7th JULY 2013


Coming in as a late replacement judge this was not my entry had it been I would have been delighted. On an extremely hot day I felt that some of the exhibits struggled quite a bit in the afternoon, on a cooler day or perhaps outside I feel those would have done far better .

Veteran Bitch 4 (0)

1st Mclaughlin’s Ch. Derbypark  Could it be Magic for Brihow.  Lovely tri lady just starting out in her veteran career, nice clean feminine head with a super expression excellent ear carriage long arch to neck leading into good shoulder arrangement (one of the few who had good shoulders ) Correct length of back in relation to height lovely rear end , a lovely bushy long tail way past her hocks very well of for bone without looking exaggerated , a very good overall conformation allowing her to move  well in the class but in the challenge she was toeing in and this cost her. A jet black coat with all the swishy featherings making her look a real lady. Presented right up to the minute, well done .

2nd Bennetts   Born to be Hugs and Kisses for Jashika (imp hun) , Sable Another not long in veteran, in good coat with a huge white collar, nice head pattern with a lovely eye and ear carriage,  a nice arch to her neck along with good shoulders and length of back coupled with good angles fore and aft suggested she was going to move well and she did just that, but she didn’t have the pizzazz of my winner .
3rd Lynviews Golden Toffee.

Minor Puppy Bitch 4 (0)

1st Collins Rydeen Just One Kiss for Triburle . ( imp deu)  Quite delightful tri youngster just coming up to 9 mths. Beautifully black coat covering her well developed frame, nice dark eye with ears bang on top of her head , good neck and length of back along with a good front and rear allowed her to move very well . In complete unison with her handler which is lovely to see in one so young  BPB

2nd Jones’s  Ever So Nice Another tri youngster not quite so advanced as 1 but a very nice girl none the less, good head planes with a pleasing expression correctly placed ears, a good strong neck going into a correctly angulated front end, length of back adequate, well angled at rear and looking good on the move should do well as she matures.

3rd Hawkins Brilyn Truly Black
Puppy Bitch 2 (0)

1st Congdon’s Frideus Estelle for Aaronwell . yet another tri taking the class, different type to the other winners , a finer more balanced head with a lovely expression, great reach of neck and length of back correct rise over the loin going into good angles at the rear .All covered in  a wealth of very black coat , but when asked to move she became rather unsettled , but I saw enough for her to win this class

2nd Ware’s Upcorfts Rose for my Life  at Wassail . When I saw this sable walk into the ring I was thinking she could well win this class of two but a closer look told me this wasn’t going to be the case, not the head properties of 1 or the conformation ,her eye could be smaller but she did stand and show for her handler and in profile looks impressive but in my opinion she needs a little more than that.  

Junior Bitch 13 (1)

A nice class I was spoilt for choice

1st Humphrey & Hawkins Brilyns Guilty Pleasure . lovely sable youngster of immense quality, beautifully balanced head with exquisite expression and ear carriage . Good strong archy neck and length to her back, front and rear angulation allowing her to just float around the ring   all of this and a wealth of well groomed coat making a lovely picture. A lovely girl who I am sure is going to do well

2nd Brown’s Mertrisa Wild Honey.   Nice sable came close up to 1 but didn’t have the expression or the fabulous neck of my winner. Very well of for coat nice head with a good pleasing stop and ears nicely in place Adequate length to her back good turn of stifle and I felt she had a good enough conformation to move better than she did . I think like quite a few others she was struggling with the extremely hot conditions
3rd Walder’s  Heart of Gold De Cabrenysett for Hanvale (imp fra)

Special Yearling Bitch   8(3)     
1st Davies Chelborn Unmistakable . Stunning young sable lady but rather naughty, a vey pleasing head with a melting expression and ear carriage which she only lets you see now and again Lovely archy neck, just about perfect in length and height  a great front  and very good rear end well groomed coat covering a nicely built dog , she move around the ring very sweetly, such a lovely young girl making her handler work very hard , needs about another year to settle when I am sure she will ruffle a few feathers .

2nd Hollywood &Waterhouse  Amalie Lynmead Love Story .
Nice sable lady rather lacking in coat but showing of all her virtues  which she has in abundance ,good moulding to foreface with a nice clean lip line , typically sweet expression which this kennel gets with some regularity a good ear carriage lovely arch to her neck, shoulders of correct angles superb length to her back turn of stifle nice short hocks allowing her to move around the ring with real drive , looking forward to seeing her when she’s back in coat.

3rd 1st  in class 15

Maiden Bitch 1 (0)

1st Rydeen Just one Kiss for Triburle

Novice Bitch   6 (0)
1st As Maiden

2nd Walder’s Heart of GoldDe Cabreysett for Hanvale .(imp fra) Sable in total unison with her handler but also totally out of coat which spoilt the picture somewhat, but never the less she has the most fabulous neck and length of back along with good angulation,  the front and rear allowing her to move very well. Very well presented and is another I would like to see when she is back in coat

3rd 2nd in class 19

Graduate Bitch 7( 0)

1st Brown’s Riverside Song Love is All Around  (imp rom)  very pretty sable girl with the most stunning of expressions , good head planes and ears right on top, achy neck good shoulders fair amount of length to her back tip top rear end moved very well,her wealth of coat absolutely gleaming must have been hard work grooming her in that heat.

2nd  2nd in class 19

3rd Barrenclough Golden Gem

Post Graduate Bitch 14  (6)

1st James’s Deanjan Dawn Memories . A lovely sable lady with such a feminine look, her coat and featherings I felt were an absolute picture .  A nice clean head good eye placement ears right where you like them to be,  a real swan like arch to her neck very good all round conformation, stood and showed nice and four square and moved as I thought she would which was very well indeed, but if only she had moved more positively in the challenge, Another  struggling with the heat but this lady I feel could well do some top winning .

2nd Congdon’s Aaronwell  Anything For You. Very sweet sable with lovely moulding to her foreface, a superb expression and ear carriage  adequate all round conformation and another who I feel on a cooler day would perhaps be prepared to make a little more of herself.

3rd Shipps Tremaro Tapestry  

Mid Limit Bitch 10  (2)

1st Hollywood &Waterhouse Amalie Prescious Surprise, Another typy bitch from this kennel , very pretty very feminine but lacking in coat , every thing is there to see and there is nothing not to like , lovely head properties , very sweet expression and good ear carriage as always , a super neck good back length a proper front an rear  good muscle tone in her hind quarters well of for bone but not too much.  Moving very very well around the ring  as her conformation suggests she should, . A nice girl who when she makes friends with her coat again will trouble the very best
2nd Margetts Amalie Let Me Be at Collingvale. Lovely girl from the same kennel as the  winner of this class and most of the comments apply also, other than she has a slightly shorter foreface and not the neck of 1 but an abundance of coat and in complete union with her handler.

3rd Collins Tender Touch

Limit Bitch  8 (2)
1st Tame’s Rahlissa Aint Misbehavin  lovely girl almost a veteran but doesn’t look it  at all , very elegant feminine lady struggling I am certain with the conditions, the more her handler asked of her the less it seemed to me she wanted to give , exquisite head and expression her ears i know she can use but today was reluctant to do so, lovely neck terrific shoulder lay back and good all round conformation and she should have moved far better than she did . Just didn’t make the most of herself  a great pity as I know she has been knocking on the doors of the upper tier for some time  , but today sadly was not her day.

2nd Collins Triburle Touch of Silk Nice sensible girl but not the expression of my winner slightly heavier type all round I would say good head planes and neck but could do with being slightly longer in back moved well .

3rd Buckley’s Amalie Such is Love .  

Open Bitch 10 (2)

Margetts Ch Collingvale Creme Brulee . It’s no secret that i love this top drawer lady. I feel she is so special in every way, on a day when most of the dogs and exhibitors were struggling including  myself this very worthy champion was inch perfect .In absolute unison with her handler who incidentally never stops talking to her, a peach of a head with the most gorgeous expression, ears looking as if they were carved into  her head they just don’t move , terrific length and arch to her well muscled  neck, very good shoulders good spring to her ribcage and length to her back,  super rear end with good muscle tone , in tip top condition coat gleaming and  flowing as she floated around the ring. No  doubt in my mind who was the best girl here today absolutely no hesitation in awarding her the CC.

2nd Davies Emryks Touch of Love . Another sable lady getting very close to being a veteran and very capable of showing a few of the youngsters here today how to move around the ring. Blessed with a super head eye and expression , certainly knows how to use her well placed ears. Good  strong neck, great back length front and rear  assembly fits in nicely, stood on nice neat feet and showed herself of to perfection. When asked to move she just zoomed around the ring and I just loved the low trajectory of her  as she was moving. Well done she’s a super girl RCC .  

3rd Little's Ch Buebezi Belle Mystique de Cathyja

Judge -   Tony Leverton