This was my first Breed Club Show and may I thank the Committee and everyone involved for making this a lovely day I also thank the exhibitors for their entries.

Class 1 Entries 2
Minor Puppy Dog

1st Brooker’s Chantique Loves To Boogie With Corisian 8 month old Sable & White Male at his first show today and he was really enjoying himself good eye and ear set giving him a lovely expression reach of neck and in full coat for one so young correct tail set and stood four square for his handler movement good look forward to seeing him in the ring again. Best Puppy Dog and Reserve Best Dog

2nd Rycraft‘s Lynmack Say You Will 8 month old sable & White male he also showed really well had good ear carriage lovely expression just lacked  coat moved well, he also will do well as he matures

Class 2 Entries 2
Puppy Dog

Hollinshead’s Starlyn Napoleon Solo Just over 9 month’s old sable & White Male, good quality, good head with correct proportions lovely expression dark eye of medium size correct ears good reach of neck in good coat correct tail set moved well

2nd Rycraft’s Lynmack Say You Will

Class 3 Entries 3 Absent 1
Junior Dog

1st Calver & Sargeant’s Coarhabeg Osprey with Leningay 13 month old Tri Colour with good eye and ear carriage and expression, good colour laid down hocks and moved well, seemed nervous in the ring saying this he showed well for his handler

2nd Rycraft’s Lynmacks Say You Will

Class 4 Entries 4 Absent 1
Yearling Dog

Melvin & Jopson’s Starlenga Street Fighter  18 month sable & White male with correct shape muzzle good eye, ears correct when he used them, stood well  good coat groomed well, correct tail set, moved well. Best Dog & Best Opposite Sex

2nd  Bridge’s Wicani Light Brigade At Songthyme Good sized shaded sable and White Male good eye and ear carriage with a good reach of neck, laid down hocks, moved o.k.

3rd Calvert & Sargeant’s Coarhabeg Snowy Albratross With Leningay

Class 5 Entries 4 Absent 1
Novice Dog

1st Hollinshead Starlyn Napoleon Solo

2nd  Rycraft’s Lynmack Say You Will

3rd Gibson’s Wicani Sol Invitctus At Dipdown

Class 6 Post Grad
Post Graduate No Entries

Class 7 Entries 3 1 Absent
Limit Dog

1st Millns Sandcourt Ice Blue at Sandrock Blue Merle of 3 years old Correct shaped muzzle good eye expression good ears lovely colour and shape let down hocks moved well

2nd  Gibson’s Dipdown Jackaby John ShCM 8 year old tri colour male with well set dark eyes of medium size, correct ears, good front and good colour showed good for his age moved well.

Class 8 0 Entries

Class 9 Entries 1

1st Gibson’s Dipdown Jackaby John SchCM                              

Class 10 6 Entries 2 Absent
Minor Puppy Bitch

1st  Brooker’s Chantique Simply Dee for Corisian Little Sister to Best Puppy Dog with correct eye ands ear carriage sweet expression, long reach of neck leading to a good length of body and shape correct tail set, groomed beautifully, she was attentive to her handler look forward to seeing her in the ring in the future.

2nd Corney’s Yenroc Fleur DiE’Cosse 8 month old sable & White with balanced feminine head, deep chest, and good coat moved well.

3rd Corney’s Samhave Scottish Melody

Reserve Wilson’s Camanna Connie Selecca

Class 11 Entries 7 Absent 2
Puppy Bitch

1st  Grainger & Mitchell’s Samhaven Moet Chandon  11 month old sable & White bitch, with correct eye shape, correct ear carriage, lovely youngster who stood well for handler groomed to perfection, correct tail set, moved well. Promising young bitch. Best Puppy Bitch and Reserve Best Bitch.

2nd Sibbald’s Telforth’s Loves Dream 10 months old, correct shaped eye and muzzle sweet expression reach of neck, good colour, moved well She loves being in the ring.

3rd Wilson’s Marjalu Talk Back

Reserve  Fox’s Erjon Edna

Class 12 Entries 5 Absent 2
Junior Bitch

1st  Brand & Reid’s Rosschell Ice Kiss N’ The Mist At Ronansprey  Blue Merle bitch of 13 months old correct wedge head, correct stop & eye, wish she would have used her ears more, good lay of shoulders good depth of chest, moved well showed well for handler.

2nd  Sibbald’s Lynmead Amalie Love Is Blue At Telforth  14 month old blue merle bitch, with correct stop, & sweet eye, ears on top, well arched neck onto good lay of shoulders, nice turn of stifle and neat hocks, well presented moved well hard decision between this lady and number one.

3rd  Babiak Lynmack All That You Wish For

Class 13 Entries 3 absent 1
Yearling Bitch

1st Brand & Reid’s Rosschell Ice Kiss N’ The Mist At Ronansprey

2nd Brand & Reid’s Coarhabeg Crystal Spirit At Ronansprey 18 month old bitch with nice head, level planes, well laid shoulders, level topline, could have been better groomed on the day moved well.

Class 14 Entries 8 Absent 2

1st Grainger & Mitchell’s Samhaven Moet Chandon as Before in Puppy bitch

2nd Corney’s Yenroc Fleur DI E’Cosse as before in Class 10 Minor Puppy Bitch

3rd Wilson’s Marjalu Talk Back

Reserve Fox’s Erjon Edna

Class 15 Entries 5 Absent 2
Post Graduate Bitch

1st as before in Junior Class

2nd Dodsworth’s Erjon Ebony Rose  2yrs 6 month old tri colour bitch with good muzzle, good planes flat skull, and correct eye, reach of neck, good length to height, would like more coat, moved well.

3rd Brand & Reid’s Coarhabeg Crystal Spirit at Ronansprey 

Class 16 Entries 3 Absent 1
Limit Bitch

1st Corney’s Yenroc French Toast JW ShCM  lovely 3 year old dark shaded sable with correct ear carriage, good muzzle, and eye, reach of neck well laid shoulders, leading to level top line let down hocks, moved very wel.l Liked this lady a lot.

2nd  Dodsworthy’s Philauney Kinda Kool 6 year old blue merle with good muzzle,  just wish she would have shown her ears, she seemed a little nervous today, coat correct colour and moved well.

Class 17 Entries 2 Absent 1
Open Bitc

1st Grainger & Mitchell’s Samhaven Classical Music JW ShCM  5 year old Sable & White bitch who looked good standing, correct shaped head giving a sweet expression, flat skull well laid shoulders good depth of chest level topline let down hocks, moved well. Hard decision between this lady and my Veteran lady in the line up.

Class 18 Entries 1
Veteran Class

1st Fox’s Ch Danfrebek Truly Mady Deeply with Alanita  7 year old Sable & White bitch giving everything she could for her handler, correct wedge shaped head, feminine expression, good eye, ears on top, well laid shoulders, straight front, let down hocks, I had judged this lady when she was a puppy and she still looks good. Correct tail set and moved well. Best Bitch & Best In show.

Judge Avis Annable