Barking Canine Club Open Show 27th September 2014

Rough Collies 

Many thanks to the committee for their invitation to judge at such a friendly show, in a super venue. My stewards did a sterling job too, thank you ladies!

I have to say that I was extremely disappointed with the presentation of some of the exhibits today. This is supposed to be a breed noted for it’s coat to be the ‘crowning glory’ on a noble, elegant dog. One never sees a poodle exhibited in dire need of a bath, so why should the collie be any different? Please, if you have pride in your collie, present it looking clean and groomed.
Puppy 5, 1 Absent 
1st: Ludlow’s Tudorlyn Misty Dreams For Malina; S/w d 7 months old. Well made puppy with plenty of bone and substance. Nice dark eye and lovely expression, good ear set, nice reach and length of neck, preferred this shoulder placement to his litter sister, who stood second today. Would prefer a slightly longer back but he’s plenty of time to lengthen, lovely long tail. Good rear angulation and he moved soundly. Full of confidence and took everything in his stride. BP.
2nd: Philpin’s Tudorlyn Fairy Dust
3rd: Adams & Carlyon’s Ladnar Kiss’n Temptation.

Junior 4, 2
1st: Ludlow’s Maqueeba Just A Dream For Malina; S/w d 14 months old in profuse coat. Lovely temperament and very confident. Sweet eye and expression, flat skull, ears a little low set, good reach and length of neck, would prefer slightly more underjaw. Good shoulder placement, ribs well sprung, good length of back and loin. Hocks well let down and he moved very well.
2nd: Hull’s Lizmark Morning Glory

Post Graduate 5, 2
1st: Hull’s Lizmark Golden Girl; 3 yo s/w b in good condition. Super, feminine expression with a lovely dark eye, nice ear set, flat skull, good length and reach of neck, back and loin. Good depth and spring of ribs, superb topline, which she held on the move. Last saw her as a puppy and she has grown into a lovely girl. She isn’t the biggest, but she is very sound and covers the ground effortlessly. RBOB.
2nd: Philpin’s Tudorlyn Tiger Lily 
3rd: Adams & Carlyon’s Bellcot Winter Blizzard 

Limit 2, 1
1st Hull’s Lizmark Gold Nugget; 4 yo tri b in super coat and hard condition - fit and ready for a day’s work. Very feminine expression, lovely dark almond eye, flat skull, lovely ear set and good length of underjaw. Well arched neck, excellent shoulder placement allowing good front extension, good depth and spring of rib. Super length of back and muscular loin, excellent rear angulation with nice, neat hocks, well let down. Loved her on the move, she covered the ground easily, as a collie should, with the most sublime topline. Delighted to award her BOB.

Open 3
1st: Hull’s Lizmark Gold Standard; 3 yo /w d in good coat and condition - litter brother to PG winner! Masculine expression, nice dark eye, good ear set, flat skull, lovely arch of neck, although hidden under his profuse coat. Good shoulder placement and super front extension. Good length and spring of rib, back and muscular loin. Hocks powerful and well let down. A well made boy who moved easily with plenty of drive and a lovely topline, just edged out for RBOB by his sister’s expression.
2nd: Philpin’s Little Caramel At Tudorlyn
3rd: Adams & Carlyon’s Tudorlyn New Hope.

Judge: Maxine Mellish