12TH OCTOBER 2013.

Thank you to both the smooth and rough exhibitors for giving me the opportunity of going over their dogs I was very pleased with the quality and cleanliness of all exhibits and the sporting manner of accepting my placings.



1ST; Sweeney`s--- Foxearth Fine Beauty. 10months.b/heavier marked than I would have liked, but lovely head properties. Well placed dark eye, flat skull, used ears well, giving a alert sweet expression, good length of neck leading to good shoulder placement, level topline held on the move moved very well. Pleased to award her B.P.I.B.

2ND;Moores.---Tomalca Buttons n Bows at Manordeifi. 17months s/w. Good head properties, dark well placed eye, used ears well. Good shoulder placement level topline which she held on the move, tail carriage wasn`t as good as 1 on the move.

3RD;Coates,----Seanua Scotch Mist


1ST; Lusty`s,---Juniperwood Just A Dream. lovely head,dark well placed & shaped eye, used ears well to give alert expression. Good shoulder placement straight front, good body shape, level topline which was held on the move. Moved out with purpose and drive. Pleased to award her B.B.& B.O.B.

2ND;Coates,----Alopex Blue Moon. good head properties, well placed dark eye. Used ears well, good front, good shoulder placement, good level topline with required rise over loin. Loved her colour really tough decision between 1 and 2 but 1 moved with a bit more drive and purpose, a worthy R.B.B.& R.B.O.B.

3RD;Moores,---Manordeifi Silver Dazzle.



1ST;Barrett----Brooklynson Miley Cyrus. Lovely head properties of correct proportions. Dark eye, well set ears, which she used just enough in the class but in the challenge excelled herself that little bit extra to show that true sweet collie expression that won her B.O.B. Excellent length of neck leading to good body. Good length.of back level topline which she kept on the move. :Lovely well groomed coat of correct texture. Moved with drive and purpose. B.B & B.O.B.

2ND;Telford----Glenbowdene Shades Of Gold. This young man is all male, good head & eye, would like ears a shade higher set but he did use them when asked. Good body lines, in good coat. Moved well. Pleased to award him R.B.D.

3RD;Geddes -----Ingledene Spirit Of Legend. I didn’t get to do a critique of this young boy on the day but from memory he excels in movement. Not the head of my choosing, Good wedge shape nice dark eye and ear set but the lack of stop didn’t give the expression I was looking for. Good body lines with correct angles that obviously showed in his movement. I was pleased to award him B.P.I.B. to finish his puppy career off. I was told later he was awarded 4 and also did well in stakes classes. Well done.

RES.Vogan-------Lenosann Angelic Angel.

VHC.Vogan------Lenosann Midnight Rascal.


1ST;Barrett-----Brooklynson Bruce Willis. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to go over this very well known boy. Litter brother to my BOB Again lovely head properties. Good dark well set eye. Ear set correctly and used well. Good length of neck. Leading to good shoulder placement. Good front. In lovely well groomed coat of correct texture.good topline which was kept on the move. Moved with dive and purpose. Very close decision between him and his sister for Best of Breed, pleased to award him B.D. & R.B.O.B.

2ND;Telford----Glenbowdene Shades Of Gold.

3RD;Bamford---Kiaminogues Paint It Black At Hazdawn.

RES;Bamford.---Alfies Diamond Jubilee At Hazdawn.


1ST;Loader------Ingledene Lace n Promises At Allangill. Good head properties correct wedge,slight stop,Nice shaped dark eye used ears well to give desired expression which I find very difficult with some tri`s. Good body lines, in very good coat of correct texture and colour. Moved well with drive and purpose. A very close call in the challenge for Best Bitch, just lost out at the last minute by the sweetness of her opponent but a worthy R.B.B.

2ND;Bamford---Gerian Sunpromise At Hazdawn. Nice bitch with good head properties,nice eye correct ears good body lines. Correct well groomed coat. Moved ok. 1