Dogs - Mrs M Penwarne
Bitches - Mrs G McEntee
Smooths - Mrs A Hollywood
BIS - Mrs G Beaden

BIS Ch Sandcastles As You Like It at Foxearth Imp[Smooth Collie]
BOB/RBIS Roughs - Salsina Stargazer
BPIS Chantique Simply Dreamy
BVIS Redola My Three Wishes

Minor Puppy Dog 
1. Danrox Wicked Desire
2. Erjon EyeCatching Blue

Puppy Dog 
1. Jopium Heart and Soul JW BPD
2. Collingvale Cast a Spell over Terelimon

Junior Dog 
1. Sassari Mister Solitaire
2. Triburle Celtic Touch
3. Danfrebek Truly a Double
4. Bermajo Marster Craftsman
5 Collingvale Cast a Spell over Terelimon

Debutante Dog 
1. Danfrebek Truly a Double
2. Collingvale Cast a Spell over Terelimon

Undergraduate Dog
1. Triburle Celtic Touch

Graduate Dog
1. Samhaven Catch a Dream for Lositana

Post Graduate Dog 
1. Redola Hotshot
2. Magenta Monet

Mid Limit Dog 
1. Damos Diamond Legend
2. Moonwalker Dallinaire for Chantique imp Serb]
3. Hanvale Happy Go Lucky
4. Topperteams Love De Lux avec Aaronwell

Limit Dog
1. Salsina Stargazer DCC/BOB
2. Hanvale Doogie Howser RDCC

3. Mystic Touch of Tremaro JW
4. Camanna Coast to Coast at Bahatiview
5. Redola Daydream Believer

Open Dog 
1. Samhaven Just in Time
2. Bermajo Exotic Knight
3. Bellcot Hi I'm Simon
4. Hassalian Golden Symphony
5, Ch Scottlyme I'm Your Man ATC

Veteran Dog 
1. Redola My Three Wishes BVIB/BVIS

Minor Puppy Bitch 
1. Mertrisa French Flutter
2. Salsina Simply Graceful
3. Danrox Simply Wicked
4. Maqueeba Robyn Delight
5. Sassari Saffron

Puppy Bitch 
1. Chantique Simply Dreamy BPB/BPIS
2. Redola Nice as Spice

Junior Bitch 
1. Triburle Tender Touch JW
2. Ladnar Maid for Samhaven
3. Chelborn She's Special for Lyndale
4. Ladnar Skylark
5. Riverside Song Fairy Tale with Mertrisa 

Debutante Bitch 
1. Marchere Mystique

Undergraduate Bitch
1. Mertrisa Taste of Honey
2. Deanjan Dawn Memories

Graduate Bitch
1. Marjalu Talk Talk
2. Linamac Lady Love
3. Caronlea Celtic Quest

Post Graduate Bitch
1. Danfrebek Love Child
2. Aaronwell Alma Cogan
3. Rahlissa Love Unlimited with Melayla
4. Ladnar Daisy Days
5. Bermajo Blue Topaz

Mid Limit Bitch
1. Redola Sugar N Spice BCC/RBOB/BOSIB
2. Jopium Dreaming of Mertrisa
3. Rahlissa Aint Misbehavin
4. Morvania Summer Affair at Deanjan
5. Chelhaven Coralline

Limit Bitch 
1. Jamesfair She's got Talent
2. Jopium Blue Dreams for Mertrisa
3. Rahlissa Love Unlimited with Melayla
4. Maqueeba Holly Love of Life at Malina

Open Bitch
1. Samhaven Wired for Sound RBCC
2. Erjon Enchantica at Jopium
3. Derbypark Could It Be Magic for Brihow JW
4. Redola Just Dreaming
5. Camanna Chit Chat

Veteran Bitch 1
1. Willowgarth Special Gift to Melayla

Smooth Collie results

DCC Foxearth Frappuccino 
RDCC Ch & Ir Ch & Int Ch Pelghart Paint it Black at Willowhurst 
BCC Sandcastles As You Like it at Foxearth (Imp)
RBCC Ch Shulune Imperial Legacy JW
BBP Juniperwood Jubliation
BV Devern Blue Silhoutte

Puppy Dog
1. Juniperwood Jovial
2. Devern Denman

Junior Dog
1. Foxearth Frappuccino 
2. Dawchers Dawn Sunrise

Post Graduate Dog
1. Shulune Imperial Warrior at Hylaird

Limit Dog
1. Collidach Molloney Ta Tu You
2. Juniperwood King of Kings
3. , Shulune Imperial Guard at Hylaird

Open Dog
1. Ch & Ir Ch & Int Ch Pelghart Paint it Black at Willowhurst RCC
2. Ch Eridor Mr Blue at Newarp
3. Alopex Matt Finnish

Puppy Bitch
1. T Juniperwood Jubliation
2. Juniperwood Joyful
3. Devern Cascade of Stars

Junior Bitch
1., Mightys Spring Meadow Gift for Shulune
2. Foxearth Dressed to Frill

Post Graduate

Limit Bitch
1. , Collidach Fay Mouse
2. Alopex Little Summer
3. All that Jazz at Ryecombe
4. Alopex Marionette of Oakstelle
5. Juniperwood Final Afair

Open Bitch
1. Ch Sandcastles As you Like at Foxearth Imp 
2. Ch Shulune Imperial Legacy JW 
3. Devern Fait A Compli

Veteran Bitch
1. Hills Devern Blue Silhoutte