EACA Open Show
April 2018
Rough Collies - Ms Fay Hutchings
Smooth Collies - Pat Hutchinson
SAC - Di Collino

BIS Line up l to r:
RBPIS Oakestelle Artemis, BPIS Takhisis Aphrodite, BIS Samhaven Hopeful Ladnar JW,
RBIS & BVIS Bellawave Moonlite Melody, BOSIS Mejola Dangerous Liaison, BMPIS Ambartr Eternal Light.


Veteran Dog (5,2)
1st Demelewis Catchmydrift RBD/BVD
2nd Damos Diamond Legend
3rd Lizmark Solid Gold

Minor Puppy Dog
one entry, absent

Puppy Dog
no entries

Junior Dog (5,2)
1st Ambartr King of Kings
2nd Lizmark Gold Sovereign
3rd Stregato Highland Glenn

Under Graduate Dog (2,0)
1st Jotars Platinum Moon at Newarp
2nd Tudorlyn Golden Dreamer for Malina

Post Graduate Dog (5,1)

1st Mejola Dangerous Liason BD/BOSIS
2nd Jotars Platinum Moon at Newarp
3rd Tudorlyn Misty Dreams for Malina
Res Lanlin Daydreamer

Limit Dog (4,0)

1st Mejola Fate and Fortune
2nd Lizmark Gold Standard ShCM
3rd Ambrwish Fankie Frederix

Open Dog (3,1)

1st Ch Mejola I Am Persuasive JW

2nd Takhisis Trick or Treat


Puppy Dog/Bitch (5,1)

1st Oakestelle Artemis
2nd Oakestelle Asteria
3rd Ambartr Eternal Light
Res Rosscarr's Snow and Ashes over Shandlmain

Post Graduate Dog Bitch (12,5)
1st Samhaven Hopeful Ladnar JW
2nd Ambartr King Of The Ring
3rd Jotars Platinum Moon at Newarp
Res Stregato Highland Glenn
VHC Lanlin Daydreamer

Open Dog/Bitch (12,5)
1st Bellawave Moonlite Melody
2nd Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle
3rd Oakestelle Venus De Milo
Res Ladnar Inkheart JW
VHC Sandghurstbay Secret Blue

Veteran Bitch (3,0)
1st Bellawave Moonlite Melody RBB/BVB/RBIS/BVIS

2nd Lizmark Gold Nugget

3rd Lizmark Lookin Fab

Minor Puppy Bitch (3,1)
1st Ambartr Eternal Light BMPIS
2nd Rosscarr's Snow and Ashes over Shandlmain

Puppy Bitch (2,0)

1st Takhisis Aphrodite BPB/BPIS
2nd Ambartr Eternal Light

Junior Bitch (2,1)
1st Phreelancer Phashionista

Under Graduate Bitch (3,1)

1st Samhaven Hopeful Ladnar JW BB/BIS
2nd Lizmark Bek's Beauty

Post Graduate Bitch (4,3)
1st Rayawna's Time After Time at Shepsbay

Limit Bitch (5,2)

1st Ladnar Inkheart JW
2nd Welanga Fire Jade
3rd Lizmark Golden Girl

Open Bitch (7,1)

1st Corydon Femme Fatale for Mejola JW

2nd Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle
3rd Seryphina So In Love with Bellawave
Res Corydon Victoriana for Demelewis

VHC Beldones Pandora


Junior Dog/Bitch (1,0)
1st Oakestelle Asteria RBOB

Post Graduate Dog/Bitch (2,0)
1st Oakestelle Artemis BP/BOB/RBPIS
2nd Summer Shadows Shandlmain

Limit Dog
no entries

Limit Bitch
no entries

Open Dog (2,1)
1st Ch Oakestelle Vivaldi BOS

Open Bitch (4,1)

1st Oakestelle Venus De Milo

2nd Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle BV
3rd Manordeifi Miss Daisy at Newarp JW





Note: If I have a 'show' photo of your dog to use on results and it is more than two years old, I may not include it if I feel it is outdated and does not represent how your dog appears now. Obviously with puppies, images will be out of date within a few months.

I am happy to take new photos myself for you at a show I am attending, please check with me before the show, or you can send me a good quality image you have taken yourself.

I reserve the right to refuse any photos that are out of focus, and not in the same format as other photos.

For non Collielife subscribers, I only include photos I have taken myself due to the time taken to edit and upload