Deane & District CS
May 2018
Rough Collie Judge - Ms Shelley Skinner (Nikal)

Judges critique

Junior (6/1 abs)

1st Cook & Watkins Whatacoo Blaze of Glory BP & PG2
2nd Boyles Monsolina Love Style over Barrenclough (Imp Rus)
3rd Flints Highnol Flaming Star
4th Pointons Aldreen For Your Eyes Only
5th Boyles Barrenclough Golden Linnet

Post Graduate (2)
1st Boyles Barrenclough Heart of Gold
2nd Boyles Barrenclough Golden Linnet

Open (4)
1st Flints Erjon Emma Jean with Highnol BOB

2nd Cook & Watkins Aniesh Forever Blue with Whatacoo
3rd Boyles Barrenclough Diamond Days JW

4th Pointons Aldreen Dressed to Impress

Group Judge Mrs Cath Parker (Osmart)

Banbury & DCS
May 2018
Rough Collie Judge Steve Webb (Shadowpark)

Judges critique

Puppy (2)
1st Scotts Whatacoo Wings of an Angel over Aniesh (BP, BOB, Group 4 & Pup Group 3)

2nd Cook & Watkins Whatacoo Blaze of Glory

Junior (1)

1st Tames Rahlissa Charmaine

Post Graduate (4/1abs)

1st Skinners Samhaven Time Is Money with Nikal (RBOB)
2nd Tames Rahlissa Charmaine
3rd Scotts Aniesh Touch of Black

Open (3/1abs)

1st Cook & Watkins Aniesh Forever Blue with Whatacoo

2nd Skinners Nikal It's Gud To Be Black

Group judge Mrs Gerri French-Forsyth.






Note: If I have a 'show' photo of your dog to use on results and it is more than two years old, I may not include it if I feel it is outdated and does not represent how your dog appears now. Obviously with puppies, images will be out of date within a few months.

I am happy to take new photos myself for you at a show I am attending, please check with me before the show, or you can send me a good quality image you have taken yourself.

I reserve the right to refuse any photos that are out of focus, and not in the same format as other photos.

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