Rhyl Canine Society
November 2018

Rough Collie results
Judge Jacky Cutler (Lankeela)

Puppy 4 (1)
1. Maysinder Buttons And Bows BP & PPG2

2. Maysinder Empress Of India
3. Demelewis Double Dare

Junior 1 (0)
1. Demelewis Truth Or Dare

Post Graduate
No entries

Open 3 (1)
1. Demelewis Dare To Tell
2. Elshajo Lil Miss Moonshine

Wigan and District CS
November 2018

Rough Collie results
Judge - Mr Mark Williams (Kelmbri)

Judges critique

Puppy (3,2)
1st Siluto Misterious Girl BP/PPG1

Junior (4,1)
1st Barrenclough Golden Linnet
2nd Barrenclough Golden Lily
3rd Siluto Over The Moon

Post Graduate (4,1)
1st Barrenclough Heart of Gold BOB
2nd Siluto Misterious Girl
3rd Barrenclough Touch of Gold at Jessopdays

  1. Open (4,1)
    1st Aniesh Misty Blue Moon of Siluto
    2nd Monsolana Love Style over Barrenclough
    3rd Jopium Magical Dream



East Kent
November 2018

Rough Collies
Judge - Alison Feetham

Puppy 4 (1)
1st Dycoshem Sonoran Sunrise BP, PPG4, RBOB
2nd Hanvale Arthur Shelby with Damos
3rd Dycoshem Sedona Belle

Junior 1 (1)

Post Graduate (2)
1st Riverside Song Raised on Rock Trenley (Imp Rom) BOB
2nd Beloreen Starman

Open 2 (2)