Rough Collie Dogs: Miss T Goodwin - Critique
Rough Collie Bitches: Mr R Slater - Critique
Smooths (without CCs): Miss M Fort
- Critique
Best in Show: Mrs A Speding

Rough Collies

DCC/RBOB Int Ch Beldones Double Diamond
RDCC Willowdene Double or Quits at Wassail

BCC/BOB/BIS Jopium Secret Star JW ShCM
(3rd and crowning CC subject to KC confirmation)
RBCC Avonfair Secret Attraction

BVIS Ch Derbypark Could it Be Magic for Brihow JW

BPIS Chelborn Kiss N Desire

RBIS/BOSIS CH Foxearth Flockmaster for Breckamore JW (Smooth)



1st Chantique Simply Smashing With Rusforth BVD
2nd Gemastra Azure Mine
3rd Damos Diamond Legend
Res Ingledene Power Game For Dancol
VHC Caprioara Diamond Treasure

Minor Puppy
1st Rubalvori Dellabuca Della Fate NAF BPD
2nd Caronlea Celtic Lord At Collingvale
3rd Corydon Riffson
Res Jump In The Fire Du Bois Des Amazones At Triburle
VHC Moonpromises Ever After N.A.F. T.A.F

Puppy Dog
1st Riverside Song Wonderful World At Annalee (Imp Rom)

2nd Highnol Jet Black
3rd Aniesh Touch Of Black
Res Ladnar Kiss In The Dark At Colecliffe

Junior Dog

1st Telforth Tony
2nd Rosschell Will I Am At Libanel
3rd Kynan Arctic Moon
Res Telforth Time Lord

VHC Ingledene Dare To Dream With Dancol


1st Ladnar Harvey Moon JW
2nd Angelfield Heaven Can Wait

3rd Tremaro Star Touch At Samshernick JW
Res Pelido David Weir
VHC Bahatiview Bojangles For Tudorlyn

1st Corydon Riffson
2nd Highnol Jet Black
3rd Jump In The Fire Du Bois Des Amazones
Res Ingledene Dare To Dream With Dancol

1st Jopium Stole My Heart At Lingwell

2nd Collingvale Crunchie At Terelimon

3rd Rydeen Jamboree At Brihow JW (Imp Deu)
Res Rowlands Paddy Mcginty At Wassail

VHC Erjon Excelebration

Post Graduate
1st Rosschell It Started With A Kiss At Chelborn
2nd Amberwish Frankie Rederix
3rd Chantique Honey Bear At Keithmere

Res Pelido David Weir
VHC Ladnar Double Dutch

Mid Limit

1st Glenbowdene Shades of Gold

2nd Beldones Black Illusion

3rd Triburle Zachary JW
Res Aldermeade Alexander

VHC Lanrue Orthelo


1st Starlenga Dizzie Rascal

2nd Coarhabeg Rider in the Sky over Bluchip

3rd Chantique Loves to Boogie with Corisian
Res Chelborn Dependable
VHC Gerian Sundiamond


1st Int Ch Beldones Double Diamond DCC

2nd Willowdene Double or Quits at Wassail RDCC

3rd Jopium Heart and Soul

Res Camanna Cottonpicker

VHC Redola Gran Torino



1st Ch Derbypark Could It Be Magic For Brihow JW BVIB/BVIS
2nd Emryks Ellie At Lingwell

3rd Ch Samhaven Classical Music JW Sh CM
Res Sassari Summer Skies
VHC Lowerpark Scarlet O'Hara

Minor Puppy
1st Chelborn Kiss 'N' Desire BPB/BPIB

2nd Jolie Blonde De Cabrenysset For Hanvale (Imp Fra)

3rd Prince Of Sunlight Naomi N.A.F. T.A.F.

Res Rahlissa Fairy Tale At Samshernik

VHC Rahlissa Love Song

Puppy Bitch

1st Corydon Femme Fatale For Mejola

2nd Sassari Sea Shimmer
3rd Jolie Blonde De Cabrenysset For Hanvale (Imp Fra)
Res Aaronwell Anastasia with Lyndale
VHC Highnol Heaven Can Wait

Junior Bitch

1st Kourika Karrizma
2nd Tiganlea Tickled Pink With Shelfpark

3rd Mertrisa Zola Moon At Scottrye

Res Tiganlea Silver Trinket At Sabiha
VHC Kynan Paris By Night At Wassail

1st Merrimede Lovin Spoonful
2nd Ladnar Mystic Circle With Alfsden

3rd Meryctin Brite Lika Diamond
Res Tiganlea Silver Trinket at Sahiba
VHC Chantique Tooty Fruity For Shelfpark


1st Aaronwell Anastasia with Lyndale
2nd Ladnar Mystic Circle with Alfsden
3rd Highnol Heaven Can Wait
Res Sassari Sugar Moon TAF
VHC Rahlissa Love Song


1st Chantique Simply Dee For Carisian

2nd Collingvale Caviar
3rd Chelborn Tell Me More
Res Jopium Ice Eclipse

VHC Mertrisa Damsel In Blue At Deanjan

Post Graduate

1st Welanga Fire Opal

2nd Lanrue Ladybird Of Myriehewe
3rd Dallinaire Touch The Sky

Mid Limit
1st Erjon Emma Jean With Highnol JW

2nd Lynmead Amalie Aim For Love Over Sambreeze

3rd Marchere Mystique

Res Atendus Shared Wish With Antoc
VHC Erjon Elizabeth Arden


1st Avonfair Secret Attraction RBCC

2nd Brilyn Feel The Difference
3rd Aldermeade Secret Liberty

Res Chantique Suger Babe for Gerian

VHC Rahilssa Snow Maiden for Tremaro

1st Jopium Secret Star JW ShCm BCC/BOB/BIS

2nd Fr Ch Eloise des Beldones

3rd Ch Heart of Gold de Cabrenysset for Hanvale

Res Ch Brooiklynson Miley Cyyrus

VHC Amalie Let me be at Collingvale JW


Smooth Collies

BD/BOB/BOS/RBIS - CH Foxearth Flockmaster for Breckamore JW
RBD/BVIB Uk Ir Int Ch Pelghart Paint It Black At Willowshurts Sh CM WW08 EUW'09
BPB/BPIB Willowhurst Vanity


Veteran Dog/Bitch (2 Absent)
1st Uk Ir Int Ch Pelghart Paint It Black At Willowshurts Sh CM WW08 EUW'09 RBD/BVIB

Puppy (0 Entries)

Junior (All Absent)

Post Graduate (0 Entries)

Limit (2 Absent)
1st Ryecombe Jaffa Jake At Brackenhaye
2nd Manordeifi Dionysus At Hilltarn

Open (1 Absent)

1st Ch Foxearth Flock Master For Breckamore JW BD/BOB/RBIS/BOS
2nd Alopxe Matt Finnish

3rd Plaisance Fenton Le Beau





1st Willowhurst Vanity BPB/BPIB

Junior (1 Absent)

1st Plaisance Blue Belle

2nd Oakestelle Venus De Milo

Post Graduate (3 Absent)
1st Seanua Serendipity

Limit (1 Absent)

1st Kevranna Theras Enate Echo BB
2nd Ryecombe Drama Queen

Open (2 Absent)

1st Plaisance Betty La Belle RBB
2nd Ch. Foxearth Dressed To Frill

3rd Foxearth Finger Print

Res Alopex Marionette Of Oakestelle
VHC Kingrock Bathsheba At Coneypark