Championship Show 2003

Dogs - Peter Burtenshaw (Pelido)
Bitches - Angela Hodgson (Tameila)
BIS – Rene Cozens (Bhyllsacre)

DCC/BIS Vonarkle Viceroy
RDCC Birkmyre The Advocate
BPD/BPIB Lowerpark Glengarry
BCC/RBIS Samhaven Toast
RBCC Ch. Eilroy Silver Thistle for Rayvel
BPB Emryks Angel Of Love at Starlenga

Veteran Dog 
1. Ch. Samhaven Love Hurts 
2. Gerian Charming Lover at Orethorpe 
3. Wells Fargo for Terelimon

Minor Puppy Dog 
1. Carristina Golden Coronet
2. Lanlin Annies Son 
3. Glenbowdene Dream Maker 
4. Ocean Blue Mirage of Jotars
5. Knowleytop Now Look Here

Puppy Dog 
1. Lowerpark Glengarry
2. Glenspey Highland Minstrel 
3. Baiodora Moonlight Affair 
4. Baiodora Barnaby Fudge 
5. Tycharm Travers

Junior Dog 
1. Brihow Thanks A Million from Buebezi 
2. Tapena Taking Time JW 
3. Triburle First Mate 
4. Coarhabeg Making Waves 
5. Tafton Timelord

Maiden Dog 
1. Glenspey Highland Minstrel 
2. Baiodora Barnaby Fudge 
3. Ocean Blue Mirage of Jotars 
4. Dorndek Dominator

Novice Dog
1. Brihow Thanks A Million from Buebezi
2. Vanbarc That's Life 
3. Triburle First Mate 
4. Coarhabeg Making Waves
5. Tafton Timelord

Graduate Dog 
1. Emryks Boyzone 
2. Shelfpark Parisien Sun JW 
3. Brihow Thanks A Million from Buebezi 
4. Stokedale Shadow Blaster 
5. Carristina Golden Eclipse

Post Graduate Dog 
1. Birkmyre The Advocate
2. Darahill Sky At Night 
3. Chrisarion Cabarello 
4. Carristina Echoes Of Gold at Alfsden
5. Hanvale Huckleberry Finn of Ladywood

Mid Limit Dog 
1. Newloc King Coal 
2. Scottlyme You're My Man (BEL) 
3. Deanjan Del Boy 
4. Lingwell Lone Piper 
5. Jotars Tekite

Limit Dog 
1. Vonarkle Viceroy
2. Maqueeba Italian Dream at Tudorlyn
3. Jamesfair Chances Are 
4. Sonza Johny's Boy with Peptide 
5. Danfrebek Dust Till Dawn at Josunee

Open Dog 
1. Glenanior Simply Dashing with Glendylan 
2. Lositana Just Joye 
3. Fr Ch Narwick Silver Blue De Cathyja (FRA)
4. Linamac Just Chintz 
5. Aaronwell Antique Gold at Brilyn

Veteran Bitch
1. Ch Gerian Sunflower at Collingvale
2. Ch Sachenda Strawbree Wine
3. Ch Antoc Crystal Rainbow 
4. Jefsfire Share of Fame at Mayswood

Minor Puppy Bitch 
1. Emryks Love And Devotion at Starlenga
2. Oakanmore I'm A Whisper
3. Lynaire Touched By An Angel 
4. Gemastra Tickled Pink 
5. Karava Kiri with Elmrow

Puppy Bitch 
1. Emryks Angel Of Love at Starlenga
2. Shasam Sex Symbol at Samhaven 
3. Shasam Sexcuse Me 
4. Texelle en Tout De Chemin des Randonnees (FRA) 
5. Baiodora Our Love Affair to Morvania

Junior Bitch 
1. Antoc Diamond Days JW
2. Tapena Taffeta JW
3. Geosamka Just A Babe
4. Willowgarth Yuletide Angel
5. Tiganlea Talk Show

Maiden Bitch 
1. Shasam Sexcuse Me 
2. Karava Kiri with Elmrow 
3. Aldermeade Silhouette 
4. Pepperstone Pearl Barley 
5. Oakanmoor I'm a Puzzle for Joyville


Novice Bitch 
1. Oakanmoor I'm A Whispa 
2. Shasam Sexcuse Me 
3. Mertrisa Dreamer 
4. Pepperstone Pearl Barley 
5. Lanlin Viva Maria

Graduate Bitch
1. Gerian Sundae at Tyfield 
2. Pelido Silver Spirit 
3. Myriehewe Imagine
4. Antoc Diamond Days JW 
5. Elsamos Moonglow Post

Graduate Bitch 
1. Samhaven Toast
2. Lynaire She's A Sinner 
3. Willowgarth Desire 
4. Emryks All That Jazz
5. Brilyn Sister Sophie at Garbh

Mid Limit Bitch 
1. Birkmyre Obsession 
2. Chrisarion Consuela at Rantara
3. Eskmuir Sweet Inspiration 
4. Ferncott Maggie May for Salsina
5. Coarhabeg Lady Of The Lake

Limit Bitch 
1. Courseview My Girl 
2. Darahill Snow Dove 
3. Cotswoldway Crown Jewel 
4. Chrisarion Conchita to Sassari 
5. Pellismer Cover Girl at Rahlissa

Open Bitch
1. Ch. Eilroy Silver Thistle for Rayvel
2. Jasand Panama Hatty 
3. Chrisarion Coppelia at Rantara 
4. Glenbowdene Spun Gold at Rixown 
5. Collingvale Cornflake