BOURNEMOUTH CH SHOW 2014 - Rough Collies


First, my thanks to the committee for the invite & first class hospitality, I was disappointed with the classification, having been cut to just five classes for each sex, but was overwhelmed with the quality entry that awaited me, the highest in the pastoral group, & I am informed that the classification is to be reviewed for next year. Can I just say that in LD, OD & OB I could willingly have signed the big Green card for any one of those that I placed, & am sorry for those that went cardless. It was such sheer quality that I haven’t seen around for a good while, I thank you for giving me such quality to judge, I did not find a bad one all day. Only one point to make, please look after your dog’s teeth, it is such a shame to see young dogs with dirty teeth, which eventually will lead to gum disease.

PD (3) 1 Slater’s Danfrebek Double O Seven at Stanlox, well grown 11 months sable, carrying a profuse coat which was just on the blow, but was well presented, head handled well, neat ears, nice dark eye, giving a sweet expression, good body shape, well off for bone, & moved soundly. BPD; 2 Spendelow’s Uffspring Unmistakable, s/w classically marked, who next to 1 was a bit immature, but everything in the right place, nicely balance all over, head of good length, nice eye, neat ears which he knew how to use, ample bone, & strode out well, keeping a level topline for age; 3 Page’s Lynmead Amalie Let Me Go. 

JD (8,1a) 1 Ross’ Tremaro Star Touch at Samshernik, my notes say what a lovely upstanding youngster. I wouldn’t like to change anything about him. Presented in pristine condition, an art in presentation. S/w, lovely head, nicely filled in foreface, well placed, shaped, dark eye, neat ears, combined to give him the sweetest expression, well arched neck, good length of back, ample bone, neat feet, good quarters, moved well, carrying a lovely topline, with good tail carriage; 2 Collins’ Chelborn Soul Desire for Triburle, another lovely s/w, who has done a lot of winning, different type to 1, but of equal quality, in good coat, just on the blow, lovely make & shape, head handled well, neat ears, nicely placed dark eye, giving him a sweet expression, ample bone, short hocks. Moved well; 3 Rae’s Antoc Soul Mate. 

PGD (9,1) 1 Telford’s Glenbowdene Shades Of Gold, s/w, in full, well presented coat, I made this dog my BPD last time I judged & was so pleased to see him, & that he is now maturing into a lovely adult. He possesses a most lovely head, nicely rounded in foreface, ample stop, neat ears & with ears tight on top gave him the sweetest expression from his lovely dark eyes, good reach of neck, leading into a good length of back with a correctly set tail, nice deep chest, ample bone, neat feet, good quarters, moved soundly carrying a lovely topline. My pleasure to award him the RCC & sincerely hope that he continues his winning ways; 2 Liversidge & Cronk’s Roschell It Started With A Kiss at Chelborn, beautifully presented tri with a jet black coat, that was gleaming, lovely make & shape, well balanced all over, with a nice refined head, lovely expression, so hard to achieve on a tri, moved well as his construction suggests. Unfortunate to come up against 1, as I really did like him; 3 Amos’ Amalie Lynmead Centre Stage for Elsamos. 

LD (13,2) A beautiful class to judge, & such quality. 1 Hawkins’ Brilyn Intoxicated, what a transformation in this dog. Have liked this boy since his puppy days, but back then, he was not at all enthralled by the show ring, & at times was his own worst enemy, throwing away his chances. I am so glad that his owner persevered with him. He is a lovely boy, beautifully balanced all over, just right for size, his head is a joy to go over, lovely length, nicely rounded in foreface, ample stop, neat ears, & two lovely shaped dark eyes, giving him a lovely soft expression, nicely arched neck, length of back, & good quarters, ample bone, neat feet, enabled him to move soundly fore & aft, his beautiful sable coat was groomed to perfection. I had no hesitation in awarding him the CC & BOB, & wish him ‘good luck’ for his third & crowning CC which I have no doubt will give him his entry into the upper house, which he so richly deserves; 2 Collins’ Triburle Zachary, another quality lad, who, last time I judged awarded him the RCC, & was so unlucky to come up against 1 today, he too is perfectly balanced all over, & possesses a most beautiful head, with an expression to die for, & is such a cool, calm & collected character in the ring, nothing fazes him, & gets on with the job in hand, must be a joy to own; 3 Jones’ Erjon Ebony Joker.

 OD (14,2) 1 Grainger & Nagrecha’s Ch Samhaven On The Crest, a very worthy blue Ch looking the best I have seen him, upstanding male, no mistaking his sex, perfectly balanced all over with a most lovely head, & colour. With no exaggerations & so very sound. Really liked him; 2 Murphy & Cronk’s Ch Chelhaven On Promise at Sandcourt, another worthy Ch, this time, a shaded/s, looking every inch a Ch. Nicely balanced all over, with a lovely head, & very attentive to his handler, moved well, & was well presented; 3 Browne’s Atendus Erasure.

PB (9) 1 Hawkins’ Brilyn Glory Days, gorgeous s/w baby, which I instantly fell in love with, & who wouldn’t? She was a lovely make & shape, balanced all over, head was lovely, with the most feminine expression, coming from two lovely dark eyes, nicely placed, ears on top, short hocks, neat feet, enabled her to stride out soundly covering the ground as she went, my pleasure in awarding her BPB & BP, only wished she was mine! 2 Ware’s Kynan Paris By Night at Wassail, another quality puppy, jet black tri, whose coat was gleaming, & white was white, of different type to 1, but at this stage, everything where it should be, nicely balanced, with a lovely head, & such a happy go lucky puppy, unlucky to come up against 1, but her day will come; 3 Congdon’s Monsolana Pink Star for Aaronwell. 

JB (6,1) 1 Duffield’s Angelfield Veuve Clicquot, lovely sable, full of the joys of Spring! Lovely body shape, neck & quarters, head handled well, nicely rounded in foreface, two lovely dark eyes & ears which she knew how to use to give her the cheekiest expression, moved soundly, carrying a lovely topline, with good tail carriage, well presented; 2 Lockyer’s Gataj Welcome With A Kiss, a most gorgeous blue young lady with the most lovely correctly coloured & marked blue jacket. Nice make & shape. Correct for size, clean head, nicely marked, with a lovely sweet expression, & another that moved well & was well presented, just my cup of tea; 3 Klok’s Steadwyn Sheer Bliss. 

PGB (13) 1 Hawkins & Humphrey’s Brilyn Guilty Pleasure, another lovely bitch from this kennel & litter sister to my BOB, of equal quality to her brother, presented in full coat, groomed to perfection, also well balanced, with good quarters, neat short hocks, tight feet. She also moved well, head is lovely with the sweetest expression; 2 Simmons’ Trenley Little Bow, another lovely bitch, of different type, but full of quality & in a full sable coat, beautifully groomed, not a hair out of place. This exhibitor has always come out with some lovely bitches, & this one was no exception; 3 Margett’s Collingvale Crème Caramel. 

LB (7) 1 Lockyer’s Gataj Willow Of Surprises, lovely shaded/s, put down to the minute, a new one to me, but of lovely make & shape, balance all over, with neat short hocks, tight feet, head is lovely, good underjaw, nicely rounded foreface, good stop, dark eyes, ears right on top, giving her a feminine expression, another that was sound on the move; 2 Slater’s Amalie Lynmead Lets Go Alexi to Stanlox, s/w who I have judged before, & was so nice to see her again. She always gives of her best. Presented in full coat groomed to perfection, lovely make & shape, with good quarters, short hocks, tight feet, head is lovely with the sweetest expression, & she moved soundly, just unlucky to meet 1 today; 3 Willey’s Martlese Morning Marnie. 

OB (19) Wow, what a lovely class, brimming with quality, I felt honoured to have such quality, & a lot of bitches that I really liked had to go cardless. 1 Hollywood & Waterhouse’s Amalie Lynmead Hi Honey, here was a bitch who to me fitted the Standard, lovely size, with a beautiful head giving her such a lovely expression, perfectly balanced, with a lovely reach of neck leading into a nice length of back, good front, & nicely let down at the rear, in a full sable coat groomed to perfection, & she moved so well around the ring, a very dignified lady, was pleased to award her the CC, learnt later that this was her fourth, not surprised, she is very nice; 2 Klok’s Klok Collies Calandar Girl, what a surprise it was to see this lovely bitch here. She was my BIS at a Club ch show in her own country. Unfortunately, she had come without her clothes, but that did not worry me, as she hid nothing, & coat comes & goes. Sweetest expressions, a lovely arched neck leading on to a length of back, with good quarters, balanced all over, with ample bone, neat feet, & her forté is her lovely movement. Thank you for bringing her, & I was pleased to award her with the RCC; 3 Timmins’ Ir Ch Wassail China Blue at Kynan.