CLASS 15; R.C. V.D   2 entries; 2 Judged..
1ST; Wrays Takhiss High Voltage (BVD; & BV in SHOW)
B/M ; Nice head and eye, sweet expression,  well placed ears nice wedge shape from profile and side, construction overall still sound,  hind quarters still strong, giving him plenty of drive from the rear , still showing and alert. Handles very well. My B.V and B.V in Show - well deserved.
2nd; Rae’s  Ch. Antoc Dark Moon Rising ;well presented Tri ,Typical of his breeding. Though not showing to his true standard. Today, I have seen him show much better. He has a nice head with correct planes, eye gives a sweet expression, he can use his ears better than he did today. He was sound on the move and moved well.

CLASS 16; R.C. M.P. dog;  6 entries; 1 Absent;  5 judged;
1st,  Ship’s Tremaro Catch a  Star S/W What a lovely balanced youngster, carrying nice bone, without being heavy, lovely head with sweet expression and used his ears to complete the picture. Ribs well laid back of good length,  construction  was very good, nicely angulated at the front and in his  stifle , long tail, Will watch this young boy with interest, he shows great promise.
2nd; Wells Collingvale Crunchie at Terelimon. Very raw baby,  will come nice, as he matures, he needs his under jaw to come, as it will, but the winner was streets ahead today.

CLASS 17; R.C. P.D, 5 entries; 1 seen dog, 1 Absent ; 3 Judged
1st;  Randall’s Ladnar Harvey Moon, Tri of super colour, lovely headed male, used his ears well ,making a lovely expression. His overall make and shape in all departments is sound, it  will see him reach many honours. His movement is sure and strong and covers the ground keeping a good topline, he is like an established adult, and demands to be looked at. I loved his elegance and panache, as he is at this moment, he is exquisite!  both moving and standing.  It was a pleasure to go over him.   BP,  B.I.S, BP in Show;
2nd;  Hull’s Lizmark Winter Wish, Tri, Head eye and ear placement all good, as is, his make and shape. He is sound on the move. But did not show the best of himself, it will come as he matures.

CLASS 18;  R.C. Junior Dog;  4 entries, 1Absent, 3 Judged;
1st;  Telfords   Glenbowdene Shades of Gold. S/W ; Upstanding  young dog, not a glamour boy, but sound to go over, head of correct planes with a sweet expression, who used his ears well. His shoulders and stifle had good angles,  which gave him good drive on the move. Held his top line at all times, Showed and handled well. Just coming back into coat but it did not distract from his merits.
2nd;  Maxwell & Wallis’s;  Trenley Tatenen S/W another lovely headed dog using his ears well,  overall very sound, good long tail, Winner out moved him.

CLASS 19;  R.C. Yearling. 4 entries. 4 Judged;  results as Junior Dog see notes.

CLASS 20;  R.C.G.Dog.   3 entries.  1 Absent. 2 Judged.
1st; Hull’s  Lizmark Gold Standard S/W, Nice overall construction, and sound. But a bit reluctant to make the most of himself today. He did just enough to win the class.
2nd; Malpas’s,  Lanlin Seize the Moment. Tri, who refused to use his ears today,  Handled and showed well for handler.

CLASS 21;  R.C. PGD;  1 Entry 1 Absent

CLASS 22;  R.C. LD. 4 entries. 1 Absent 3 Judged.
1st; Ms Well’s ; Collingvale Cast A Spell over Terelimon. S/W.  Nice Headed dog, uses ears well, sweet expression, held his top line, angles good,   nicely made overall,  handled and moved well.
2nd;  Hull’s Lizmark Solid Gold, S/W. This boy had a lovely head, but would not use his ears, to allow me to judge his expression. Though he was nicely made, he also could have moved better.

CLASS 22;  R.C. Open Dog; 4 Entries. 2 Absent 2 Judged;
1st; Malpas’s  B/M, Nice headed dog, had good length of neck, angulations in shoulders and stifle good . Was sound on the move. Needed his coat.
2nd;  James’s Deanjan Midnight Star. Shorter in head, but ears and shape good. Real shame he was so over weight , affecting movement.

My thanks to the Officers and  Committee, for a warm welcome, lovely meal, it made my day, and thanks to my exhibits who came.


Rough Collie Judge;

Mrs Anita Stanley  (Vonarkle)