Rough Collie Dogs - Mrs C Waterhouse
Rough Collie Bitches - Mrs G Beaden
Smooth Collies - Mrs G Beaden
BIS Mrs P Hutchinson.

BIS Manordeifi Miss Daisy at Newarp
RBIS Aldermeade Kirsten Dunst
BPIS Chantique Rupert Bear
BVIS Pellismer Popcorn with Collingvale JW Sh CM

Veteran Dog
1st Redola Daydream Believer

Minor Puppy Dog
1st Salsina Smokescreen
2nd Sandcourt Black Infusion at Sandhurstbay

Puppy Dog
1. Danfrebek Dressed to Kill
2. Aldermeade Alexander
3. Erjon Eligible
4. Mertrisa Secret's and Magic of Stavods
5. Shandlmain Walk This Way

Junior Dog
1. Salsina Stormcatcher at Rhodabern
2. Ingledene Lightnin' Strikes

Novice Dog
1st Chantique Rupert Bear BPD/BP/BPIS
Danfrebek Dressed to Kill
3. Ingledene Lighnin' Strikes

Graduate Dog
1st Alanita Whats it all About
2nd Collingvale Cast a Spell over Terelimon

Post Graduate Dog
1st Jopium Heart and Soul JW
2nd Marjalu Man of Means at Camanna
3rd Salgarden Time on my Side at Tyfield
Res Shandlmain You Doo Voodoo
VHC Lizmark Black Gold

Mid Limit Dog
1st Triburle Celtic Touch
2nd Tudorlyn New Hope

Limit Dog
1st Magenta Monet RDCC
2nd Jaybid Easy Lover
3rd Camanna Countdown

Open Dog
1st Salsina Stargazer DCC
2nd Ch.Jopium Touch of Soul for Triburle JW
3rd Redola Hotshot
Res Jopium Cool Dude for Mertrisa
VHC Ladnar Timeshare at Rashel


Veteran Bitch
1st Pellismer Popcorn with Collingvale JW BVIS
2nd Ch.Takhisis Lady Lucia
3rd Eilroy Moon Flower at Imaginist
Res Eilroy Dancing Nymph
VHC Oakanmoor I'm a Puzzle for Joyville JW. ShCM

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Triburle Zeeta BPB
2nd Collingvale Creme Caramel
3rd Lanlin Himalayaway Princess
Res Samhaven Momentum
VHC Bellcot Silver Petal

Puppy Bitch
1st Danfrebek Magic's Wild Spice
2nd Salsina Shimmering Blue
3rd Aldermeade Cameron Diaz
Res Bermajo Black Pearl at Bellcot
VHC Bloo Taboo for Tiganlea

Junior Bitch (
1. Brooklynson Miss Dior for Stavods

Novice Bitch
1st Triburle Zeeta
2nd Saganan Lady True Blue
3rd Collingvale Creme Caramel
Res Maqueeba Blue Sateen
VHC Lanlin Rememberme

Graduate Bitch
1st Samhaven Temptation Ladnar
2nd Caronlea Celtic By Design for Avonfair JW
3rd Erjon Etched in Blue
Res Darahill Crazy Love
VHC Amalie Lynmead Honey Honey for Alanita

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Birkmyre Blue for You Salsina
2nd Altnareagh Summertime at Seriema
3rd Brilyn Kiss a Midnite to Jamesfair
Res Sandcourt Black Velvet at Sandhurstbay
VHC Ladnar Majestic Maid at Bocasa

Mid Limit Bitch
1st Samhaven Time and Patience
2nd Samhaven Treasured Charm
3rd Jopium Secret Star JW
Res Triburle Touch of Silk
VHC Lynmead Amalie Lace Locket

Limit Bitch
1. Samhaven Classical Music JW ShCM
2. Mejola My Blue Heaven for Corydon
3. Coarhabeg Blowin in the Wind
4.Bellawave Moonlight Melody
VHC. Rayvel Romanza

Open Bitch
1st Aldermeade Kirsten Dunst BCC/BOB/RBIS
2nd Ch.Treeview Love to Trenley RBCC

3rd Buebezi Belle Mystique de Cathyja imp
Res Brilyn Goodbye to Love JW
VHC Chelborn Desire


Veteran Dog/Bitch

Junior Dog/Bitch
1st Newarp's Manordeifi Miss Daisy at Newarp;
2nd Cook's Ryecombe Duncan Disorderly at Kimbru;
3rd Forbe's Natalain Veni Vidi Vici at Willowhurst
Res Campbell's Ryecombe Dolly Mixture

Graduate Dog/Bitch
1. Manordeifi Miss Daisy at Newarp 
2. Devern Denman
3. Glencorrie Dusky Diva

Limit Dog/Bitch
1. Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle
2. Shulune Imperial Guard at Hylaird
3. Pelghart Power of Love from Willowhurst

Open Dog
1. Ch Eridor I'm Mr Blu at Newarp RBOB/BOSIS
2. East Listening at Seanua
3. Shulune Imperial Warrior at Hylaird

Open Bitch
1. Alopex Little Summer
2. Alopex Fine Provenance