Dogs - Derek Rigby [Lythwood]
Bitches - John Congdon [Aaronwell]
Referee - Aileen Speding [Antoc]

DCC/BOB/BIS Ch. Brooklynson From Rio
RDCC Erjon Eyeopener
BPD Samhaven Time Will Tell
BCC/RBIS/BOS Camanna Carmen Miranda
RBCC Gerian Sunberries

Minor Puppy Dog
1, Lynmead Love Is In The Air At Cassaby
2. Lynmead Love Me Do With Mertrisa
3. Myriehewe Reference Point
4. Bellcot Hi I'm Simon From Rayvel
5. Shasam Sexton Blake

Puppy Dog
1. Samhaven Time Will Tell –
2. Starlenga Austin Powers
3. Wicani Just William At Lusha
4. Wicani Leading Light
5. Razda Rumour Has It –

Junior Dog
1. Camanna Confusion JW
2. Samhaven French Connection With Chelborn
3. Magenta Simply Wicked At Yslann
4. Lingwell Legionaire
5. Saganan Aristotle

Yearling Dog
1. Atendus French Franc
2. Gemastra Azure Mine.
3. Clynelish Local Hero
4. Marjalu Joyride
5. Magenta Simply Wicked At Yslann

Novice Dog
1. Starlenga Austin Powers

Graduate Dog
1. Gemastra Azure Mine
2. Camanna Coast To Coast At Bahatiview
3. Clynelish Local Hero
4. Ingeldene Power Game For Dancol
5. Saganan Aristotle

Post Graduate Dog
1. Samhaven Will For Santaviga
2. Antoc Dark Moon Rising
3. Jamesfair Quote Me Happy
4. Clynelish Local Hero
5. Garbh Dhughal Mhor

Mid Limit Dog
1. Brilyn Fool's Gold
2. Tanzenny Trujillo JW
3. Garbh Jhaimie Mhor
4. Samhaven Starmaker
5. Karlaina St Louis

Limit Dog
1. Myriehewe Galileo JW B
2. Country's Dream King For A Day (Imp Hun) JW
3. Salsina So Handsome
4. Bellcot Silver Cloud Of Bermajo.
5. Aqualita Bond At Brimsan

Open Dog
1. Ch Brooklynson From Rio
2. Erjon Eyeopener
3. Rifflesea Romantic Affair
4. Atendus Exclusively Made
5. Gemastra Teasy Weasy Of Cheilnor

Veteran Dog
1. Antoc Quicksilver At Dancol
2. Anpasch Harvey's Harmony
3. Aniesh Black Lagoon

Minor Puppy Bitch
1. Kourika Klear Star
2. Brilyn See The Difference
3. Atendus Secret Shared
4. Aldermeade Kirsten Dunst
5. Sachenda Show Me Heaven

Puppy Bitch
1. Samhaven Music
2. Gerian Sunpoppy With Collingvale
3. Starlenga Legally Blond With Meryctin
4. Camanna Maria Celeste Mit Pepperstone
5. Aqualita Wychetta

Junior Bitch
1. Danfrebek Truly Mady Deeply With Alanita
2. Gerian Sunpoppy With Collingvale
3. Avocation Breakdancer At Wicani [Imp Fin]
4. Camanna Cindi Lauper At Robroz
5. Lanlin Shades Of Gold

Yearling Bitch
1. Danfrebek Truly Mady Deeply With Alanita
2. Lanrue Pollyanna JW
3. Treeview Pursuit Of Dreams JW
4. Deanjan Silver Star
5. Bermajo Daisy May

Novice Bitch
1. Caronlea B Witched
2. Jopium Dreams Are Magic
3. Camanna Maria Celeste Mit Pepperstone
4. Lanlin Shades Of Gold
5. Jopium Morning Mist At Eximer

Graduate Bitch
1. Wicani China Doll
2. Danfrebek Truly Mady Deeply With Alanita
3. Lanrue Pollyanna JW
4. Lekoy Lucy Too JW
5. Caronlea B Witched

Post Graduate Bitch
1. Chantique Loopy Loo
2. Gerian Sun Sizzle Over Mertrisa
3. Jopium Secret Sunspot JW
4. Brilyn Dream Addict To Shasam
5. Rhodabern Rose Royce

Mid Limit Bitch
1. Buebezi Black 'N Pretty Of Derbypark
2. Gemastra Just One Look With Mertrisa JW
3. Aldermeade Heidi Klum JW
4. Danrox Wicked Affair
5. Gemastra Droopy Drawers

Limit Bitch
1. Camanna Carmen Miranda
2. Samhaven Springtime
3. Brilyn Magic Touch
4. Mallicot Crazy In Love At Birkmyre
5. Gerian Sunangel Over Orethorpe

Open Bitch
1. Ch Gerian Sunberries
2. Ch Salsina Celtic Rosebud At Triburle JW
3. Ch Sandiacre Sexclusive To Shasam
4. Camanna Claudia Chiffer JW
5. Ch/Ir Ch/Int Ch Belrah Casual Surprise

Veteran Bitch
1, Ch Samhaven Forgotten Charm
2. Gemastra Angel Dust With Mertrisa
3. Shasam Stoney Broke
4. Rusforth Intermezzo At Avisette
5. Courseview Love Me Do