17th March 2013
Mrs W Brodie (Shanaburn)
Special Award Classes -
Mrs A Rae (Paridel)
Open Show
9th June 2013
Mrs M McLaughlin (Brihow)
Special Award Classes -
Mrs M Kerr (Shallon)
Open Show
12th October 2013

Dogs - Mr F. Smith (Aldermeade)
  Bitches - Mrs C. Scott (Chantique)
Smooth Collies (No CC's) - Mr B Woodstock
Best in Show - Ms L Maxwell

Championship Show

16th March 2014

Judge: Mrs J Pembleton (Annalee)
SAC - Mrs L McCormick (Lynmack)

Open Show
8th June 2014
Judge: Miss J Taylor
SAC - Mr C Attard (Malta)
Open Show
11th October 2014
Rough Collie Dog Judge - Miss S Bedford
Rough Collie Bitch Judge - Mr J Aramburu-Duran
Smooth Collies - No CC's - Mrs L Maxwell
Best in Show Mr U Nolke
Championship Show
Citadel Leisure Centre, Ayr, KA7 1JB
15th March 2015

Mrs E Ashe (Forrestwalk)
SAC - Mrs A Sinclair

Open Show
7th June 2015
Mrs H Brotherton (Alauna)
SAC Mr L Jeffries (Deorwine)
Open Show
10th October 2015
Rough Collie Dogs - Mrs V Brown (Mertrisa)
Bitches - Mr T Leverton (Rhodabern)
BIS - Mr B Ritchie (Aberquarrie)

Championship Show
Citadel Leisure Centre, Ayr, KA7 1JB

20th March 2016
Rough Collies - Alyson Rae (Paridel)
SAC - Ms L Scott (Dagello)
Open Show
5th June 2016
Rough Collies - Julie Edwards (Elshajo)
SAC - Michelle Davis

Open Show

8th October 2016
Rough Collie Dogs - Mr D. Thomson (Lomondvale)  
Rough Collie Bitches - Mr J. Congdon (Aaronwell)
Referee - Mrs J McIntyre

Championship Show

Citadel Leisure Centre, KA7 1JB

19th March 2017
Rough Collies - Mrs M Shipp (Tremaro)
SAC Angela Coulson (Bluchip)

Open Show

4th June 2017
Rough Collies - Mrs Caroline Tipper (Tiganlea)
SAC Loraine Hannah
Open Show
14th October 2017
Rough Collie Dogs - Mrs J Underdown
Rough Collie Bitches - Mrs D Iley
Referee - Mrs J McIntyre
Championship Show
18th March 2018
Judge: Mr T Conway (Alwaycon)
SAC - Ms Carron Jenkins (Rannaleroch)
Open Show
10th June 2018
Judge: Mrs Irene Grant
SAC: Ms Nikita Buchanan

Open Show

***NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE - New Farm Loch Community Centre, 2 Fraser Walk, Kilmarnock KA3 7PH****

Postal entries close 11th May / Online 18th May
20th October 2018
Rough Collie Dogs - Mrs Ildiko Muzslai (Double Scotch)
Rough Collie Bitches - Mr Peter Muzslai (Double Scotch)
Championship Show