Entries Dogs 22,  Bitches 33, Total 55, total entry 60

DCC/Res BIS- Jopium Heart and Soul
BCC/BIS - IR CH Wassail China Blue at Kynan
RDCC- Wilmaranna Portrait in Blue
RBCC/BPIS - Camanna Cottonpickerninny

BVIS Int Rus Ir Ch Lynmead Lust After Me at Caronlea

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Minor Puppy Dog
1st Caronlea Celtic Love BPD
2nd Rowlands Paddy Mcginty at Wassail

Puppy Dog (1Ent. 0Abs.)

1st- Shulune Mine's a Double

Junior Dog (1Ent. 0Abs.)

1st- Lynmead Amalie Woodcutter for Ileyda

Yearling Dog (1Ent. 0Abs.)

1st- Willowdene Double Or Quits at Wassail

Post Graduate Dog (3Ent. 0Abs.)
1st- Durham Ladys King
2nd- Roanburn Soul Singer for Levenbank
3rd- Monsolana Bluzstar for Aaronwell

Limit Dog (5Ent. 0Abs)

1st- Ileyda Jimmy Choo
2nd- Starlenga Dizzie Rascal
3rd- Durham Ladys King

4th- Erjon Ebony Joker

Open Dog (10Ent. 1 Abs.)
1st- (DOG CC & RES BIS) Jopium Heart and Soul
2nd- (RES DOG CC) Wilmaranna Potrait in Blue
3rd- Samhaven No Limits

4th- Brooklynson Bruce Willis

Veteran Dog (1Ent. 0Abs.)
1st- Int Rus Ir Ch Lynmead Lust After Me at Caronlea BVIS

Minor Puppy Bitch (2 Ent. 0Abs.)
1st- Roanburn Roseberry
2nd- Isn't She Lovely Des Beldones Via Aaronwell

Puppy Bitch (5Ent. 0Abs.)

1st- (RES BITCH CC & BPIS) Camanna Cottonpickerninny
2nd- Isn't She Lovely Des Beldones Via Aaronwell
3rd- Birkmyre Blue Bouquet

4th- Erjon Ever So Nice

Junior Bitch (4 Ent. 0Abs.)

1st- Ileyda Satin Lace of Peblu

2nd- Shanaburn Magical Kisses
3rd- Samhaven Scottish Melody at Yenroc
4th- Hana of Lowlands Green Valley at Starlenga

Yearling Bitch (3Ent. 1Abs)
1st- Yenroc Fleur Di E'Cosse
2nd- Hana of Lowlands Green Valley at Starlenga

Post Graduate Bitch (5Ent. 0Abs.)
1st- Monsolana Sunwish for Aaronwell JW
2nd- Starlenga Barbi Girl
3rd- Shanaburn Raindrop Kisses
4th- Birkmyre Blue Diamond

Limit Bitch (7Ent. 1Abs)

1st- Erjon Edged In Black

2nd- Brooklynson Fifth Avenue

3rd- Caronlea Celtic by Design for Avonfair JW
4th- Jopium Ice Ice Baby

Open Bitch (10Ent. 2Abs)
1st- (BITCH CC & BIS) Ir Ch Wassail China Blue at Kynan

2nd- Camanna Curious Caprice

3rd- Brooklynson Miley Cyrus
4th- Ir Ch Ileyda Gold Lace of Peblu