JULY 2013

Minor Puppy Dog 1
Hopewells Marjalu Top Mark
B/M of 8 months, although he stood alone, he was still well worthy of his first place. he is well broken and a clear blue, lovely head pattern, with a dark well placed eye and a good ear carriage. Good lengh of neck, correct length of back to height, movement needs to settle, but he is only a baby and it should come. Well presented.

Puppy 4
1. Forts Shulune Mines a Double
Just out of minor puppy, this nine and a half month old was an easy winner in this class. Lovely clean wedge shaped head, nice dark sweet eye, neat ears carried well on head. Good strong arched neck and correct shoulder angulation and spring of rib. Coat of a good texture and presented very well. Sound confident mover.

2. Geddes Ingledene Spirit of Legend
Considering some of the lovely dogs this kennel has shown in the past, I was disappointed with this dog. I found his head very strong and not clean, even though his head and ears had been heavily stripped out, which I didn't think enhanced his expression. Quite a reachy neck and length of back was correct for height, owner moved him at a fair rate, but couldn't say he drives with any power when moving.

3. Blakes Corydon Victor Ludorum

Junior Dog 4
1. Telfords Glenbowdene Shades of Gold
I have watched this dog over the past few months so it was nice to have the pleasure of going over him. His head is clean with a good stop, dark well placed eye, neat ears, nice flat skull, shows non stop. He has a lovely sweet expression, with a good length of neck and back, well boned, but not overdone, has a lovely overall balance and conformation, moves easily and effortlessly.

2. Hollinsheads Starlyn Napoleon Solo
S/W of 15 months with a very nice shape and make. He has a clean balanced head, good strong underjaw, nice dark eye, used ears well to show himself off. Correct front and good bone, nice short hocks, sound mover. Coat is just starting to blow but well presented.

3. Geddes Ingledene Spirit of Legend.

Yearling Dog 7,2
1. Hollywood and Waterhouses Amalie Lynmead Live in Lover
Very classic and elegant shape to this young lad who is not quite two years old. He has a quality head with the correct placed stop, lovely dark almond shaped eye, uses his ears well to give a melting expression. Good length of neck, firm topline, lovely angulation, nice short hocks and he makes a very balanced picture when stood, smooth effortless movement RCC

2. Collins Triburle Zachary JW
Very much what the standard asks for in type and balance. he has a clean masculine head, correct amount of stop and good eye placement. Ears carried right on top of his head, shows so well for handler. Good strong neck and topline and correct tail set. Angulation is spot on, moved with positive drive.

3. Hollinsheads Starlyn Napoleon Solo

Post Graduate 10
1. Hollinsheads Starlyn the Ghostbuster
B/M slightly darker in colour, but well broken up. Standing he pulled out all the stops, he has a lovely conformation with sufficient substance and an elegant outline. he has a nice clean head, good eye placement and uses his ears well to give a very nice expression. Coat is of a good harsh texture and correctly fitting, quite a sound mover.

2. Makepearce's Lynaire Chasing the Storm
In years gone by this kennel was well known for its beautiful coloured blues and this dog was no exception. He presents an attractive picture and good overall balance when standing and free from cloddiness. he has a clean wedge shaped head, slight perceptible stop, obliquely set eye and good ear carried when he used them. He has a good arched neck into well laid back of shoulders, firm topline, neat short hocks, moved to his full advantage.

3. Coulsons Coarhabeg Rider in the Skye over Bluchip

Limit Dog 8
1. Camanna Cotton Picker
Masculine tri ideal for size and shape. Nicely angulated shoulder and depth of rib, good firm quarters, sweeping into well bent stifles, head was clean with a lovely shaped dark eye and neat ears right on top of his head, to give an attractive expression. Soundly constructed and shapely dog, well presented, moved out very well.

Jones Erjon Ebony Joker
Tri in lovely coat and condition, a very attractive showman. Head is nicely balanced and clean, with a well placed eye and neat ears and a lovely expression. he has a good arched neck and strong firm back and well let down hocks. A shapely dog who moved positvely.

3. Welsh's Ladnar Perfect Time at Thistlewing

Open Dog 13,2
1. Graingers and Nagrechas Ch Samhaven on the Crest
Have watched this young B/M dog over the past few years, at the moment I think he is looking his best. He is a very masculine and workman like dog, but he still has elegance. He was in full coat, but I could see his lovely outline. He has a really good arched neck, well boned straight front legs, nice tight feet, short strong hocks, head is clean with just the right amount of stop. Nice almond shaped eye and good ear placement. This dog puts everything into showing, good strong movement, very well presented. CC & BOB

2. Shipp's Mystic Touch of Tremaro
This lovely S/W dog excels in conformation and has a very elegant outline, and he was so well presented. He has a clean wedge shaped head, dark almond shaped eye, ears carried correctly to give a very nice expression. Good firm arched neck and correct length of back and depth of rib. Well boned legs, but not overdone, well padded arched feet, lovely hind angulation, moved with enthusiasm and drive.

3. Hollywood and Waterhouses Lynmead Love in my Soul

Veteran Dog 3
Corngdons Rus Ch Garbh Gino of Aaronwell
1. This gentleman is fast approaching his 10th birthday. He carries a wealth of coat, so you need to get hands on to fully appreciate this dog. He is an attractive and very attentive showman, lovely moulded head to handle, dark well placed eye and neat ears. is a good make and shape, well presented, quite a sound lad on the move.

2. Jones Ingledene Power Game for Dancol
Bigger boy all round than 1. This tri lad will see his 10th Birthday this year. Lovely jet black coat, presents a lovely overall balanced picture when stood. Good arched neck, nice clean head, used his ears well to show himself off. Shapely dog who moved well.

3. Boyle's Chantique Scrappy Doo for Barrenclough


Minor Puppy Bitch 4
1. Camanna Cotton Pikkerninny
Lovely feminine type, ideal for size and shape. Good angulation and depth of rib, firm hindquarters, nice well bent stifles, lovely head pattern, dark well placed eye and correct earset, giving a beautiful expression. Showed like a veteran, her free sound movement earned her BP.

2. Muir's Rayawna Winter Solstice
Very appealing tri with a lovely shape and outline. She has a sweet eye and expression, good length of neck and back and correct shoulder placement. Well boned legs and neat tight feet, made the most of herself showing and a confident mover.

3. Murphy's Camanna Come Loves Softly to Chelborn

Puppy Bitch 5
1. Brodie's Shanaburn Magical Kisses
This lovely tri of 10 months looked a picture when stood, with her jet black gleaming coat. So well presented and she has a pretty head with her dark, well placed eye. Good stop, neat ears, all added to a sweet expression. Nice reachy neck, and angled shoulder, depth of rib and firm hindquarters. Moved and showed really well.

2. Congdon's Fridens Estelle for Aaronwell
Really black well groomed tri, with clean flowing lines and good overall balance and shape. Has a lovely moulded head, dark well placed eye and very pretty expression. Just stood and showed herself off. Good sound mover

3. Collins Rydeen Just one Kiss for Triburle

Junior Bitch 7,2
1. Barretts Brooklynson Miley Cyrus
This lovely S/W bitch excels in confirmation and presentation. She has the correct make and shape, her head is balanced, and clean with a nice dark eye and neat ears. She stands and shows herself off well. Lovely arched and muscled neck, back of correct length, lovely short strong hocks, very sound on the move.

2. Brodie's Shanaburn Magical Kisses

3. Telford's Glenbowdene Diamonds and Lace

Yearling Bitch 8
1. Smith's Aldermeade Cameron Diaz
S/W just coming back into coat, ideal for size and shape. She has good overall balance, head is femine and a nice wedge shape, with lovely dark eyes. Her ears were carried well and she has a sweet expression. She has all the essentials needed and once she completes the picture with a full coat I am sure she will have a good future. Moved out freely.

2. Sibbald's Lynmead Amalie Love is Blue at Telforth
Most attractive B/M, head was nicely marked with a dark almond shaped eye. Would have preferred a tighter ear carriage, but she still had a sweet expression. Her coat is a lovely blue, and well broken and is of the correct texture. She has a good arched neck, nice front construction and length of body, well muscled hindquarters, neat short hocks. Very well presented and a postive mover.

3. Barretts Brooklynson Fifth Avenue

Post Graduate Bitch 8
1. Makepeace's Lynaire Angel in Gold
Won this class on her excellent make and shape and her positive movement. Just two years old, she has a lovely moulded head, dark well placed eye, ears on top, giving a beautiful expression. Coat was not overdone, good well boned legs, tight feet, lovely depth of chest, correct length of back for height. Shown in sparkling condition and presentation. Lovely rear angulation and short strong hocks enabling her to drive from the rear. CC

2. Pullins Chantique Starlight Express
Quality bitch with a lovely outline, presented in beautiful coat and condition. Lovely size and proportions. She has a very pretty head of correct wedge shape, lovely dark eye, used ears really well. Shows her heart out for owner, nice reach of neck and length of back and short hocks. Moved out well.

3. Slaters Amalie Lynmead Lets go Alexi to Stanlox

Limit Bitch 4,1
1. Olivers Marjalu Talk Talk
B/M of a lovely colour and well broken. Liked this bitch for her sheer elegance and overall make and shape. She has a very feminine head, dark sweet eye, shows herself off so well. Good reach of neck and correct length of back. Straight front legs, good rear angulation and sound strong mover, well presented.

2. Boyles Uffspring Upon My Soul over Barrenclough
Feminine S/W, nice size and shape, nicely angled shoulder and depth of rib, firm quarters sweeping curve to well bent stifle. Head is balanced and clean with a lovely dark eye. A positive mover.

3. Whittakers Sablha's Sweet Melody

Open Bitch 12,4

Tame's Rahlissa Aint Misbehavin
In coat or out of coat, this bitch has the most beautiful outline. Her utterly feminine head is clean, with just the right amount of stop. Dark almond shaped eye, ears right on top, such a sweet expression and she stands with such dignity with no part out of proportion. Nice length to neck and back, good sweep to her quarters, well let down hocks, free sound movement. RCC

2. Kitchens Altnareagh Summertime at Seriema
S/W just coming back into coat. This lovely bitch excels in conformation with sufficient substance and has a lovely moulded head to handle, dark feminine sweet eye and she shows to perfection. She has a good arch of neck, correct front, well boned legs, strong topline, good rear angulation, a very appealing young lady and a confident and sound mover.

Veteran Bitch 2,1
1. Mellish's Demelewis's Raven Moon
Had the pleasure of judging this bitch as a youngster. Pleased to say she still displays most of her virtues she had then with her lovely black fitted coat and shapely white markings. Beautiful outline and shape, clean pretty head and dark eye. Lovely length of neck, straight front, neat short hocks, all together a very elegant lady, so sound on the move.

Judge Mrs Marianne Grindley