JULY 2013

I would like to thank the Smooth Collie exhibitors for the lovely entry, and for the condition and excellent presentation of all the dogs and bitches.

Veteran Dog (3,2)
1. Listers Ch Eridor I'm Mr blu at Newarp
Well known blue merle, this dog has such quality, his head is clean and balanced, with a lovely almond shaped eye and neat tipped ears. He shows non stop for his handler. He has a strong arched neck, running into well laid shoulders, correct length of back for his height, short strong hocks. Shown and presented in excellent condition, sound boy on the move and a lovely character. BD.BV.BVIS

Puppy Dog (2,1)
1. Gays Yaganes Blue Mist
Promising blue merle of 11 months. What a beautiful shape and outline this young boy has. Clean wedge shaped head, dark expressive eye, neat tipped ears, just stands and shows himself off. Good reach of neck, well off for bone, but not overdone. Well padded neat feet, good angulated rear on to nice short hocks, effortless movement. BP.BPD.

Junior Dog (3)
1. Gays Yaganes Top Hat 'n' Tails
Litter brother to puppy winner, for me at this time, the litter brother is ahead, not to say in future they couldnt change places. Lovely jet black coat with flashy white markings showing off his overall shape. Clean head, just enough stop, dark almond shaped eye, nice neat ears, correct angulation to front and rear, moved well in profile.
2. Dentons Ryecombe Jaffa Cake
Tri of 14 months, masculine upstanding boy, his head is clean and balanced, correct eye placement, and well set ears. Nice arch to lengthy neck and from topling, strong well muscled hindquarters, free easy movement.
3. Rices Kevranna Theras Suny Spirit

Post Graduate Dog (2,1)
1. Giddings Ryecombe Discovered Gold
Very flashy sable/white, beautifully presented, lovely masculine head, with a nice dark well placed eye, and neat ears. Strong lengthy neck, good body proportions and angulation. Made the most of himself on the move, good driving action.

Open Dog (1)
1. Hutchings Collidach Malloney Ta Tu You
Tri boy, lovely size, shape and balance, head handles well, clean wedge shaped head, nice dark almond shaped eye, ears right on top and just enough tip to them. Strong arched neck, excellent depth of chest, correct length of back to height, lovely harsh coat of good texture presented and handled well, moved out with drive.

Veteran Bitch (3,2)
1. Hutchings Ch Foxearth Flouescence at Malloney
I had the pleasure of judging this bitch before she gained her title. Her beautiful colour has not changed with age. She has the cleanest of heads, correct eye set, and carries her ears right on top. A superb showgirl, she has retained her lovely outline and construction. Sound mover.

Junior Bitch (6,3)
1. Beeneys Ryecombe Jolly Jonquil at Coneypark
Sable white of 14 months, lovely make and shape, good harsh coat of correct texture nice head pattern and eye placement. Neat tipped ears giving a pretty expression, strong arched neck and firm topling, well bent stifles. Made the most of herself on the move.
2. Hills Double Indemnity
Elegant sable/white with a lovely feminine head, good overall balance, shape and outline, with correct harsh fitting coat. Shown in excellent condition, needs to settle in movement, but time is on her side.
3. Rices Kervranna Thereas Enate Echo

Post Graduate Bitch (4,3)
1. Lusty's Juniperwood Dreammaker at Blamorder
Very flashy tri bitch, ideal size, lovely jet black coat, clean pretty head could do with a little more tip to the ears to complete the picture. Nice bone and overall construction, well muscled hindquarters, strong flowing movement.

Limit Bitch (3,1)
1. Lustys Juniperwood Just a Dream
.....and a dream she is, with her jet black coat and lovely white markings, her sweet clean balanced head, dark well placed eye, and neat ears. She has a beautiful outline and shape, arched neck was set into well laid shoulders, good depth of chest, firm topline, neat short hocks, lovely light free movement, superb showgirl. RBB.
2. Listers Manordeifi Miss Daisy at Newarp JW.
Nicely marked tri bitch with a lovely outline. Just slightly bigger all round than 1. She has a sweet clean head with well placed dark eye, neat tipped ears. Good length of neck and spring of ribs. Nice strong flowing topline into tailset. Good bend of stifle and short strong hocks. Moved and handled very well.

Open Bitch (4,2)
1. Hutchings Collidach Malloney Fay Mouse
A blue merle that takes your eye as soon as she enters the ring. Standing, she looks a picture with her beautiful silver colour and big white collar, and when you go over her she does not disappoint. Lovely head, moulded foreface with correct sop, nice almond shaped eye, earset is good and her head sat proudly on a lovely reach of neck. Correct length of back to height, good bone and strong pasterns. A lovely balanced picture, flowed effortlessly round the ring. BB.BOB.BIS
2. Giddings All that Jazz at Ryecombe
Tri, not the make and shape of 1, but a very sound bitch. Her head is clean and balanced, with a good eye, and ear placement. Nice alert expression, good strong firm topline, and correct depth of chest and spring of rib. Moved out postively, well presented.

Marianne Grindley (Judge)