East Anglian Collie Association Ch Show
August 2017
Rough Collie Dogs - Mr B House - Judges critique
Rough Collie Bitches - Mrs S Clark
Smooth Collies - Mrs A Hodgson
SAC - Mrs M Withers
Referee - Miss L Pettit
- Judges critique

BIS line up
RBOB Smooth Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle, Bitch judge Stella Clark, BIS Monsolana Love N Kiss Jotars JW, Smooth Judge Angela Hodgson, RBIS Ch Oaketelle Vivaldi, BIS Judge Lisa Pettitt, Dog CC/RBOB Ch Atendus Erasure, Dog Judge Brian House, BPIS Shasam Sign Of The Times, BVIS Brilyn Kiss At Midnite to Jamesfair.

Barbara Blake Memorial Open Stakes Winner Karafaye Black Quillan and judge Stella Clark.


It was Mrs Clark's final UK appointment for rough collies. We had a lovely day, and a big entry of 140. It was our 60th anniversary show & every exhibitor was presented with a celebration ring clip. The catalogue has the 3 generation pedigree of every dog included, plus colour adverts and a history of the club. Miranda Blake (Secretary)


Phone camera copy in no particular order

Please let me have up to date, good quality recent photos, especially for puppies -
a puppy at six months of age will look very different at 9 and 12 months. Thank you



Veteran Dog (5,0)

1st Sassari Made in Suffolk

2nd Takhisis High Voltage
3rd Aniesh Portrait in Blue

Res Lizmark Solid Gold
VHC Damos Diamond Legend

Minor Puppy Dog (4,1)
1st Brooklynson El Dorado
2nd Lizmark Gold Sovereign
3rd Ambartr King of the Ring

Puppy Dog (7,2)

1st Shasam Sign of the Times BPD/RDCC/BPIB
2nd Chelborn Story Teller

3rd Takhisis Dream Weaver
Res Corydon Trump the Lot
VHC Stregato Highland Glenn

Junior Dog (4,0)

1st Gataj Beau of Surprises

2nd Mejola Dangerous Liaison
3rd Corydon Trump the Lot
Res Tiganlea Turn About

Novice Dog (5,2)
1st Shasam Sign of the Times
2nd Takhisis Dream Weaver
3rd Corydon Trump the Lot

Graduate Dog (4,0)
1st Lynmead Amalie Bring Me Back JW
2nd Jotars Platinum Moon at Newarp

3rd Mejola Fate and Fortune
Res Tudorlyn Star Light Express

Post Graduate Dog (8,0)
1st Erjon Euraser
2nd Aniesh Legend in Black
3rd Trenley Tavanagh at Hamisks
Res Jotars Platinum Moon at Newarp

VHC Karafaye Scotch Blend at Thistlewing

Mid Limit Dog (3,1)
1st Trenley Tatenen at Hamisks
2nd Lynmead Amalie Let Me Go

Limit Dog (6,1)
1st Amberwish Frankie Frederix
2nd Takhisis Trick or Treat
3rd Aqualita One Love
Res Shandlmain Drifinstorm
VHC Aqualita Dr No

Open Dog (13,3)

1st Ch Atendus Erasure DCC/RBOB

2nd Karafaye Black Quillan

3rd Ch Ingledene Spirits Arise JW

Res Ladnar Perfect Time at Thistlewing BVD

VHC Tiganlea Too Good To be Forgotten

Veteran Bitch (8,5)
1st Bellawave Moonlite Melody

2nd Tudorlyn Little Princess Sh CM
3rd Saganan Dancing for Joy

Minor Puppy Bitch (7,1)
1st Tiganlea Thank Heaven BMPIB
2nd Tiganlea Tangled up in Blue

3rd Fridens Rainbow Dreams in Kelbewood
Res Tiganlea This Kiss
VHC Ambartr Plancee at Jards

Puppy Bitch (6,1)
1st Beldones La Vita Bella for Hanvale BPB
2nd Shasam Shades of Guilt

3rd Samhaven Hopeful Ladnar

Res Takhisis Hope and Dreams with Gataj
VHC Stregato the Maleficient at Marketdene

Junior Bitch (6,0)
1st Monsolana Love n Kiss Jotars (Imp) BCC/BOB
2nd Ingledene Lace n'Grace

3rd Fata Turchina Ladnar Di Cambiano (Imp)
Res Yenroc Scottish Harmony at Thistlewing

VHC Mejola Fatale Attraction

Novice Bitch (12,3)
1st Beldones La Vita Bella for Hanvale
2nd Fata Turchina Ladnar Di Cambiano (Imp)
3rd Shasam Shades of Guilt
Res Takhisis Hope and Dreams with Gataj
VHC Fridens Rainbow Dreams in Kelbewood

Graduate Bitch (5,1)

1st Karafaye Black Beauty

2nd Sassari Snow Shimmer for Tudorlyn JW

3rd Cariadhaf Cookies and Dream
Res Bermajo Blue Mist for Trenic

Post Graduate Bitch (11,2)

1st Sassari Sea Shimmer
2nd Brooklynson Hepburn at Rossavon
3rd Aqulita Irdessa at Spirecroft

Res Serenlas Obsession
VHC Bellawave Caught in a Dream

Mid Limit Bitch (3,1)
1st Jotars Enchanted Moon JW ShCM
2nd Maqueeba Caramel Delight

Limit Bitch (8,0)

1st Ladnar Inkheart JW RBCC

2nd Corydon Femme Fatale for Mejola JW
3rd Rayawna's Winter Solstice
Res Welanga Fire Jade
VHC Maqueeba Blue Dreams

Open Bitch (15,4)

1st Chelborn Kiss'n Desire

2nd Brilyn Kiss at Midnite to Jamesfair BVB

3rd Corydon La Caprita of Phreelancer

Res Antoc Soul Diva
VHC Tiganlea Fairy Tale


VD/B (3,1)

1 Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle BVIB, BB

2 Manordeifi Satin Doll of Koczkodan

JD/B (4,1)

1 Koczkodan Serenity BPIB RBB

2 Koczkodan Nostromo RBD
3 Natalain Star Lord at Willowhurst

GD/B (1,1)

LD/B (3,1)
1 Willowhurst Vanity

2 Breckamore Bittersweet for Koczkodan

OD (3,1)

1 Ch Oakestelle Vivaldi BD, BOB, RBIS

2 Ch Devern Denmam

OB (4,1)

1 Oakestelle Venus De Milo
2 Natalain Kilkenny at Willowhurst
3 Manordeifi Miss Daisy at Newarp JW