All Ireland Collie & Sheepdog Society
Breed Championship Show
Saturday 16th August 2014
Judge: Wm Ritchie (Aberquarrie)

Puppy Dog: 1-Timmins-Kynan Arthur Guinness -- 9 month old tri, lovely headed dog, lovely moulded foreface, dark almond shaped eye, good shoulder placement,
length of back and bend of stifle, nice neat hocks moves very well. In great coat and condition.

2.-Britnell-Kynan Arctic Moon-Litter brother to 1. When this lad settles down he has a very bright future. A blue of lovely colour, his head handles well, good stop and
neat well placed ears which he uses well. Pleasing eye and expression, good reach off neck. The deciding factor 1 was more settled to-day.

Junior Dog: 1-Collins and Delaney-Rowlands Gorgeous Gael-S/w 17months. Nice
dog, nice eye and expression, ears right on top, moved and showed well.

Intermediate Dog: 1-Carr and Colclough-Beldones Mr Smirnhoff-S/w Not the biggest of dogs, very well balanced, nice head with good correct stop, nice eye, ears right on
top, pleasing expression, moved and showed well.

Open Dog: 1. Carr and Colclough-Donohill Nat King Cole-A sable dog of real quality. He possesses a nice clean head, good stop, nice filled foreface giving him a
lovely sweet expression. Good reach of neck, nice length of back, moved well front and rear. In good coat. Very pleased to award him the GREEN STAR AND BIS.
2. McDevitt-Caronlea James Bond-Masculine sable dog, ideal size and shape lovely dark shaped eye and good ears, Soundly constructed, well presented, moved out well.
3.Sinclaire Ladnar Kings Country
4.Hodson Mayhill Ace of Clubs

Champion Dog:1-Hollywood and Waterhouse-CH Amalie lynmead love to Hug-A lovely S/w well groomed in beautiful coat, good stop with well placed ears which are
right on top, nice expression, good bone, nice length of back, moved an showed well.
2-McDevitt-CH and GB CH Caronlea Lord Of the Dance-loved this dog’s expression, good stop and eye uses ears non stop, good neck and shoulders, moved well.
VETERAN DOG:1-Sinclaire -Ladnar Mayd Smart-B/m of 8yrs in good condition good head and eye, nice expression, moved and showed well.

Puppy Bitch: 1. Timmins - Kynan Mika Blue Moon- 9 months Blue -She has lovely outline, in good coat which was groomed to perfection. Good reach of neck, lovely
length of back. Her head is very feminine with a well placed stop giving the sweetest of expressions. Good shoulder, good angulation and moved well front and rear. This
puppy just asks to be looked at. Delighted to award her BEST PUPPY AND GREEN STAR
2.Carr and Colclough- Donohill Madiba Blu- I believe this to be her first show and needs time to gain some confidence. Blue of the most lovely colour, nice head with
good muzzle and under jaw, nice small ears, the sweetest of expressions, moved well.

Junior Bitch:1. McIntyres Meryctin Brite Lika Diamond-S/w 15 months. My disappointment of the day. Sadly lacking coat, smooth clean head of good length,
correct stop, sweetest of eye and well placed ears, lovely neck and topline, super body, moved well lost out to-day on coat.
2.Kelly -Rowlands Abbie the Beautiful Lass - A bit stronger than 1. In good condition, nice head with good eye and expression, uses her ears well, moved and
showed well.
3.Farrell - Monsolana Winters Tale at Belrah

Intermediate Bitch 1. Wall-Birkmyre Blue Bouquet for Daliyhaa- Lovely coloured blue, nice shape, good head with well set ears which she uses, moved well.
Open Bitch:1.Carr and Coloclough- Durham Mistaken Identity at Donohill- This sable bitch is so correct for shape , lovely neck, head of good length with perfect stop,
dark eye topped of with neatest of ears, lovely expression, well constructed , moved well. RES GREEN STAR
2.McDEVITT-Caronlea Dixie Chick-Nice tri in a wealth of coat, beautiful shape and size, nice head type, uses her ears well, good lay of shoulders, good turn of stifle and neat hocks. Presentation excellent.
3.Farrell Belrah Popcorn Surprise
4.Battigan Myafreya Gold of Rocklynn

Champion Bitch 1.Timmins-CH Wassail China Blue at Kynan- Stands and shows non stop, well presented coat covering a lovely shaped body. She is well constructed
which enables her to move with ease, Lovely head eye and expression. Quality bitch.
2.Magills -CH Camana Coloured Confetie at Beltra- Lovely coloured blue well groomed, nice head with good ears , nice expression ,moved and showed well.
3.Francis IR CH Ileyda Gold Lace of Peblu
4.Byrne CH Copamage Elisadoolittle at Millbyrne