West of England Collie Open Show

My thanks to the WECS committee for inviting me to judge at their final show of the year and I was certainly pleased with my entry, a pity not everyone turned out. As is usual with this society the show was efficiently run and time passed so quickly.

VD (2) 1 Rae’s Ch Antoc Dark Moon Rising JW, a tri  I know well and have watched his career with interest since he was a puppy, still able to move well despite his years. He has a wonder head and masculine expression without harshness. Correct length to head with a well-placed eye and ears set. As his movement would suggest he has sufficient front and rear angulation to allow him to flow around the ring. Has a super coat which was black and harsh to the touch, I would prefer a little less coat which would have given me a better outline which he had as a youngster. One of the better Champions who grace the ring at the moment BVD.  2 Patman and Grainger’s Samhaven Detour, S/W with plenty to offer, would prefer a little more length to his head. He as lovely eye and expression, dentition could be better. Front angulation was good but lacked drive, he did move steadily around the ring but not the quality of 1.

MPD (1) Rae’s Atendus Excuse My French, S/W lively puppy just over 7 months old, lovely head and expression, sufficient substance to body, a little unsteady when moving but to be  expected as he is a little raw and needs time to develop, pleased to see a dog with size BPD / BPIB

PD (2) 1 Avery’s Zannara Casanova, S/W, 9 months old, nice eye, ears and expression but is a little short in muzzle at present, would prefer more bone and substance but this may develop with age, movement needs to be worked on. 2 Hull’s Lizmark Winter Wish, tri approaching 10 months old, a nice puppy but was a little unsettled on the day which seemed to affect his movement which also needs attention. Good ear set, nice eye and a decent underjaw, should improve with age and effort from his owner.

JD (4) 1 Thorn’s Triforce Dragon Heart, S/W, 12 months old today, an upstanding masculine dog, everything in proportion to the whole, movement was very good and loved his rear drive. Well boned and had substance, nice eye, ear set and excellent dentition, the potential to develop into a successful male. 2 Morey and Aikman’s Welanga Bush Tucker with Brookynut, tri, a well-known dog who has an outstanding puppy career, approaching 12 months old, a smaller dog but in proportion, good angulation front and rear, nice small neat hocks, nice head qualities, nice eye and ears, just preferred the size and strength of 1. 3 Malpas’s Lanlin Seize The Moment.

SYD (2) 1 Malpas’s Lanlin Seize The Moment, tri, 16 months old, a smaller dog than I would like at this age, lacking in bone, body and muscle tone. Has a nice head and expression but this is not enough for me hence the previous class result. 2 Hogg’s First Love For Barnabus, S/W, 18 months old, too small for a dog, out of proportion being too short in back and too restless for me to assess thoroughly and movement was not good. Nice eye, ears and underjaw with a good length of head.

ND (2) 1 Avery’s Zannara Casanova. 2 Cook’s Jopium Marley, tri, 13 months old, movement was all over the place which did not help his cause, a fantastic temperament, nice eye and expression and very good dentition.

GD (1) Hull’s Lizmark Gold Standard, S/W, 2 years old, sound and in proportion, good head qualities, nice eye and expression, moderate bone, well-muscled  in second thigh and very sound on the move which earned him RBD

PGD (2) 1 Well's Collingvale Cast A Spell Over Terelimon, S/W, 3 years old, one I have judged as a puppy and lovely to see him as an adult, would have hoped for more strength during maturity but despite this he is in proportion with plenty of bone and muscle for his size. Good angulations front and rear moving well as his structure would indicate, I would prefer him to have more urgency about him on the move so he could really show his front extension and rear drive. Lovely masculine expression with a nice eye and ear set, just missed out on the top honours. 2 Averys Caronlea Celtic Lover, tri, 2 years old, much finer / smaller than the class winner, too straight in front and rear angulation, movement needs work,  too short in back, nice eye and expression.

LD (2) 1 Rae’s Antoc Kiss The Girls, B/M, 5 years old, good upstanding dog, nice head and expression, great dentition, well angulated front and rear, in excellent coat and moved steadily but with no urgency. 2 Francis Rossavon Singing The Blues At Rhyslin, B/M, 4 years old, obviously out of coat, a little fine in head and pinched in muzzle, nice eye and expression. Front and rear angulation sound which enabled him to move well.

OD (4) 1 Wilson’s Valleyhaven Crusader JW ShCM, shaded S/W, 5 years old, his overall make and shape appeal, I like his overall strength in all areas and one of the few today who are truly masculine. He moves extremely well which does not surprise as his front and rear assembly allow him to power around the ring. He has a lovely eye, ear set, good dentition and underjaw. The only thing this dog could have is a little more length to his neck but that is my personal preference rather than a fault, so pleased to award him BD / RBOB/ BOSIS. 2 Malpas’s Lanlin Ghostly Blues, B/M, 4 years old, nice head and expression, good underjaw and a moderate stop, correct angulation front / rear, moves well with a sound top-line, not the overall quality of 1. 3 Patman and Grainger’s Samhaven Detour.

VB (2) 1 Avery’s Lynviews Golden Toffee, S/W, 11 years old, a lovely bitch and moves extremely well for her age, she is in proportion and was in plenty of coat which fitted her body. She has depth and breadth to her and moderate bone. Nice eye, good responsive ears, sufficient neck to look elegant when standing BVB/BVIB  2 Patman and Grainger’s Samhaven Dream Come True, S/W, 9 ½ years old, too much coat for me so was unable to see he body shape and flowing movement but did move OK. She has good head qualities, nice eye and expression.

MPB (1) White’s Rhodabern Grace And Favour, S/W, 6 months old, a little restless on the day, nice eye and expression, would prefer more substance as a puppy and was too fine in bone, good angulations front / rear and moved well.

PB (2) 1 Hull’s Lizmark Winter Whisper, S/W, 9 months old, good size puppy, moderate bone, a little steep in shoulder, nice eye and expression, head needs to mature, movement needs attention. BPB 2 Rhodabern Grace And Favour

JB (1) Avery’s Sun Soul Demy Blue For Monsolana, B/M, 17 months old, out of coat, would have preferred more bone and substance, she was not too sure when moving and did not like to show herself when standing. Nice eye and expression, a nice bitch that needs to mature and to gain her confidence.

SYB (3) 1 Hollywood and Waterhouse’s Lynmead Amalie laced In Love (Re-Imp), tri, 22 months old, what a lovely flashy bitch, standing she has a fantastic classic outline with a beautiful neck. Loved her feminine head, which was in proportion with a lovely eye, her ears were right in top, a good underjaw and excellent dentition. Correct front and rear angulation which enabled her to move well. Liked her make and shape, moderate bone and a good length of back. She just needs to improve her confidence and would like to see her again but with more attitude / bolshiness. 2 Margetts Collingvale Caviar, tri, 18 months old, a lovely well-made bitch, not all that dissimilar to 1 but had confidence to move well and show herself. Nice feminine bitch with a lovely expression, a nice eye and good ears. However I just preferred the overall outline and potential of the class winner. 3 Malpas’s Lanlin Rememberme

NB (2) 1 Malpas’s Lanlin Rememberme, S/W, 20 months old, a small bitch with a nice eye and expression, good underjaw and nice dentition, moderate bone, small hock’s and moved well, in good coat. 2 Avery’s Sun Soul Demy Blue For Monsolana

GB (4) 1 Margetts Collingvale Crème Caramel JW, S/W, 21 months old, a beautiful bitch, one I judged as a puppy and I’m still not disappointed, so pleased she has increased in her size. An exquisite head with a beautiful eye and melting expression, enough underjaw for me and nice dentition. Front and rear angulation correct which made it easy for her to move well, a good length of back and powerful little hocks, so pleased to award her RBB/RBOB  2 Foster and Madges’ Ingledene Ocean Breeze With Jaysur, B/M, 2 years old, a lovely bitch and her colour is fantastic, a nice lean head, nice eye, good ear set, nice underjaw and dentition, sufficient neck, has good rear angulation which allows her to reach, my main criticism is that she is too close behind and lacks drive. She is also a little narrow through and needs a spring of rib, this will come with maturity. 3 Foster and Madge’s Jaysur and All That Jazz,.

PGB (2) 1 Flower’s Atendus April Maid is Serenlas, B/M, 6 ½ years old, a beautiful bitch with a nice eye and expression, good underjaw and dentition, has moderate bone, good angulation front and rear, has depth and breadth of chest, moved well holding her top-line. 2 Hanson’s Ingledene Boogie Nite At Jards, S/W, 3 ½ years old, a slightly finer bitch with a lovely eye and expression, good underjaw and dentition, finer in bone, moved Ok but did not hold her top-line.

LB (4) 1 Loader’s Ingledene Lace N Promises At Allangill, tri, approaching 3 years old and just coming into her own, have judged her before and I am encouraged with her progress over the past 6 months. She has a classic head and expression, a beautiful eye, full mussel, good underjaw, clean and perfect dentition, her skull has flattened into a lovely strong neck on to a perfectly angled front assembly. She has a good depth and breadth of chest into a strong body and correct tuck up with the right amount of coupling into a perfectly angled rear assembly allowing for true and flexile movement. She has the perfect amount bone for a bitch and has settled down in the ring to be confident and positive on the move, she was one of the few maintained a top line. As with all dogs she’s not perfect and I would like to see her owners concentrate on her rear drive, which when mastered will propel her towards her title in the future, so please to award her BB/ BOB / BIS. 2 Randall’s Ladnar Skylark JW, B/M, just over 3 years old, a little out of coat on the day but without a doubt one of the nicest B/M bitches out there at the moment, a lovely head and melting expression, lovely eye and ears right on top, nice neck, front assembly could be better, nice depth and breadth to chest, good bone, could not match 1 today but another quality bitch who will achieve her title in the future. 3 Buckley’s Amalie Such Is Love With Cassaby

OB (2) 1 Wilson’s Valleyhaven Coco Chanel JW ShCM, S/W, 5 ½ years old, a substantial bitch with an amazing amount of bone, perhaps a little too much, a little strong in head for me but had a lovely eye and ear set, good underjaw and dentition. Lovely body shape and in proportion, nice tight feet, well angulated front / rear and moved well, a quality bitch. 2 Avery’s I’m Posh An Smart Via Vonarkle, S/W, approaching 5 years old, a smaller finer bitch, nice eye and expression, moderate bone, good ears, movement needs attention     

Judge Mr A Milligan