London and Provincial Championship Show (No CC's for Roughs)
17th November 2013

Rough Collie Bitches critique

Thanks to the Officers and committee for well organised show and very helpful stewards. Thanks also to all the exhibitors for a lovely entry.

Veteran Bitch 4(1)

1st Arrowsmith’s Myriehewe Amazing Grace, 7 year old blue merle good head pattern, nice eye, good confirmation, excellent reach of neck, level topline which she kept on the move absolutely  sound bitch. Fitted coat well broken.

 2nd Wray’s Champion Takhisis Lady Lucia, 9 year old lady I have judged before, lovely make & shape, nicely presented did not move as well as 1.

3rd James’ Clairone My Kinda Blue At Deanjan.

 Minor Puppy Bitch 8 (1)  a class of lovely puppies

1st Bellamy & Murray’s Bahatiview Bizarre, nearly 9 month old tri, lovely eye,  well moulded foreface, excellent head pattern giving that soft expression, good bone, jet black coat in excellent condition, movement sound and true. B.P.B.

 2nd Growcott’s Triburle Tissues And Issues At Lillyway, 8 Month old promising sable/white standing presents a nice picture, lovely reach of neck, good body shape, pretty head, sweet eye and expression, moved correctly.

 3rd Smedley’s Antoc Pixie Dust

 4th Margett’s Collingvale Chardonnay

Puppy Bitch 2 (1)

1st Wray’s Takhisis Lady Grace, 11 month old tri, nice make and shape, well angulated, moved out well but she was hard work for her handler as she did not want to be there.

Junior Bitch 2

1st  Simmons’ Trenley Little Bow, 1 year old S&W quality bitch, super head with correct stop, well moulded muzzle, dark almond eye set correctly, good ear carriage, lovely make and shape, short hocks, good angulation front and rear, presented to perfection, excellent show girl, moved with drive and confidence. Will watch her future with interest. B.B. R.B.I.B.

2nd Ames’ Trenley Gold Feather Of Vorda, litter sister to 1, slightly larger, another quality bitch same comments apply, but not as settled, therefore, movement  erratic. I’m sure they could change places any time.

Yearling Bitch 4 (1)

1st Brown’s Riverside Song Is All Around Mertrisa (Imp Rom), 20 month old S&W, well balanced head with correctly shaped dark eye, good ear carriage, good angulation, well presented showed non stop movement OK.

2nd Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator, 19 month old tri, nicely made, head handles well, moulded foreface, correct eye and ears, not as sweet as 1, good reach of neck and confirmation, confident mover.

3rd Margett’s Collingvale Crème Caramel JW,

Graduate Bitch 6 (4)

1st Dinnadge’s Bermajo Black Pearl At Bellcot, 2 year old very nice tri, good head, correct foreface to backskull proportions, good reach of neck, level topline, well presented and shown, moved OK.

2nd Hull’s Lizmark Gold Nugget, 2 year old tri, nice make and shape, alert expression, attentive to handler.

Post Graduate Bitch 4 (1)

1st Horsley’s Marchere Mystique 4 yr old blue merle of good colour & condition, well balanced and of good size, clean head,  well filled forface, dark eye, nice expression, lazy with her ears. Moved out well.

2nd Daley’s Camanna Chasing Secrets for Melayla 3 yr old shaded sable balanced head, correct ear placement,  fitted coat in good condition, moved & showed well.

3rd Smedley and Unstead’s Atendus Shared Wish With Antoc

Limit Bitch 4

1st Patterson’s Amalie Lynmead You’re a Star To Treeview, 3 year old S&W, well constructed giving excellent drive and movement, well balanced so easy to assess her qualities, dark eye, well used ears, flat skull, moulded foreface giving correct expression, not in full coat but presented well. R.B.B

2nd Walder’s Heart Of Gold De Cabrenysset For Hanvale (Imp Fra), 20 month old S& W  I admire, well balanced quality bitch, clean head, lovely eye and expression, neat ears, good reach of neck, well angulated front and rear, unfortunately moved low today,

3rd Brown’s Riverside Song Fairy Tale With Mertrisa (Imp Rom).

4th Plank’s Rayvel Snow Secret.

Open Bitch 8 (2)

1st Davis’ Rosschell Blue Crytalball, three and a half year old eye catching blue merle, excels in confirmation, good reach of neck and length of back, effortless movement,  clean wedge, dark eye, moulded foreface, a bit light in ear but overall a sweet feminine expression.

2nd Humphrey’s Brilyn Kiss At Midnight To Jamesfair, 5 year old tri with lovely outline, well moulded foreface, stronger in head than 1, well constructed, lovely bone and substance, sound fore and aft, black coat of correct texture, moved with drive.

3rd Smedley’s Antoc Tell Me Your Dream
4th James’ Morvania Summer Affair At Deanjan.

VHC Brown’s Mertrisa Taste Of Honey

JUDGE: Daphne Iley.