Oswestry and District KA
Open Show
March 2015

Judge Jo White (Mejola) - Critique
Group Judge Margaret Wildman (Wildax)

Junior (5,4)

1st Moonkisses from Ever After (EDWARDS, Mrs J) (BP,PG1)

Post Graduate (6,2)
1st Ingledene Watercolour (GEDDES, Mr JN & Mrs V) (BOB,G2)

2nd Boughlee Sheza Star (STEVENS, Mrs M)
3rd Elshajo Soulja Girl at Wallastowns (EDWARDS, Mrs J)

Res Essanjay Dark Moon Rising (WILLIAMS, Mr SG & Mrs J)

Open (3,0)

1st Atendus April Maid is Serenlas (FLOWER, Mrs S) (RBOB)

2nd Cariadhaf Candy Kisses (HARRISON, Mrs ME)
3rd Boughlee Winter Blues (STEVENS, Mrs M)

Many thanks to the committee for asking me to judge at their show. I had a really enjoyable day and I would like to thank all the exhibitors for accepting my decisions graciously. 
ROUGH COLLIES – J(1) 1 Edwards’ Moonkisses from Ever After, 10mth s/w b, very happy girl and attentive to handler, lovely feminine head and expression, nice dark eye, used ears well, good reach of neck and nice fitted rich sable coat, moved well once she got going. BP,PG1.

PG(4) 1 Geddes’ Ingledene Water Colour, 20mth b/m d, upstanding young male, a silhouette of silver blue, masculine head with well filled foreface and good underjaw, very alert and using well placed ears constantly, good depth of chest and level topline, well presented, moved round the ring with ease. BOB,G2. 2 Stevens’ Boughlee Sheza Star, 21mth tri b, alert to handler, nice dark eye and correct head with well placed ears, jet black fitted coat and good tan markings, level topline and good reach on the move. 3 Edwards’ Elshajo Soulja Girl at Wallastowns.

O(3) Super class of b/m bitches and on another day could easily have swapped them around. 1 Flower’s Atendus April Maid is Serenlas, 7yr b/m b, fit girl for her age, lovely feminine outline and clear silver blue colour, correctly placed ears and nice dark eye, never stopped showing for handler, moved with ease. RBOB 2 Harrison’s Cariadhaf Candy Kisses, 2yr b/m b, another who showed herself well and powered round the ring, good colour, balanced head with nice eye and ear carriage, well presented, just preferred expression and movement of 1 on the day. 3 Stevens’ Boughlee Winter Blues.

Gravesend and Medway
Open Show
March 2015

Judge: Laurie Hunt (Setthornes)
Group Judge: (Bridgette Bodle)
BIS Judge Mr R McLeod

Junior (5, 1 abs)

1st – Tame – Rahlissa Love Song, BP and PPG1/RBPIS
2nd – Arrowsmith – Saganan Gundadai

3rd – Margetts & Wells – Caronlea Celtic Lord at Collingvale
Reserve – Stillwell – Bellawave Caught in a Dream

Post Graduate (11, 5 abs)

1st – Wells – Collingvale Crunchie at Terelimon JW, BOB and PG2

2nd – McDade – Aaronwell Anastasia at Lyndale
3rd – Stillwell – Seyphina So In Love with Bellawave
Reserve – Simmons – Trenley Little Bow
VHC – Plank – Trenley Tender Kiss for Rayvel

Open (4, 1 abs)
1st – Arrowsmith – Saganan Lady True Blue

2nd - Dinnadge – Bermajo Black Pearl at Bellcott
3rd – McDade – Samhaven Summer Nights at Lyndale