Firstly I would like to thank everyone who turned out to support the show, the breed and me on a grey day so close to Christmas. We had a good entry and I was pleased with my winners who went on to do well in the Pastoral Groups too.

Junior 4, 4
1. Maxwell & Wallis’ Trenley Tatenen
Striking s/w dog of almost 14 months. Super shape, outline and size, mature for his age. Nicely moulded foreface, stop well placed and appropriate for his well balanced head. Pleasing eye and masculine yet sweet expression brimming with intelligence, ears correctly set and used well. Well laid shoulders, good length of both neck and back, good depth of chest - rear construction strong and well angulated. Appropriate amount of musculature throughout, coupled with his construction results in smooth, strong, sound movement throughout. Quite the character and would love to see him running across the hillside, this dog is 100% fit for function. One to watch for the future I am sure, a well deserved BOB and went on to Pastoral Group 4.

2. Philpin’s Bahatview Bojangles for Tudorlyn
Unfortunately we had no puppy class on the day and so this young man was 2nd behind my BOB in a strong Junior class. Masculine 10 month old tricolour dog, well presented and handled and so well behaved for a youngster. Pleasing movement for his age, showed well. BPIB and thrilled to hear he went on to win pastoral puppy Group 1 on the day.

3. Mertrisa Fancy That

4. Lizmark Winter Wish

Graduate 7, 6
1. Hull’s Lizmark Gold Nugget
Tricolour bitch, almost three years old and in good bloom. Good shape and outline giving an overall picture of excellent balance throughout with lovely length of back and super topline. Clean wedge head. Well put together both front and rear, moved soundly - showed and moved very well for her handler.

2. Ingledene Ocean Breeze with Jaysur

3. Lizmark Solid Gold

4. Lizmark Startime

5. Maqueeba Holly Love of Life at Malina

Open 6,6
1. Hull’s Lizmark Gold Standard
2 ½ year old s/w dog. Beautifully presented on the day. Very pleasing correct shape and set of eye giving a nice expression. Well angled strong shoulders. Good length of back, well coupled, particularly good parallel rear movement. RBOB.

2. Tudorlyn Little Princess ShCM

3. Lizmark Lookin Fab

4. Lizmark Black Gold

5. Tudorlyn New Hope