffries & Alexander’s Dallinaire Touch The Sky, Ultra feminine blue with correct, well broken colour, she has a super refined head with no hint of coarseness or depth, her eye is the correct shape size and colour and is set obliquely. she has a sweet expression. She is well constructed on very feminine lines , her back angulation and movement is good she is a little loose on the front but does not detract too much. She was a serious contender in the challenge and only coat and maturity stopped her going further today.

2)Loaders Redola All Things Nice, in super condition, head type is good with correct muzzle stop and backskull, her eye is a little too much across the head for me but is the correct shape and size. She has a profuse coat. she is well constructed and moves well.

3) Congdons Aaronwell Anything For You.

Mid Limit 2 (1)

1) Walder’s Heart Of Gold De Cabrenysset For Hanvale (Imp Fra) Well they say “Every dog has it’s day” and i cannot imagine this particular bitch ever looking better than she did here today! She is really feminine with no exaggeration in any department. She has a beautiful head with smooth moulded muzzle, good underjaw, correct stop and flat skull. She has not hint of depth or coarseness. she ha the correct eye with good shape and colour and well set  to the head line. She has a good ear carriage which she uses well, the whole giving her a beautiful sweet and feminine expression. She has a good overall shape with good neck, shoulder and topline, she has a good spring of rib and is well angulated at the back. She moves with purpose and drive and is correct back and front. I super condition and showing well, presented expertly she had that “Little something special” that is all too rarely found. I was delighted to award her the CC and with my co-judge Best In Show, congratulations!

Limit 8 (3)

1) Hollywood & Waterhouse’s Lynmead Amalie Ours To Love, very feminine tricolour with well defined, nice head type, good stop and backskull. her eye is correct but would prefer slightly more obliquely set, she has good ears and has a feminine expression. she is a good black and has a well fitted coat. She has good angulation and moves well.

2)Hassock’s Curious Caprice, A good quality blue bitch with very nice head, eye and expression, she has a good colour though not in full coat today She has a nice overall shape and is very well balanced, moves ok. She was determined to ruin furthering her own chances to however by being reluctant to show.

3) Hawkins’s Brilyn Feel The Difference

Open 6

1)Margetts’s Amalie Let Be Me At Collingvale, The first thing that struck me aboutt this bitch is her lovely shape and balance, good neck, top line and angulation. Her head is correct and has a good stop, muzzle and backskull ,her eye is correct but i would prefer more obliquely set, she has a nice expression. She moves well back and front and was presented and shown well.

2)Hollywood & Waterhouse’s Amalie Lynmead Hi Honey, nice type of bitch of good construction, she has a nice head of correct proportions with a correct eye set well, she moves well, i would just prefer her to be a little more feminine.

3) Tame’s Rahlissa Ain’t Misbehavin, 

Veteran 2

1) Wray’s Ch Takhisis Lady Lucia. Top quality 9 year old blue, with super colour. She has a lovely feminine head and has no exaggeration in any way, she has a nice eye and expression. good overall shape and construction with good hind angulation she moved well and was in good condition, she was in strong contention in the challenge.

2) Cooney’s Emryks Ellie At Lingwell, another good quality “Oldie” belying her 9 years. She has a good head eye and expression, nice overall shape and moves well, in really good condition.


Alan Clarke          Judge
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