I was thoroughly looking forward to my judging appointment, thank you L.C.C. committee, and  was very pleased with my entry numerically, my main winners pleased me greatly in type and soundness, but  I have to write that I found the younger classes very disappointing if not a little worrying re movement which in some was rather shocking,  lack of neck  was  very noticeable also in some adults and that some were square rather  than being slightly long compared with height …having said that in the older classes there was plenty of quality.

Minor Puppy  (3 entries)
1st - Maxwell/Wallis, Trenley Tatenen - 7 months s/w whose head for his age handles well,  very clean cheeks no lumps or bumps,  stop needs to clean a little but will with maturity, ears well set and he uses them very well.  Good reach of neck into good front angulation, lovely length of back, good rear angulation and low set tail.  On the move settles to the job in hand very well and moved out confidently.  Very eager to show and please his handler.  BP Dog 
2nd – Hopewell, Marjalu Top Mark -  6 month blue dog, has a nicely moulded foreface, good stop and ears,  sweet  eye and expression,  lovely reach of neck,  good body lines . Colour perhaps needs to clear a little, moved ok but not quite the soundness of 1.
3rd – Hull, Lizmark Winter Wish
 Puppy Dog (4 entries)  
1st -  Congdons,  Monsolana New Star For Aaronwell (Imp Rus)  - When this boy settles and stands he can show himself off very well, today he was rather unsettled, giving the odd glimpse of what he can do.  Head handles well, correct placed stop, neat ears which he can use.  Very shapely, with good reach of neck  and made on good lines, carries a huge coat which was well presented. A little erratic on the move today but did enough to show he can move well which gained him first place
2nd - Morey & Aikman,  Welanga Bush Tucker With Brookynut - This boy has a good shape about him, his head is not quite for me, but on saying that he has a pleasing expression, correctly placed ears which he uses  well  and still has time on his side for maturity.  His good make and shape shows when he is on the move being  sound  fore and aft (which won him 2nd place), his jet black coat was in very good condition and he stood and showed himself very well.
3rd – Thompson, Heracles The Hero De Cabrenysset  (Imp Fra)
Junior (4 entries)
1st – Blaikie, Willowdene Double Or Quite At Wassail - Full of character and a good show boy his head handles well, balanced with a good stop and neat  well placed ears which he used well,  pleasing eye and expression.  Has a great reach of neck, enhanced with a lovely white collar, built on good lines rather exhuberant on the move but did settle after a few circuits and showed he was very sound fore and aft.
2nd -  Congdons, Monsolana New Star For Aaronwell (Imp Rus)
3rd - Radford-House,  Fivejays Highland Piper

Novice 1 entry (absent)

Graduate (5 entries)
1st – Tipper, Two Tone For Tiganlea -  2yrs tri dog rather out of coat but this just showed off his lovely outline.  Well moulded foreface, good stop , eye and expression, neat ears well set  and can use them when he wants. Good bone and substance, his shape is lovely, good angles throughout, length of back and very good rear angulation  with neat short hocks.  On the move he covers the ground very well with positive action fore and aft.  Stood and showed nicely.  Easy winner.
2nd – Hull, Lizmark Gold Standard  - In good coat and condition, would prefer cleaner in stop, sweet eye, pleasing expression , standing presents a good picture, on the move would like more drive from behind.
3rd – Hendrick,  Mertrisa Emrys Destiny At Anpasch
Post Graduate (9 entries 1 absent)
This was a good class, shame the first two in this class had to meet up as both worthy of winning this class today and I would have loved to have given two red cards
1st – Loaders, Redola Just The One -  Fabulous headed dog, lovely moulded foreface, correct placed stop, delightfully sweet dark almond eye, ears bang on top which he uses very well, he has lovely shldr placement, length of back, bend of stifle, neat hock and moves accordingly although I would just prefer a bit more energy on the move (but that is being very critical), in very good coat and condition.  Good showman stands correctly every time… RCC
2nd – Kaye,  Danfrebek Dressed To Kill - I was splitting hairs with 1st and 2nd today, this tri dog has the most gorgeous head and expression, lovely moulded foreface, neat ears all giving a lovely sweet but masculine expression.  Not just a pretty face he is built on very good lines,  good bone and substance, he went very well on the move , my deciding factor between these two was that  1 was just  that bit more settled today .
3rd – Levertons, Salsina Storm Catcher At Rhodabern 
Mid Limit (3 entries)
1st – Jackson, Sassari Mister Solitaire - Standing this boy presents a lovely picture nothing overdone, great shape, reach of neck, good angulation fore and aft, his head handles very well, not a showing fool but does enough to show off his sweet expression, neat ears,  in good coat and condition and a lovely colour, won this class on his overall balance throughout and sound movement, another today that just lacked that little bit of sparkle in the challenge.
2nd - O’Neills, Caronlea James Bond - Wow what a gorgeous head this boy has, the most lovely eye and expression, good moulding, neat ears bang on top., and never stops showing, for me I would prefer a bit more of him, better reach of neck and length of body, having said that he is very sound on the move covering the ground well, well presented.
3rd – Oliver, Marjalu Man Of Means At Camanna
Limit (8 entries)  
Lovely class where a few could and have changed places on other days.
1st – Walkers, Starlenga Dizzie Rascal - Well presented, has a huge coat and in good condition,  well off for  bone and substance.  Masculine head with sweet eye and expression, nicely moulded foreface, clean stop  and neat ears that could perhaps be a tad tighter.   Well-made boy, good body and shape about him, good angulation throughout, strides out well covering the ground with his short neat hocks, shows well for his handler, I feel he will be even better with a little more maturity.
2nd – Blackmore, Magenta Monet  -  s/w boy I have taken lots of notice of, but today I found him a little lacking in enthusiasm than he has had before.   Head handles well, sweet eye and expression, neat ears, great reach of neck enhanced by a lovely white collar into good shoulders, well bodied up, strong rear quarters which enabled him to move out soundly round the ring  in great coat and condition.
3rd – Hodges, Jopium Heart and Soul JW 
Open (11 entries) 
A very strong class with plenty of quality and good movers
1st - O’Neills,  Ir Ch. Jnr Ch. Caronlea Lord Of  The Dance - He lorded it over all today, no secret that I find this boy stunning as I have given him a RCC when less mature.  Today he just filled my eye completely.  His head and expression is breath-taking, so well moulded and masculine but with that ultra-sweet expression, neat ears that are bang on top and he uses all the time.  His confirmation I feel is so good, reach of neck into lovely shoulders and good  upper arm, well bodied with  length of back, on the move he is straight and true in front action, strong rear quarters with short hocks enabling him to power round the ring with great stride .  He can be slightly happy with his tail at times but this is nothing major and in balance of all his other lovely virtues I decided he should win this class with ease. In the challenge I just could not get past him however hard I tried and the CC was his for the taking.  On the referee’s decision he was BOB, RBIS and BOSIS.
2nd – Congdons,  Rus Ch Full Kiss De Cathyja Des Aaronwell (Imp Rus) -  I was pleased to be able to handle this dog today, have seen him from the ringside and was not disappointed.  His head needs to be handled as he has a huge coat which seems to frame his head at times a little too much, good moulding, sweet eye and expression, neatest of ears bang on top, lovely reach of neck with a huge white shawl, he has great make and shape about him and can stride out  on the move, he is not a showing fool  but does enough and I feel if he got more confidence he could go even further.  Was a close contender for the RCC.
3rd – Tippers,Chantique Huggy Bear for Tiganlea, JW
 Veteran (4 entries  1 absent)
1st – Towler, Redola Daydream Believer - Almost 9yr old s/w this dog still retains a sweet head and expression, ears bang on top he could stand and show all day, in very good coat and condition.  He is still very sound in make and shape and he certainly can and did show some of the youngsters how to move today… and this gained him first place. 
2nd -  Congdon, Rus Ch Garbh Gino Of Aaronwell - Almost 10yrs old and again still retains a lovely well moulded head and expression.  Standing  presents a lovely picture, in great coat and condition, just could not match the rear movement of  no 1.
3rd – Dinnadge, Bellcot Hi I’m Simon