British Collie Club Championship Show 2004

Dogs - Mr G Mitchell (Kiskas)
Bitches - Mrs J Bispham (Bridgedale)
BIS - Lisa Burtenshaw (Pelido)

DCC - Ch Lynaire The Sinful Touch
RDCC - Karava Blue Kapello
BPD/BPIS - Ingledene All that Matters
BCC/BIS - Gemastra Flirty Girty
RBCC - Ch Samhaven Forgotten Charm

Veteran Dog
1. Ch Markenfields Asti Spumante.
2. Lyswood Lyst Again.
3. Witheld

Minor Puppy Dog
1. Wicani What's New Pussycat
2. Garbh Jhaimie Mhor
3. Triburle Morgan
4. Samhaven Untouchable
5. Pellismer Firecracker

Puppy Dog
1. Carriswillow Verse-A-Tyle With Samhaven
2. Myriehewe Hawk Wing
3. Rifflesea Romantic Affair
4. Aqualita Class Act With Corydon
5. Camanna Chevy Chase At Starlenga

Junior Dog
1. Ingledene All That Matters
2. Myriehewe Stravinsky
3. Lynmead Simply In My Soul
4. Buebezi Pride 'N' Joy
5. Philauney Midnight Special

Maiden Dog
1. Aqualita Class Act With Corydon
2. Triburle Morgan
3. Danfrebek Duty Free At Annalee
4. Maqueeba Silver Spirit
5 . Witheld

Novice Dog
1. Ingledene All That Matters
2. Rifflesea Romantic Affair
3. Aqualita Class Act With Corydon
4. Triburle Morgan
5. Roanburn Black Is Back At Zolkhan

Graduate Dog
1. Ingledene All That Matters
2. Takhisis Back In Black JW
3. Carristina Echoes Of Gold At Alfsden
4. Ladnar Doctor Pepper


5. Norfranton Valentine's Day

Post Graduate Dog
1. Baiodora Moonlight Affair
2. Gemastra Teasy Weasy To Cheilnor
3. Morvania Funky Monkey
4. Colausco Carnival King
5. Markenfield Galliano

Mid Limit Dog
1. Emryks Boyzone
2. Ileyda Sunseeker Of Peblu
3. Pellismer Latest Dreams JW
4. Philauney Cool Blue
5. Shelfpark Parisien Sun JW

Limit Dog
1 Karava Blue Kapello
2. Sandiacre Say It With Music
3. Myriehewe Galileo
4. Scottlyme You're My Man (ATC AC00603BEL)
5. Mertrisa Beetlejuice At Anpasch

Open Dog
1 Ch Lynaire The Sinful Touch
2. Brihow Thanks A Million At Buebezi
3. Ch Karava Blue Kontention
4. Deanjan Del Boy JW
5.  Vonarkle Tudor Knight

Veteran Bitch
1 Ch Samhaven Forgotten Charm
2. Sylphs Synergy
3. Ch Sachenda Scarlet O'hara At Roughrigg
4. Juraleen Penny Gold
5. Ch Gerian Sunflower At Collingvale

Minor Puppy Bitch
1. Brooklynson Santa Maria
2. Samhaven Cheers
3. Stokedale Solitaire At Bhyllsacre
4. Pellismer Popcorn With Collingvale
5. Lingwell Song Of Love

Puppy Bitch
1. Salsina Celtic Rosebud
2. Tapena Truffle
3. Brilyn Charlies Angel
4. Branock Rum Truffle At Samhaven
5 Carriswillow Ambrosia

Junior Bitch
1. Tiganlea Show Time
2. Haradale Gyppsophilia
3. Gerian Sunangel Over Orethorpe
4. Corydon Corocat For Mejola
5. Wicani May'd Of Dreams

Maiden Bitch
1. Stokedale Solitaire At Bhyllsacre
2. Pellismer Popcorn With Collingvale
3. Boughlee After Midnight
4. Hanvale Hot Prospect For Tycharm
5. Ithilien Flame Of Gold At Bonicky

Novice Bitch
1. Tapena Truffle
2. Pellismer Popcorn With Collingvale
3. Rantara Rhianne
4. Maqueeba Blue Shimmer
5. Ladnar Ginger Rogers

Graduate Bitch
1. Oakanmoor I'm A Wispa
2. Stokedale Summer Love
3. Antoc Diamond Days JW
4. Shasam Sexcuse Me
5. Takhisis Lady Eliza

Post Graduate Bitch
1. Myriehewe Imagine JW
2. Pelido Silver Spirit
3. Ileyda Blue Cheyenne Of Maruther
4. Aldermeade Highland Storm Over Glenspey
5. Carristina Dawn Delight At Tarraleah

Mid Limit Bitch
1. Ingledene Carry On Lovin
2. Samante Isn't She Lovely
3. Sandiacre Sexclusive To Shasam
4. Brooklynson Vivien Leigh
5. Cotswoldway Crown Jewel

Limit Bitch
1. Salsina Such A Dream At Delbar
2. Emryks A Gift Of Love
3. Tiganlea Spring Time At Shelfpark
4. Lanrue Snow Flake Of Aldermeade
5. Shahdaroba's Tender Love With A Kiss (ATC ADOO655NLD)

Open Bitch
1. Gemastra Flirty Girty
2. Vonarkle Victoria At Bhyllsacre
3. Jemspark Devonshire Tease For Krispel
4. Brooklynson Liz Taylor
5. Tiganlea Kiss 'N' Tell