5th MAY 2013

My sincere thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge the dogs. I was very pleased with my entry, and presentation was to be commended, many that I liked did not like the floor surface, as it is not ideal for a collie!! But that is no excuse for a working dog. Thanks go to my two able stewards who kept the ring in good order.

Minor Puppy Dog
1. Jones'...Erjon Excelebration........A lovely six and a half month baby, who enjoyed his outing tremendously, has a lot to offer, lovely clean head at this stage, with a sweet expression and neat ears, good neck and nicely balanced in good body, with ample bone. Neat feet, moved really well, for one so young.

2. Collins'.......Rydeen in Concert with Triburle.....Another baby showing much promise, enjoying his day out, of different type to one, in good coat which was well presented. He too had a lovely eye and expression. And moved well. No doubt they will change places many times.

3. Geddes'....Ingeledene Spirit of Legend

Puppy Dog
1. Telfords...Glowbowdene Shades of Gold.....A sable who really has to be handled to be appreciated, not a glamour boy by any counts, but more than makes up for it in quality. He possesses a nice clean head with ample stop and two lovely well placed dark eyes, neat ears, which he knew how to use, nicely filled in foreface, all combined to give him an exquisite expression. Good reach of neck, nice length of back, and good quarters, neat feet, all enabled him to move out soundly, his wealth of coat was beautifully presented. Should have a very bright future, had no hesitation in awarding him Best Puppy Dog. Unfortunate to come up against a lovely Puppy Bitch for B.P.I.B (two lovely puppies who should do well in the future).

2. Grindleys'....Lanrue Christopher Robin....Yet another nice puppy from this well known kennel, and like the first, full of quality, and beautifully put down, and one that could move, good body, length of back and nicely let down at rear, good front, ample bone, head handled well, nicely filled in foreface, lovely dark eye, neat ears, gave him a sweet expression, unfortunate to come up against Shades of Gold.

3. Hawkins'....Brilyn Intoxicated...My heartache, a lovely puppy who today just simply did not want to be there.

Junior Dog
1. Collins' Triburle Zachary....have been an admirer of this boy since he first appeared in the ring, and today was pleased to have been given the opportunity to go over him, and indeed was not disappointed, a lovely youngster, who has everything going for him, of a lovely make and shape, nicely balanced all over, with a good reach of neck, and with a lovely head piece with an expression to die for! His harsh sable coat was groomed to perfection, good quarters with ample bone and neat feet enabled him to move with purpose and drive, pleased to award him the RES.CC. Have no doube that with maturity will reach the upper house.

2. Barretts'....Brooklynson Bruce Willis.....Another youngster who has had a fabulous puppy career, and I can see why, lovely make and shape, and sound on the move, preferred the expression on Zachary.

3. Pointon..Bentley Blue at Monsolana of Aldreen.

Maiden Dog
1. Grindley...Lanrue Christopher Wren
3. Collins'...Rydeen in Concert with Triburle
3. Hawkins...Brilyn Intoxicated

Novice Dog
1. Telford's Glenbowdene Shades of Gold
2. Grindley Christopher Wren
3. Hawkins Brilyn Intoxicated

Graduate Dog
1. Coulson's Coarhabeg Rider in the Sky Over Bluchip......Blue, just coming back in to new coat, of good colour, balanced all over with a good length of back, neck, and quarters, ample bone, neat feet, head is balanced, with ample stop, two dark eyes, and neat ears, sweet expression, another that moved soundly. Well presented.

2. Smith Aldermeade Alexander...Another lovely sable youngster who did all that was asked of him, of different type to first, but equally as nice, I see is sired by the same dog as many of my winners. He is certainly throwing a lovely type, beautifully presented as always from this kennel.

3. Boyle's Barrenclough Touch of Class J.W.

Post Graduate Dog
1. Jacksons' Sassari Mister Solitaire, I really liked this boy, and one that I considered in the challenge, but just felt on the day that he did not quite put all in, have watched him in the past, and thought what a lovely boy he was, was pleased to have been given the opportunity to go over him. And was not disappointed, not only is he a fabulous colour and well broken up blue, has quality written all over him. Presented in full coat, perfectly groomed, I loved his head with those lovely dark expressive eyes, nicely filled in foreface, ample stop, and lovely neat ears, good reach of neck, length of back, depth of chest, and good front and well let down at the back, with neat feet and ample bone. Thank you for bringing him. Would love to see him outside.

2. Jones' Erjon Ebony Joker...Another lovely boy who today was not happy with his surroundings. Tricolour, who was in full jet black coat that gleamed, he possesses a most lovely head, and with the sweetest of expressions, so difficult to achieve on a tri, of a lovely make and shape, good quarters, short hocks, neat feet, sympathetically handled to get the best out of him, another that I would love to see outside.

3. Jeffries' Chantique Hot Toddy

Limit Dog
1. Grindley & Beaden....Lanrue Orthelo...This boy surprised me, has to be handled to be appreciated, and is so very attentive to his handler, today, he never put a foot wrong and did all that was asked of him, head handled well, well filled in foreface, nicely placed and shaped dark eyes, neat ears, ample stop, good neck, shoulders, length of back, nicely let down at the back, well presented in a good harsh coat, moved soundly.

2. Cronks' Chelborn Dependable....I gave this lovely sable best puppy in show at a club Ch show last year, pleased to see him again, even if he did have his mind on other things, is maturing along all the right lines, looking well in full coat groomed to perfection, as always from this very successful kennel, upstanding dog, with lots to like about him, lovely head with an exquisite expression, good body, quarters, ample bone, neat feet, just unfortunate to come up against Orthelo who was on his toes today.

3. Williams.....Kelmbri Gran Torino...completed a trio of lovely males

Open Dog
A lovely class of quality males, spoilt for choice here.

1. Hartley....Gerian Sunmaker of Roanburn.......Here again, is a dog that really has to be handled to be appreciated, certainly not a glamour boy, but has quality in abundance, was presented in pristine order. He has a lovely head piece, with two lovely placed and shaped dark eyes, nicely rounded in foreface, good under jaw and with his neat ears set right on top gave a most sweet expression without being feminine. Good reach of neck and length of body, balanced all over, good quarters, neat feet enabled him to move with purpose and drive, in the challenge he just pulled out all the stops and I had no hesitation in awarding him the CC, my Co Judge and I could not agree for BOB and so Mrs Arch, who was referee was called upon, and I was delighted when she awarded him BOB and later RES BES IN SHOW. Well done. Was told after that this was his third and crowning CC, which also made it all the more special.

2. Cronks' Chelborn Decision....Another lovely sable who is having a very successful careeer, who was put down to the nines, of different type to first, but full of quality, bigger boy all over, but everything in proportion, and balanced, lovely eye, moulded foreface, giving sweet expression, good reach of neck, length of back, quarters, unfortunately today, was not in unison with his handler, typical full bodied male with his mind elsewhere!!

3. Shipps' Mystic Touch of Tremaro...Another quality sable who is always there and thereabouts knocking on the door.

Mrs Eleanor Kitchen (Judge)