London Collie Club Open Show
12th January 2013
Judge - Anita Franks

I would like to thank the officers and committee of the London Collie club for the opportunity to judge their January open show. I would also like to thank the exhibitors for their entry. The dogs were all clean and well presented with some expertly trimmed feet and clean mouths.

Vet. Dog/Bitch. 4 .( 1) 1st  Wray’s Ch Takhisis Lady Lucia. Beautifully balanced 8 yr old blue merle of good colour. Her head handles well lovely clean wedge shape, with a kind eye set and appropriate stop. Good reach of neck and length of back and moved out well

2nd  Leveton’s Rhodabern Rose Royce petit tri girl I have judged before and still like. Smaller and more compact than 1st but still balanced throughout. Rounded muzzle with nicely defined stop. Pleasing expression. Good reach of neck and turn to her stifle. Perhaps carrying a little weight over her shoulders. moved out ok 

3rd  Daley’s  Willowgarth Special gift to Melayla

Rough collie minor puppy dog 1. (0)
Burtenshaw’s Krasnov Mahogany with Pelido. 8 ½ month S and W boy.  Wedge head with stop cleaning out. Kind almond shaped eye and good ear carriage when he uses them. Overall promising balance with reach of neck, length of back and good turn of stifle. Long tail. Moved out ok. BPD

Rough Collie puppy dog 1 (0)
Burtenshaw’s Pelido John Surtees  S and W boy. Lovely oblique eye, longer head pattern with stop cleaning out. Good ears when he used then with a pleasing expression. He had a balanced profile with a good reach of neck and length of back. Moved out ok.

Rough collie Junior dog 3 (1)
Collin’s Triburle Zachary. Well put together S and W dog. Pleasing and alert expression. Head has very clean lines, there is a finess to it but his foreface and skull are well balance, no flaring of back skull and his stop is bang on without being deep through. Good neat ears. Body is balanced throughout showing in his movement which had drive and reach making him one of the better movers today.

2nd Burtenshaw’s Bermajo light my fire with Pelido. Flashy shaded sable boy. Nice head pattern with well defined stop and a kind eye. He has a good length of back in relation to leg length. Moved out ok.

Rough collie Graduate 2 (0)
1st Clark and Finney’s Salsina Smokescreen Good sized well boned blue merle. He has substance and he is all dog without losing the sweetness of expression. His ears are neat and carried well he has a kind eye and his conformation is spot on with everything being in proportion with a lovely reach of neck and fab shoulder  On the move he showed good extension and drive. He stands well and demands you attention.. BOS RBOB

2nd Collins’ Triburle Zachary

Rough collie Post graduate dog 3 (0)
1st Collins’ Triburle Zachary  2nd  Howard’s Darahill Chaos at Sablemyst,  Handsome sable and white chap with a nice clean wedge shaped head, He has a good overall balanced shape and he moved out well.

Rough collie open 3 (0)
1st Burtenshaw's Bermajo Master Craftsman   Head is appealing with a clean wedge shape with no flaring over the cheeks, masculine without being deep through, good sized eye, the right shape. Used his ears and showed non stop.  Adequate lay of shoulder, good length of back, nice turn to his stifle and stands four square. On the move good reach although he needed more pace to really show drive.  RBD

2nd Wray’s Takhisis High Voltage Nicely proportioned dog. Clean head pattern, flat skull, kind eye and good ear set. Good length of back, shoulder placement and reach of neck. Moved out well. 

3rd Deanjan Midnight Star

Minor puppy bitch 4 promising young ladies . 5 (1)

Collin’s Triburle Mischief Showed really well standing and has the most appealing expression with correct eye set well developed foreface and lovely neat ears, bang on.  Good bone and neat tight feet. Overall good promising shape. She moved enough for me today in her class.   BP BPIS 

2nd Jame’s Mertrisa Damsel in blue at Deanjan.  Balanced blue merle puppy well off for bone with good proportions. Good rounded muzzle well developed stop and neat well used ears. Moved out well. 3rd  Ryan’s Mertrisa Dizzy Miss Lizzy at Scottrye

Puppy bitch 1(0)
Walder’s Heart of gold de cabrenysset for Hanvale. Very appealing 10 month old flashy sable and white clean head pattern with good ears which she can use. Nice overall shape with reach of neck length of back and turn of stifle. She was a little reluctant to move but once going went ok.

Rough collie junior bitch 2 (1)
1st Shipp’s Tremaro Tapestry.  Head handles well, clean wedge with enough stop and correctly shaped eye and well placed ears. Fab conformation balanced through out with no extremes. Lovely reach of neck, lay of shoulder, turn of stifle, slight rise over the loin and she stood fore square. Fresh coat coming in.  Stood and showed her socks off and moved with drive and enthusiasm.  In the line up my eye kept coming back to her for her overall balance and poise. BB BOB and RBIS.

Rough collie novice bitch 4 (1)
1st Collin’s Triburle Mischief

2nd James’ Deanjan Dynamite Dame. Pretty petit 10 mth old shaded sable in full coat. Well defined stop and she can use her ears well when encouraged. Good neck and turn of stifle. Little too much weight on her shoulders.

3rd Shipp's Tremaro Gin fizz

Rough collie Graduate bitch 5 (2)
1st  Horsley’s Marchere Mystique. Elegant well coloured blue. Nicely balanced overall with good proportions and a good size. Pleasing head with clean patterning, defined perceptible stop and kind eye. She can use her ears but needs encouraging. Moved out well.

2nd  Mc Dade’s Chelborn She’s the One for Lyndale. Lovely crystal clear blue merle shorter head pattern than 1 but still balanced and appealing expression. Well balanced body with good turn of stifle. Moved out well.

3rd Scott’s Chantique Tinkerbell

Post grad bitch 3 (2)
1st Cross’s Ladnar Primrose Path to Bocasa. Appealing sable and white bitch with good overall balance, clean head pattern kind eye and good ears which she used to her advantage. Good shoulder and neck, healthy weight which meant she moved out with drive and kept a level top line.

Limit bitch 2 (0)
Scott’s Chantique Pixie Bell lovely balanced wedge shaped head, good stop without being deep through. Feminine head with appealing expression and ears bang on. She was the correct weight and I could feel she had a lovely lay of shoulder.  Good length of back, turn of stifle and slight rise over the loin.  Stood fore square and showed non stop.  She proved to be one of the best movers of the day. RBB

2nd Daley’s Rahlissa Love Unlimited with Melayla. Head handles well with balance. Overall shape is good which shows in her movement. Good level top line on the move.

Open Bitch 2 (0)
1st Clark’s Beubezi Bisou Avec Derbypark. Beautiful clear blue to her coat. Head is balanced with a well placed good shaped dark eye. Good lay of shoulder and reach of neck.  On the move she has a good top line.

2nd Burtenshaw’s’ Bermajo Lavander Ice with Pelido. Another good coloured merle. Head handles well with clean wedge, correctly set eye and stop well placed. Good lay of shoulder and reach of neck balanced proportions through out.