January 2013
Breed Specialist Judge Mr Geoff Duffield
All Rounder Judge Mr Jim Peach
East Anglian Collie of the Year Contest
14th April 2013
Mrs Barbara Thornley
Open Show
3rd August 2013
Rough Collie Dogs - Mr R Vuorinen
Rough Collie Bitches - Mrs A Harvey
BIS Mrs S Clark
Smooth Collies (No CC's) Mr R Vuorinen
Special Award Classes: Ella Scott
Championship Show
6th October 2013
Rough Collies - Mrs Margaret Masterman
Special Award Classes - Kate Arrowsmith
Open Show
Littleport Leisure Centre, Ely, CB6 1BU
5th January 2014
Specialist Judge Pat Lister

All Rounder Judge Betty Peach

East Anglian Collie of the Year Contest

13th April 2014
Rough and Smooth Collies - Marilyn Clarke
SAC - V Avory

Also AGM on same day at 9.30am
Open Show
3rd August 2014
Rough Collie Dogs and open stakes
John Blake
Rough Collie Bitches - Lene Newman
Smooth Collies (No CC's) - Lene Newman
BIS/Ref - Lisa Pettitt
SAC - R Cross

Championship Show

5th October 2014
Rough and Smooth Collies -
Verna Hills
SAC Mr Barry Denyer
Open Show
4th January 2015
Collie of the Year Contest
Judges to be announced on the day
Littleport Leisure Centre, Camel Road,
Littleport, Nr Ely, Cambridge, CB6 1PU
12th April 2015
J Reid
Open Show
2nd August 2015
Rough Collie Dogs - Mrs F Sargeant
Rough Collie Bitches - Mr J Peach
Smooth Collies - (No CC's) - Mrs F Sargeant
Championship Show
4th October 2015
Rough and Smooth Collies
Miss T Jackson (Sassari)
SAC - Ms G Stilwell
Open Show
3rd January 2016
Piia Enlund (All Rounder)
Minna Mannine (Breed Specialist)
Collie of the Year Contest
10th April 2016
Rough and Smooth Collies - Ms C Gillingham
SAC - Jo White
Open Show
31st August 2016
Rough Collie Dogs and Barbara Blake memorial open stakes Val Geddes, Bitches & smooths Brian Hull & Lene Newman Ref/BIS
Championship Show
2nd October 2016
Rough and Smooth Collies - Mrs J Milligan
SAC - Dawn Muir
Open Show
8th January 2017
Pat Hutchinson (Specialist)
Mick Taylor (All Rounder)
Collie of the Year Contest
9th April 2017
Rough and Smooth Collies - Mr J Carter
SAC - Stephanie Presdee
Open Show
6th August 2017
Rough Collie Dogs - Mr B House
Rough Collie Bitches - Mrs S Clark
Smooth Collies - Mrs A Hodgson
SAC - Mrs M Withers
BIS - Lisa Pettitt
Championship Show
8th October 2017
Rough and Smooth Collies - Ms M Hodgson
SAC - Mr S Walder
Open Show
15th April 2018
Rough Collies - Fay Hutchings
Smooth Collies - Pat Hutchinson
SAC - Di Collino
Open Show
14th April 2019

Roughs and Smooth Collies
Cathy Howard
SAC - Ms Shelley Skinner (Nikal)

Open Show
5th August 2018
Rough Collie Dogs and Smooths – Natalja Skalin (Skabona)
Rough Collie Bitches & Open Stakes – Mrs E Pryor (Aqualita)
Championship Show
4th August 2019
Rough Collie Dogs - Mrs R McDonald
Rough Collie Bitches - Miss M Mellish
SAC Chrissie Pellegrini (Avebury)
Referee - Miss M J Blake
Championship Show
12th April 2020
Rough and Smooth Collies -
Britt-Marie Young
Open Show
2nd August 2020
Rough Collie Dogs - Mr ME Taylor
Rough Collie Bitches - Mrs U Bergh-Persson
BIS/R - Mrs K Colman-Smith

Championship Show
August 2021
Rough Collies Dogs and Stakes - Mrs S Randall
Rough Collie Bitches and Smooths - Anne Smith
Championship Show
August 2022
Rough Collie Dogs - Jenny Miller (Feorlig)
Rough Collie Bitches and Stakes - Bev White
Championship Show


Littleport Leisure Centre

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