Rough Collies Dogs

Minor Puppy (5, 0abs) What a lovely class to start the day                                                                                                        
1st Wares Rowlands Paddy McGintee at Wassail. Sable of 7 mths,  Super head on one so young, has a good break of stop, super eye, nice neat earset. Very alert and showing a positive attitude. Showing ample neck with nice shoulder placement, nice length in body. Has lovely bone. Great tight feet, positive on move with well carried tail.  Very well presented. RBD and BPiS

2nd  Road & Foxs Atanita All That Jazz. Tri of 7 mths. Another nice baby, nice head with correct stop, good eye, nice correctly set  ears. Nice length in neck, good shoulder angulation, lovely length in back covered in a super jet black coat. Enthusiastic on the move.
3rd Stevens Triburle Thyme Line for Lekoy  

Puppy  (1) 1st Atanita All That Jazz
Junior  (2)  1st McLaughlins Rydeen Jamboree at Brihow (Imp Deu). Tri of just 12 mths. Liked his overall length in head, for my liking he has too much stop. He has well tipped ears that were used to his advantage but would prefer them tighter. Is good in overall size in body, nice length of neck and correct length in back, good turn of stifle and well let down hocks, didn’t like this hall to move in but did enough to win this class
2nd Atlanita All That Jazz

Yearling (3. 2abs) 1st Rydeen Jamboree at Brihow
Maiden (1)  1st Stevens Triburle Thyme Line for Lekoy. 3rd in Minor puppy, liked the bone on this young dog, nice head with good dark eye. Would prefer tighter ear carriage. Good length in neck and back. Carried a little too much weight so he tended to roll on the move.

Novice Dog (2) 1st Phoenixs Prince of Sunlight Stardust (Imp hun). 2 yr old nice coloured blue. Head handle well. Need to fill out in foreface, nice stop. Ears are too wide set. Good length of neck, nice shoulders and correct length in back, needs to put on weight. Lovely on the move, showing real stride in front.
2nd Triburle Thyme Line for Lekoy

Graduate (3.1a)  1st  Phonixs Markenfields Sirius Black. 4 yr old sable . Loved his length of head, needs to fill out in foreface. Correct stop and lovely dark eye. Well set ears although a little reluctant to use them. Nice overall body shape. I just would like more of him. His good positive movement won him this class
2nd Rydeen Jamboree at Brihow

Post graduate (2. 2a)

Limit (2.2a)

Open (4.2a) Wilsons Valleyhaven Crusader, loved this boy last time I judged him, and today he just seemed better. Shaded sable of 5 years, l loved his overall size and shape. Cracking head, Nice round muzzle, good underjaw, with well placed stop, lovely dark eye obliquely set giving that desired collie expression. Well placed ears. Super length in neck with great shoulder placement, nice deep chest, correct length in back, nice rise over the loin, good turn of stifle and well let down hocks. His movement has real stride and covered the ground with ease.  Presented in top condition with good harsh coat. BD and Best in Show
2nd Congdons Rus Ch Full Kiss De Cathyja Des Arronwell. Tri dog of 3years. For my liking this boy was short in head, had too much stop, and ears set too wide apart. He tended to stuff his head back into neck while standing. This dog has a good length in neck and nice shoulder placement and correct length in back, well let down hocks. Carried far too much coat. Moved well from all angles.

Veteran (2. 1a) 1st Cunnungtons Pellismer Firecracker. 10yr old sable. Nice head with well filled muzzle, nice stop, lovely well shaped eyes giving that true collie expression. Nice topline, good overall shape. Tail a little short, moved steadily on the move.

Rough Collie Bitches

Minor Puppy (4.1a) 1st Growcotts Triburle Tissues and Issues at Lillyway. Very pretty sable of just 7 mths. Well moulded head, good dark eye,good ear set which were used well. Liked her overall body shape, nice angulation front and rear. Unsettled on move to start off with but she calmed down her movement was positive. Nice baby.
2nd Congdons Isnt She Lovely Des Beldones Via Aaronwell. 8 mths sable, good foreface, would prefer better eye, nice stop, good ear set which she used to her advantage. Nice length in neck and back, well let down hocks, pleasing on the move, ran 1 close.
3rd Stevens Triburle Topsy Turvy at Lekoy

Puppy (1) Isnt She Lovely Des Beldones Via Aaronwell

Junior (1)  Congdons Fridens Estelle for Aaronwell (imp Rus). Tri of just over a year. Good length in muzzle, nice stop, nice eye, ears used well but could be tighter. Good body shape, nice turn in stifle. Moved out well and correct from side and rear.

Yearling (4.2a) 1st  Fridens Estelle for Aaronwell
2nd Growcotts Jopium Fascinator.  Young tri with a nice length in head, nice dark eyes, stop a little deep for me. Well used ears but would like them tighter. Good length in back and nice rise over the loin, lovely jet black fitted coat. Just needed to be a little more positive in the move. Presented in wonderful condition.

Maiden (1) 1st Stevens Triburle Topsy Turvy at Lekoy. 7mth pretty sable. Nice head, good stop, nice dark eye. Well placed ears and used well, nice body shape. Well let down in hocks, moved better in this class

Novice (2. 1a) 1st Triburle Topsy Turvey at Lekoy

Graduate (4.2a)1st Bradburys Carristina Dazzling Dawn at Dyersbridge sable of 5 years, nice in foreface, good stop, almond shaped eye, good in back skull. Good ear set that was used well.  Good length of neck, good front angulation . Correct length in back to height ratio. Nice turn in stifle, long tail. Moved out with good stride.
2nd Fridens Estelle for Aaronwell

Post Grad. (4.2a) 1st Fridens Estelle for Aaronwell
2nd Hansons Ingledenes Boogie Nite at Jards. 3 yr old sable having a coat change. lovely head to handle.  Nice dark eye, Good ear carriage. Nice length in back, would prefer better angulation in front. Weak feet which needed trimming, flat on her pasterns. Moved ok.

Limit Bitch (3. 1ab) two super girls
1st Loaders Ingledene Lace N Promises at Allangill. Tri coming up to 3 yrs, nice wedge shaped head with good round muzzle, lovely stop.  Good dark eye, lovely tight ear set which she used to her advantage.  Loved her long neck and her overall size and length in back, covered in a well presented jet black coat. Good spring of rib. Lovely on the move with great stride. Just floated around the ring.  BB and RBiS
2nd Buckleys Amalie Such is Love with Cassaby. Very pretty sable bitch whos head is a joy to handle. Lovely moulded foreface. Correct stop, lovely eye giving the desired collie expression. Nice ear set. Would prefer a better bite. Good overall body shape. Moved out well. Unlucky to meet 1. RBB                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Open ( 5, 2abs)  1st Shipps Rahlissa Snow Maiden for Tremaro. Sable of 3 years. Nice head, good roundness of muzzle with slight but perceptible stop. Nice dark eye and good tight ears. well arched neck. Good shoulder placement and length in back. Coat nice and harsh, well presented.  Covered the ground well with good movement.                                    
2nd Wilsons Valleyhaven Coco Chanel J.W. ShCM. 5 year old shaded sable,  Loved her overall size and shape. head that was a delight to handle, Nice round muzzle,another with a  good underjaw, with well placed stop, lovely dark eye. Good ear set and used to her advantage. nice length in neck, and shoulder placement,  correct length in back, nice rise over the loin, good turn of stifle. Just not as positive in moving.  Presented in top condtion with good harsh coat.
3rd Davis Rosschell Blue Crystal Ball  

Veteran (4. 2 abs) 1st Davis Emryks Touch of Love. 7 year old sable.  She has a well placed stop and nice dark eye, nice  ear carriage. I loved her overall body shape, long neck and great shoulder placement . lovely turn of stifle. Nice length in tail. Moved well. Best Veteran
2nd Bradburys Coarhabeg Blue Mermaid at Dyersbridge. 9 yr old blue who really enjoying her day out. Nice head, good expression, nice stop. Ears a bit heavy which distracted from her overall expression.  Nice body shape, long in back, well let down hocks. Good on the move 
Judge: Marianne Benton