Rough Collie Dogs - Mr V.Salt
Rough Collie Bitches - Mr A Clarke - Critique
Ref: Mrs J Llewellyn

DCC Amalie Lynmead Live in Lover
RDCC Chantique Huggy Bear for Tiganlea JW

BCC/BIS Heart of Gold De Cabrenysset for Hanvale (Imp Fra)
RBCC/BPB/BPIS Chantique Fairy Dust

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Minor Puppy (2)

1st Tiganlea Trouble Maker
2nd Gallenja Star Gazer

Puppy (9)
1st Danrox Simply Love of Amalie BPD

2nd Ladnar Harvey Moon

3rd Collingvale Crunchie at Terelimon
Res Rahlissa Relight my Fire for Darahill

VHC Tremaro Catch a Star

Junior (6)
1st Collingcale Crunchie at Terelimon
2nd Inkspot Des Beldones

3rd Tremaro Star Touch at Samshernik

Res Jards Grand Attraction

VHC Rydeen Jamboree at Brihow (IImp Deu)

Yearling (5)

1st Ingledene Spirit of Legend

2nd Glenbowdene Shades of Gold JW

3rd Welanga Bush Tucker with Brookynut
Res Jards Grand Attraction
VHC Pelido David Weir

Maiden (2)
1st Ladnar Harvey Moon
2nd Jards Grand Attraction

Novice (3)
1st Ladnar Harvey Moon
2nd Collingvale Crunchie at Terelimon
3rd Tremaro Catch a Star

Graduate (1)

1st Returned with Love to Lynmead

Post Graduate (6)

1st Amalie Lynmead Centre Stage for Elsamos

2nd Nutslade Dizzy Storm at Brookynut Sh CM

3rd Prince of Sunlight Stardust (Imp Hun)
Res Takhisis Electrik Night

VHC Sandcourt Ice Blue at Sandrock

Mid Limit (3)
1st Chelborn More to Tell

2nd Brilyn Intoxicated
3rd Collingvale Cast a Spell over Terelimon

Limit (6, 1 and 1WD)

1st Camanna Cotton Picker

2nd Ladnar Timeshare for Rashel

3rd Chantique Hot Toddy
Res Rosschell It Started with a Kiss at Chelborn

Open (6,1)

1st Amalie Lynmead Live in Lover DCC/RBIS

2nd Chantique Huggy Bear for Tiganlea JW RDCC

3rd Chelborn Decision

Res Ch Chelhaven on a Promise at Sandcourt
VHC Pelido David Weir

Veteran (2)

1st Takhisis High Voltage
2nd Gemastra Azure Mine


Minor Puppy (3,1)
1st Riverside Song True Love at Sandcourt (Imp Ro)
2nd Gallenja Robbies Dream Girl

Puppy (8,3)
1st Chelborn Touch of Desire

2nd Redola Just as Nice

3rd Tiganlea Wishfull Thinking

Res Collingvale Chardonnay

VHC Chelborn Sweet Desire at Lyndale

Junior (6,2)

1st I'M Scarlett Johansson of Moon River for Chantique (Imp Fra)
2nd Gataj Sweet Surprises

3rd Isn't She Loves Des Beldones Via Aaronwell (Imp Fra)

Res Triburle Tissues and Issues at Lillyway

Yearling (5,1)

1st Brilyns Guilty Pleasure

2nd Mertrisa Damsel in Blue at Deanjan

3rd Mertrisa Wild Honey
Res Gataj Jubilee of Surprises

Maiden (3,1)
1st Chelborn Touch of Desire
2nd Chelborn Sweet Desire at Lyndale

Novice (3)

1st Chantique Fairy Dust RBCC/BPB/BPIS
2nd Collingvale Chardonnay
3rd Chelborn Sweet Desire at Lyndale

Graduate (1,1)

Post Graduate (11,2)
1st Dallinaire Touch the Sky

2nd Redola All Things Nice
3rd Aaronwell Anything for You

Res Deanjan Dawn Memories

VHC Gataj Willow of Surprises

Mid Limit (2,1)

1st Heart of Gold De Cabrenysset for Hanvale (Imp Fra) BCC/BIS

Limit (8,3)
1st Lynmead Amalie Ours to Love

2nd Camanna Curious Caprice

3rd Brilyn Feel the Difference
Res Amalie Such is Love with Cassaby

VHC Jopium Magical Dream

Open (6)

1st Amalie Let Me Be at Collingvale JW

2nd Amalie Lynmead Hi Honey

3rd Rahlissa Aint Misbehavin

Res Ch Camanna Coraline

VHC Ch Riverside Song Love is All Around Mertrisa

Veteran (2)

1st Ch Takhisis Lady Lucia BVIS
2nd Emryks Ellie at Lingwell
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