June 2018
Judge: Doug Bedford (Chateaunewf)


Group Judge: Sharon Ashdown (Chateaunewf)


Junior (4,0)

1st Ladnar Footprints (WOOLSTON, Miss CJ)

2nd Ladnar Trust in Me (MILLIGAN & MARLEY, Ms J & Mr N) (BP/PPG3)

3rd Highnol Flaming Heart (FLINT, Mr J, Mrs A & Miss L)

Res Ambartr Eternal Light (BARTAM, Mr CP)


Post Graduate (5,1)

1st Mejola Dangerous Liaison (WHITE, Mrs J) (RBOB)

2nd Ambartr King of the Ring (BARTRAM, Mr CP)

3rd Gemheid Lilac Light at Roshura (COPSEY, Mrs R & Mr S)

Res Libanel Magical Martinique (DODSWORTH & CARR, Mrs L & Mrs E)


Open (4,2)

1st Mejola Fate and Fortune (WHITE, Mrs J) (BOB)

2nd Rosschell Will-I-Am at Libanel (DODSWORTH & CARR, Mrs L & Mrs E)