Rough Collie Dogs - Mr R Vuorinen
Entries 43/50
Rough Collie Bitches - Mrs A Harvey
Entries 70/74
BIS Mrs S Clark
Smooth Collies (No CC's) Mr R Vuorinen
Entries 11
Special Award Classes: Ella Scott

BIS Ch Eridor I’m Mr Blu At Newarp (imp) (Smooth)
RBIS Ingledene Spirit of Legend (Rough)
BOSIS Multi Ch Kangasvuokon Venice (Imp) (Smooth)

Rough Collie results - Smooth Collie results

BCC Brooklynson Miley Cyrus
RBCC Classic Scotts Grace Kelly
DCC/BOB//BPD/RBIS/BPIS  Ingledene Spirit Of Legend 
RDCC Aniesh Portrait in Blue

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1st Boughlee Black Domino
2nd Maysinder Pride of Athens
3rd Redola Daydream Believer

Minor Puppy
1st Takhisis Fade to Black
2nd Demelewis Moonchaser

3rd Karcasam Pheonix at Gemheid
4th Lizmark Winter Wish

1st Ingledene Spirit of Legend DCC/BPD/RBIS/BPIS

2nd Trenley Tatenen

1st Ingledene Spirit of Legend

2nd Glenbowdene  Shades of Gold

3rd Lanlin Sieze the Moment

4th Riverside Song Kisses of Fire (Imp)

1st Ingleden Spirit of Legend
2nd Trenley Tatenen
3rd Lanlin Sieze the Moment
4th Mertrisa Secrets and Magic of Stavods

1st Glenbowdene Shades of Gold
2nd Ingledene Lightnin’ Strike

Post Graduate
1st Lizmark Black Gold

2nd Caprioara Black Amulet
3rd Jameslove Ice Blue Warrior
4th Samhaven Catch a Dream for Lositana
5th Wicani Classic Renaissance

Mid Limit
1st Aniesh Portrait in Blue RDCC
2nd Mysticteam Quick Silver to Sassari
3rd Tudorlyn New Hope

4th Caprioara Grey Owl

1st Aniesh Flynn’s Top Secret
2nd Mejola My Blue Harlequin

3rd Wicani Spectral Blue via Caprioara
4th Jameslove Ice Blue Warrior
5th Ingledene I Am Legend

1st Ch & Ir Ch Ingledene Late Nite Legend JW
2nd Dk Ch N Ch World Int Ch Shep’s Gonzales Que Guapo
3rd Sassari Made in Suffolk
4th Shandlmain You Doo Voodoo

5th Lanlin Ghostly Blues

1st Ch Alfsden Hakuna Matata BV
2nd Mejola Wicked Lady

3rd Eilroy Moon Flower At Imaginist

4th Ch Takhisis Lady Lucia
5th Corydon Rio Onda At Bellawave

Minor Puppy

1st Imaginist Waxing Lyrical BPB and BMPIS
2nd Takhisis Lady Grace

3rd Imaginist Wrenaissance
4th Lizmark Winter Whisper

1st Orionsview Solitaire


1st Passionate Embrace at Gemheid

2nd Riverside Song Love is All Around Mertrisa (Imp)
3rd Shandlmain Pesquero Blue
4th Glenoak Alpha Blondy

5th Glenbowdene Diamonds N’Lace


1st Gemheid Wribbons of Light
2nd Samhaven Honey Bun
3rd Brooklynson Miss Dior for Stavods

1st Brooklynson Miley Cyrus BCC
2nd Lizmark Gold Nugget
3rd Ingledene Ocean Breeze with Jaysur
4th Takhisis Lady Natasha
5th Ingledene Here to be Seen at Stavods

Post Graduate

1st Coarhabeg Exquisite via Caprioara
2nd Ingledene Boogie Nite at Jards
3rd Jameslove Moonshine Millie

4th Camanna Chasing Secrets

5th Caprioara Twenty Four Carat at Mysticteam

Mid Limit
1st Ingledene Lace N’Promises at Allangill
2nd Mysticteam Sparkling Topaz to Sassari

1st Milas Pinot Noir at Glenoak
2nd Boughlee Wannabe a Star
3rd Jameslove Moonshine Millie
4th Lizmark Startime
5th Maqueeba Holly Love Life at Malina

1st Classic Scots Grace Kelly RBCC
2nd Alfsden’s For Your Eyes Only JW
3rd Corydon La Caprita of Phreelancer
4th Bellawave Moonlite Melody

5th Coarhabeg Blowin in the Wind





Smooth Collie results

Veteran D/B (1)
1 Ch Eridor I'm Mr Blu at Newarp (imp) BD, BV, BOB, BVIS, BIS

Junior D/B (1)
1 Kangasvuokon Valentine at Hylaird (imp) BP

Graduate D/B (2)
1 Kingrock Bethany for Bardonhill

2 Ryecombe Deb'n Air

Limit D/B (3, 1 absent)
1 McClelland Hot Shot
2 Shulune Imperial Guard at Hylaird

Open D (1)

1 Natalain Veni Vidi Vici at Willowhurst (imp)

Open B (3, 1 absent)
1 Multi Ch Kangasvuokon Venice (Imp) BB, BOSIS
2 Manordeifi Miss Daisy at Newarp JW

Special Award Classes

AV Puppy Dog/Bitch 3,1

1 Trenley Tatenen

2 Imaginist Waxing Lyrical

AV Post Graduate Dog/Bitch 5,1

1 Ryecombe Deb'n'Air

2 Lanlin Ghostly Blues

3 Bellcot Winter Bliszard

Res Lanlin Seize the Moment


AV Champion Dog/Bitch 2,1
1 Ch Alfsden Hakuna Matata ShCM