17th February 2013
Rough Collies - Mrs P Hornby
Smooth Collies - Mr A Milligan
Open Show
Bletchingley Village Hall,
78 High St, Bletchingley, Nr: Redhill, Surrey,
25th August 2013
Rough Collies: Mrs Jane Stevens (Lekoy)
Smooth Collies: Mrs Sue Bird (Bridus)
B.I.S/Referee: Mr Bill Goddard (Bludayle)
Open Show
Bradfield Village Hall, Bradfield Southend, Reading,
17th November 2013
Rough Collie Dogs: (without CC's): Mrs Anita Stanley
Rough Collie Bitches: (without CC’s): Mrs Daphne Iley
Smooth Collies: (with CC’s): Mrs Stella Clark
B.I.S./Referee: Mrs Pat Lister (Newarp)
Championship Show
The Haymill Centre, 112 Burnham Road, Slough.
SL1 6LZ  
16th February 2014
Rough Collies - Yvonne McGrath
Smooth Collies - Angela Harvey
Referee - Tony Foster
Open Show
Bletchingley Village Hall, RH1 4PA
24th August 2014
Rough Collies: Sue Randall (Ladnar)
Smooth Collies: Christine Gilligham (Parkgrove)
Referee: Bill Goddard
Open Show,
Bradfield Village Hall, RG7 6EY
23rd November 2014
Rough Collie Dogs : Mr R Slater
Rough Collie Bitches : Mrs F Sargeant
Smooth Collies (No CC's) - Cheryl Robinson (Dawcher)
BIS Lisa Pettit
Championship Show
Ditton Community Centre, Kiln Barn Road, Aylesford
ME20 6AH
21st February 2015
Rough Collies: Mrs Sandy Blackmore (Magenta)
Smooth Collies: Mrs P Hutchinson (Karibuni)
Referee: Mr B Goddard
Open Show
Bletchingly Village Hall, RH1 4PA
30th August 2015
Rough Collies: Mr Adrian Milligan
Smooth Collies - Mrs Jan Milligan
Referee: Mr Bill Goddard
Open Show,
Bradfield Village Hall, RG7 6EY
22nd November 2015
Rough Collie Dogs (with CC's): Mr John J Walsh (Snr) (Joshren)
Rough Collie Bitches (with CC's): Mr Tony Foster (Jaysur)
Smooth Collies (with CC's): Nick Smith
BIS/Referee: Jan Sarkey

Championship Show,
Ditton Community Centre, ME20 6AH

21st February 2016
Rough and Smooth Collies
Mrs Anne Smith
Open Show,
Bradfield Village Hall, RG7 6EY
28th August 2016
Rough Collies - Mrs Paula Wilson
Mrs E Seldon - Smooth Collies
    Referee - Mr W Goddard

Open Show

Bradfield Village Hall, Bradfield, Southend, Reading,


20th November 2016
Rough Collie Dogs - Ms Marianne Benton
  Rough Collie Bitches - Mrs Jane Gay
Smooth Collies (no CCs) - Mrs Marian Sargent
      Ref/BIS - Mrs Pat Hutchinson
Championship Show
19th February 2017
Judge: Ms Tracey Jackson (Sassari) - Rough and Smooth Collies
SAC Judge: Mr Patrick Hendrick (Anpasch)

Open Show
Bletchingly Village Hall, RH1 4PA

27th August 2017
Judges Rough Collie Dogs and Bitches - Ms Pixie Simmons (Trenley)
Smooth Collies - Mr Roger Bathurst
Referee - Mrs Mary Bathurst
SAC (Smooth collies only) - Ms Sophie Wray
19th November 2017
Rough Collie Dogs - Mrs Margaret Masterman (Santerman)
Rough Collie Bitches - Mr Dave Weller (Evad)
Smooth Collies - Mrs Isobel Griffiths (Alopex)
BIS/Referee - Mr Stephen Clark (Derbypark)
Championship Show
25th February 2018
Judge (Rough & Smooths) Mrs Jan Milligan (Alfsden)
SAC - Mrs Gina Stillwell
Open Show
26th August 2018
Judge (Roughs) Mrs Dawn Muir
Smooth Collies - Ms Yvonne McGrath (Seryphina)
SAC classes - Ms Marianne Wood
Open Show
18th November 2018

Rough dogs  (with CCs). Mrs V A Brown DBC CHMIACE
Rough bitches (with CCs) Mrs A Harvey
Smooth Collies (without CCs) Mr Darren Clarke (Peluche)
BIS. Mrs P E Lister

Championship Show