Dogs- Mrs K Jeffries [Jefsfire]
Bitches-Mr E Hulme
Ref: Mrs N Keeling

DCC/RBIS Brooklynson From Rio
RDCC Brooklynson Bogarte
BPD Jopium Cool Touch
BCC/BIS Ch Ingledene Late Night Love
BPB/BPIS Corydon Fancy Me


Minor Puppy Dog
1. Jopium Cool Touch
2. Tanzenny Tiujillo
3. Bluchip Evening Skye
4. Tiganlea Thrilling Touch At Willowgarth
5. Gerian Sunasfair

Puppy Dog
1. Yagane's Winter Sport
2. Country's Dream King For A Day [Imp]
3. Jaymarx Bully Boy
4. Ladnar Music Maestro
5 Emryks Thomas Bruce At Willyard

Junior Dog
1. Brooklynson From Rio
2. Pellismer Firecracker
3. Tiganlea Midas Touch At Valleyhaven
4. Garbh Jaimie Mhor
5 Danfrebek Duty Free At Analee

Special Yearling Dog
1. Ingledene All That Matters
2. Myriehewe Hawk Wing
3. Garbh Dhougal Mhor
4. Pellismer Firecracker
5. Wicani What's New Pussycat

Novice Dog
1. Jopium Cool Touch
2. Bluchip Evening Skye
3. Tiganlea Thrilling Touch At Willowgarth
4. Ladnar Music Maestro
5. Ingledene Power Game For Dancol

Graduate Dog
1. Erjon Eyecatcher
2. Myriehewe Observatory
3. Lynmead Simply In My Soul
4. Boughlee Black Domino
5. Carristina Echoes Of Gold At Alfsden

Post Grad Dog
1. Wenchaela Walk Tall
2. Drenoss D'artagnon
3. Roansprey Roland Rivron
4. Wicani Formula One
5. Vonarkle Super Trooper

Mid Limit Dog
1. Philauny Cool Blue
2. Tapena Taking Time JW
3. Gerian Sundance
4. Gemastra Roly Poly Over Cheilnor
5. Karlaina St Louis

Limit Dog
1. Sandiacre Say It With Music
2. Bluchip Spirit In The Skye
3. Orethorpe Scarlet Sunshine
4. Myriehewe Galileo [Taf]
5. Jamesfair Chances Are

Open Dog
1. Brooklynson Bogarte
2. Harpers Field Xeltic Lord Of The Dance
3. Sachenda Soldier Soldier JW
4 Fr Ch Carostar Ces't La Vie
5 Brihow Thanks A Million From Buebezi

Veteran Dog
1. Ch Sassari Big Bold N Blue
2. Ingledene Thinkin' Bout Love
3. Aniesh Black Lagoon
4. Antoc Quicksilver At Dancol
5. Tentola Black Knight At Jaysur

Minor Puppy Bitch
1. Samhaven Springtime
2. Tanzenny Tallahassee
3. Danfrebek Destined For Shulune
4. Jasand Jade At Birkmyre
5. Ladnar Red Ranaissance

Puppy Bitch
1. Corydon Fancy Me
2. Jotars Classic Love
3. Emryks Heavens Above At Tyfield
4. Geosamka Sugar Babe By Roanburn
5. Carristina Yuletide Glitta

Junior Bitch
1. Nutslade Lucky Mopsy
2. Atendus Try To Shimmer
3. Lekoy Dainty Maiden
4. Jotars Classic Love
5. Tiganlea Play Time At Roanburn

Special Yearling Bitch
1. Nutslade Lucky Mopsy
2. Lekoy Dainty Maiden
3. Jotars Classic Love
4. Gerian Sunangel Over Orethorpe
5. Ladnar Red Regina

Novice Bitch
1. Corydon Fancy Me
2. Tiganlea Right Time Of Maywood
3. Danfrebek Designed For Shulune
4. Geosamka Sugar Babe By Roanburn
5. Carristina Yuletide Glitta

Graduate Bitch
1. Ladnar Ginger Rogers
2. Sachenda Goodness Gracious Of Vorda
3. Brooklynson Dream Maker For Valleyhaven
4. Nutslade Lucky Mopsy
5. Strawberry Kisses From Shandlmain

Post Graduate Bitch
1. Ronansprey Rose At Dawn
2. Coarhabeg Enya
3. Little Caramel Gem At Tudorlyn
4. Rifflesea Starry Romance
5. Avisette Theme For A Dream

Mid Limit Bitch
1. Shasam Sex Symbol At Samhaven
2. Ingledene She's Born With It
3. Lekoy Marbles Maiden JW
4. Corydon Madchen
5. Trenley Tete-A-Tete For Vorda

Limit Bitch
1. Carriswillow Swansong
2. Myriehewe Ma-Biche
3. Brooklynson Vivien Lea
4. Brilyn Sister Sophie At Garbh
5. Jotars Dusky Moon

Open Bitch
1. Ch Ingledene Late Night Love
2. Jemspark Devonshire Tease For Krispel
3. Myriehewe Simply Blue
4. Coarhabeg Drop O'poteen
5 Sachenda Strawbree Rose JW

Veteran Bitch
1. Ch Samhaven Forgotten Charm
2. Sylphs Synergy
3 Lynviews Miss Ellie
4. Atendus Maid Of Freckles
5. Lekoy Maiden Of Dreams