14TH APRIL 2013

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Rough Collie results - Smooth Collie results

BB/BOB/BIS Tanzenny Ebony Eyes
BD/RBOB Takhisis High Voltage
BPIB/BPIS Phreelancer Phond Memories

RBIS Manordeifi Miss Daisy at Newarp
BOS/BVIS Ch Eridor I'm Mr Blu at Newarp

Veteran Dog
1st Ch Alfsden Circle of Life BVIB
2nd Maysinder Pride of Athens
3rd Redola Daydream Believer

Minor Puppy Dog
1st Rydeen Jamboree at Brihow

Puppy Dog
1st Lanlin Seize The Moment BPD

Junior dog
1st Lanlin Seize the Moment
2nd Riverside Song Kisses of Fire

Undergraduate Dog

1st Nikal it's Gud to be Black
2nd Lizmark Gold Standard
3rd Bellcot Starlighter over Rayvel
4th Karibuni Dances With Wolves
5th Mertrisa Secrets and Magic of Stavods

Post Graduate Dog
1st Sassari Mister Solitaire RBD
2nd Wicani Dragonsblood
3rd Aqualita One Love
4th Nikal it's Gud to be Black

5th Lanlin Ghostly Blues

Limit dog
1st. Lizmark Solid Gold
2nd Damos Diamond Legend
3rd. Lanrue Danny Boy

Open dog
1st Takhisis High Voltage BD/RBOB
2nd Wicani Written in Legend
3rd Lizmark Moonglow

4th Lanlin Brackens the Daddy
5th Lanrue Danny Boy


Veteran Bitch
1st Ch. Talhisis Lady Lucia
2nd Lowerpark Royal Rose from Abbafal
3rd Neneland Natural Spirit at Alfsden
4th Rixown Morning Star
5th Oakanmoor I'm a Puzzle for Joyville

Minor Puppy Bitch
no entries

Puppy Bitch
1st Phreelancer Phoud Memories BPB/BPIB
2nd Wicani Picture Perfect
3rd Mertrisa Dizzy Lizzy at Scottrye
4th Passionate Embrace at Gemheid

Junior Bitch
1st Samhaven Honey Bun
2nd Bermajo Black Pearl at Bellcot

Undergraduate Bitch
1st Lizmark Golden Girl
2nd Welanga Fire Jade
3rd Samhaven Honey Bun
Res Brooklynson Miss Dior for Stavods
VHC Jaysur and All That Jazz

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Karibuni Candle in the Wind
2nd Damos Dreamwalker
3rd Tiganlea Time to Party
4th Mertrisa French Flutter
5th Caronlea Celtic Quest

Limit Bitch
1st Lizmark Lookin Fab RBB
2nd Imaginist Clouded Leopard
3rd Mertrisa Taste of Honey
4th Wicani New Dreams to Hold for Maysinder
5th Maqueeba Holly Love of Life at Malina

Open Bitch
1st Tanzenny Ebony Eyes BB/BOB
2nd Croydon la Caprita of Phreelancer
3rd Wicani Moonlighted Serenade at Imaginist

Smooths Collies
BOB/RBIS Manordeifi Miss Daisy at Newarp
RBOB Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle
BOS/BVIS Ch Eridor I'm Mr Blu at Newarp
BP Kangasvuokon Valentine at Hylaird


1st Natalain Veni Vidi Vici at Willowhurst
2nd Kangasvuokon Valentine at Hylaird BP

Open Dog
1st Ch Eridor I'm Mr Blu at Newarp BOS
2nd Ch Int Ch & Ir Ch Pelghart Paint it Black at Willowhurst

3rd Ryecombe Deb n Air
4th Alopex Matt Finish
5th Shulune Imperial Guard at Hylaird

Open Bitch.
1st Manordeifi Miss Daisy at Newarp BOB

2nd Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle RBOB
3rd Alopex Little Summer