London Collie Club Championship Show

Rough Collie Dogs Mrs A C Hollywood - Judges critique
Rough Collie Bitches Mr W M G Smeijsters -
Judges critique
Smooth Collies Mr S Clark - Judges critique
BIS Mr B Makepeace - Judges critique


Left to right - Telforth Tony (DCC/BOB/BIS) - Magenta Monet (RDCC)
Chantique Simply Smashing with Rusforth (BVD) and Chantique Gold Dust (BPD)

Minor Puppy Dog
No entries

Puppy Dog (4,0)

1st Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell (Imp Rus)

2nd Fridens Cheffield for TIganlea NAF Imp

3rd Chantique Gold Digger
Res Trenley Tavanagh at Hamisks

Junior Dog (5,1)
1st Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell (Imp Rus)

2nd Redola Just in Time for Gataj
3rd Jump in the Fire Du Bois Des Amazones at Triburle (Imp Fra)
Res Tudorlyn Misty Dreams for Malina

Novice Dog (3,0)

1st Chantique Gold Dust BPD
2nd Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell (Imp Rus)
3rd Jump in the Fire Du Bois Des Amazones at Triburle (Imp Fra)

Graduate Dog (5,2)

1st Telforth Tony DCC/BOB/BIS

2nd Rydeen Jamboree at Brihow JW (Imp Deu)
3rd Chelborn Just Decided

Post Graduate Dog (12,2)

1st Trenley Tatenen at Hamisks

2nd Monsolana Bluzstar for Aaronwell (Imp Rus)

3rd Tremaro Catch a Star JW
Res Telforth Time Lord

VHC Alanita All That Jazz

Mid Limit Dog (2,0)
1st Mertrisa Secrets and Magic of Stavods

2nd Tudorlyn New Hope

Limit Dog (6,1)

1st Starlenga Dizzie Rascal

2nd Triburle Zachary JW

3rd Glenbowdene Shades of Gold

Res Bellcot Winter Bliszard at Dycoshem
VHC Maqueeba Just a Dream for Malina

Open Dog (9,2)

1st Magenta Monet RDCC

2nd Monsolana Sundevon for Aaronwell (Imp Rus)

3rd Erjon Ebony Joker

Res Brilyn Intoxicated

VHC Redola Gran Turismo

Veteran Dog (3,0)

1st Chantique Simply Smashing with Rusforth BVD
2nd Redola Daydream Believer

3rd Hanvale Happy Go Lucky

Minor Puppy Bitch (9,0)

1st Salsina Black Magic BPB/BPIB/BPIS

2nd Beldones Duchess of Dreams
3rd Je Suis Charlie of Lowlands Green Valley for Chantique NAF TAF

Res Riverside Song Zaraza of Rosschell NAF TAF (Imp Rom)
VHC Tiganlea Turning Tricks

Puppy Bitch (4,0)
1st Chantique Stevie Nicks at Starlenga
2nd Trenley Tansin

3rd Treeview Promise to Boogie
Res Erjon Eye Candy

Junior Bitch (11,0)
1st Redola Star Dreamer

2nd Prince of Sunlight Naomi at Tremaro (Imp Hun)
3rd Redola Star Connection at Gataj

Res Rahlissa Love Song
VHC Lynmead Amalie Good as Gold

Novice Bitch (8,0)
1st Prince of Sunlight Naomi at Tremaro (Imp Hun)
2nd Lexcols Jewel in my Crown
3rd Erjon Eye Candy

Res Jolie Blonde de Cabrenyseet for Hanvale (Imp Fra)
VHC Rahlissa Fairytale at Samshernik

Graduate Bitch (8,2)

1st Danrox Loves to be Wicked
2nd Telforth Sweet Dreams to Corisian JW

3rd Telforth Little Mix
Res Merrimede Lovin Spoonful

VHC Monsolana Pink Star for Aaronwell JW (Imp Rus)

Post Graduate Bitch (14,6)

1st I'm Scarlett Johansson of Moon River for Chantique (Imp Fra)

2nd Brilyn Glory Days

3rd Tudorlyn Star Quality

Res Tremaro Tainted Love at Rahlissa
VHC Mertrisa Dizzy Miss Lizzy at Scottrye

Mid Limit Bitch (7,2)

1st Rayvel Snow Secret RBCC
2nd Trenley Little Bow

3rd Triburle Zeeta

Res Jopium Fascinator
VHC Linamac Lady Love at Lexcol

Limit Bitch (9,0)

1st Hana of Lowlands Green Valley at Starlenga BCC
2nd Monsolana Sunwish for Aaronwell JW (Imp Rus)

3rd Chantique Simply Dee for Corisian
Res Salsina Sweet Lilly

VHC Brilyns Guilty Pleasure is Shasam

Open Bitch (7,3)

1st Ch Heart of Gold De Cabrenysset for Hanvale

2nd Tudorlyn Little Princess Sh CM
3rd Rayvel Romanza
Res Maqueeba Blue Dreams

Veteran Bitch (6,2)

1st Ch Derbypark Could it be Magic for Brihow JW BVB/BVIB/BVIS

2nd James She's Got Talent
3rd Lizmark Lookin Fab

Res Amathus Forget Me Not Via Caprioara


Puppy Dog (1,0)

1st Sturtmoor Dreams of Kasvelian BPD/BPIB

Junior Dog (1,0)
1st Sturtmoor Dreams of Kasvelian

Post Graduate Dog (1,0)
1st Coneypark Cappuccino

Limit Dog (6,2)

1st Yagane's Blue Mist
2nd Manordeifi Dionysus at Hilltarn

3rd Oakestelle Vivaldi

Res Cuba Libre Smooth Drinks

Open Dog (3,0)
1st Easy Listening at Seanua DCC/RBOB

2nd Ch Foxearth Flintab RDCC

3rd Ch Foxearth Flockmaster for Breckamore JW

Veteran Dog (2,0)
1st Alopex Matt Finish
2nd Juniperwood King of Kings

Puppy Bitch (2,0)
1st Natalain Kilkenny at Willowhurst NAF TAF (Imp Rus) BPB
2nd Sturtmoor Klarrisants Kiss

Junior Bitch (2,0)

1st Breckmore Bridget Jones BCC/BOB/RBIS
2nd Willowhurst Vanity

Post Graduate Bitch (3,0)
1st Blamorder Back to the Start for Saraneth RBCC

2nd Oakestelle Indie Rock at Stormsett
3rd Juniperwood Kinda Special

Limit Bitch (6,0)

1st Oakestelle Venus De Milo
2nd Ryecombe Jolly Jonquil at Coneypark

3rd Breckamore Bang Tidy
Res Ryecombe Dolly Mixture
VHC Juniperwood Joyful

Open Bitch (7,0)
1st Plaisance Betty La Belle

2nd Yagane's Lavender Mist
3rd Ch Foxearth Dressed to Frill

Res Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle

VHC Finnish Touch for Breckamore

Veteran Bitch
one entry / absent