Championship Show 2009

Dogs - Mrs Pauline Skyrme
Bitches - Mr R Santen

DCC/BIS Chelborn Kiss n Tell
RDCC Westoak Warlord
BPD Kourika Kosmic Kowboy
BCC/RBIS Amalie Loves To Love
RBCC Kourika Kazmika At Roanburn
BPB/BPIS Belrah Simply Surprise


Veteran Dog
1st Ir Ch Shannmie Blue Sirocco
2nd Jemara Striker At Jimjack

Minor Puppy Dog
1st Kourika Kosmic Kowboy
2nd Jemara Striker At Jimjack
2nd Beldones Dom Perignon
3rd Colausco Country Affair
4th Wicani Midnight Legend
Vhc Roclynn Orpheus At Millbyrne

Puppy Dog
1st Caronlea James Bond
2nd Jopium Touch The Magic
3rd Marjalu Man Of Means At Camanna
4th Stud Bolt Vonarkle
Vhc Wicani Midnight Legend

Junior Dog
1st Danfrebek Double Take
2nd Uffspring Utterly In My Soul Over Barrenclough
3rd Shannaburn Dallas Cowboy

Maiden Dog
1st Jopium Touch The Magic
2nd Roclynn Orpheus At Millburn
3rd Savataurus's Only The Lonley

Novice Dog
1st Jopium Touch The Magic
2nd Roclynn Orpheus At Millburn
3rd Savataurus's Only The Lonley

Graduate Dog
1st Westoak Warlord
2nd Danfrebek Double Take
3rd Uffspring Utterly In My Soul Over Barrenclough
4th Ladnar Kings Country

Post Grad Dog
1st Starlenga The Wicker Man
2nd Choco Pops Du Domaine Des Emeraudes At Triburle JW
3rd Soroko Socrates
4th Mounthope First Edition
Vhc Camanna Citizen Kane Of Lasheen

Limit Dog
1st Danfrebek Soul Dust At Rantara JW
2nd Timeless Twilights Lone Ranger For Meryctin
3rd Camanna Coast To Coast At Bahatiview
4th Bowmore Of Colomber-Field
Vhc Donohill The Maestro

Open Dog
1st Chelborn Kiss N Tell
2nd Ir Ch Kynan Vanilla Sky
3rd Coarhabeg Raphael
4th Brilyn Secret Weapon
Vhc Aldermead Paris Heights At Mounthope

Veteran Bitch
1st Ch Sandiacre Sexclusive To Shasam

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Belrah Simply Surprise
2nd Belrah Molly's Delight At Domlin
3rd Roanburn Cherry Berry
4th Chelhaven Coralline At Chelborn
Vhc Brilyn Blonde Ambition

Puppy Bitch
1st Jopium Soft Touch
2nd Linamac Lady Love
3rd Caronlea Celtic Quest
4th Annalee Loves Devine
Vhc Aldermead Dawn Skyes Over Bluechip

Junior Bitch
1st Uffspring Unchained Melody Over Barrenclough
2nd Meryctins You're All I Have
3rd Sweet Talk At Chelborn
4th Trinity Belle
Vhc Aldermead Ceileh Dancer At Mounthope

Maiden Bitch
1st Aldermead Dawn Skyes Over Bluchip

Novice Bitch
1. Jopium Soft Touch
2. Aldermeade Dawn Skyes Over Bluchip

Graduate Bitch
1st Kourika Kazmika At Roanburn
2nd Ir Jnr Ch Caronlea Dixie Chic
3rd Shannaburn Fluffy Kisses
4th Buebezi Ensorcellement At Zolkhan
Vhc Raincove Covenair

Post Grad Bitch
1st Amalie Loves To Love
2nd Ileyda Gold Satin JW
3rd Coarhabeg Enya
4th Antoc Dream A While
Vhc Aintshe Just Jasmin At Shallon

Limit Bitch
1st Derbypark Could It Be Magic For Brihow
2nd Bluchip Secret Sky
3rd Caronlea Celtic Connection With Corisian JW
4th Camanna Chit Chat
Vhc Aldermead Kirsten Dunst

Open Bitch
1st Lynmead Love Me Too At Telforth
2nd Danfrebek Truly Devine At Annalee
3rd Drole De Dame Des Beldones
4th Mertrisa Touch Of Silk At Jopium
Vhc Coarhabeg Floral Dance

Veteran Bitch
1st Sandiacre Sexclusive to Shasam