Wickford and Basildon Open Show
Rough Collie results
Judge: Susan Clark (Stavods)
Judges critique

Puppy 4 1a
1st Telford Timelord BPIB
2nd Saganan Gundagal
3rd Caprioara Silver Cloud

Graduate 8 1a

1st Trenley Tatenen
2nd Saganan Lady True Blue

3rd Bahatiview Bojangles for Tudoryln
Res Lizmark Solid Gold
VHC Mysticteam Winter Skies

Open 8 1a
1st Lizmark Gold Standard BOB
2nd Tudorlyn Little Princess RBOB
3rd Samhaven Honey Bun
Res Saganan Dancing for Joy

VHC Wicani Spectrel Blue via Caprioara

Ryecombe Deb 'n Air (Smooth Collie) won Best of Breed for AVNSC


17"' MAY 2014 Wickford, Basildon & District Canine Society Open Show
JUDGE - Mrs S Clark (Stavods)
This was a well run, outside venue with good sized rings. Many thanks to the show committee and exhibitors for the quality entry
and making my first judging appointment such an enjoyable experience.

Puppy 4,1
1.King's Telforth Timelord BP
Mature 10 mths s/w dog with profuse coat A little unsettled, but used his ears giving a well balanced expression. Moved well.

2.Arrowsmith's Saganan Gundagai
3.Corben's Caprioara Silver Cloud

Graduate 8,1
1. Maxwell & Wallis' Trenley Tatenen
18mth exhuberent s/w, attentive to handler. Well balanced masculine head with pleasing eye giving melting expression. Good construction and covered
the ground well. In the challenge, just lost out to the maturity of the open winners.

2. Arrowsmith's Sagan an Lady True Blue
3. Philpin's Bahatiview Bojangles For Tudorlyn
4. Hull's Lizmark Solid Gold
5. Jessop's Mysticteam Winter Skies

Open 8,1
1. Hull's Lizmark Gold Standard BOB
3yr rich coloured sable, beautifully presented. Not a big boy, but perfectly proportioned with long well-fitting coat, could have been a bit more enthusiastic, but did not take his
eyes off his handler and flowed round the ring, maintaining a beautiful top line.

2. Philpin's Tudorlyn Little Princess ShCM RBOB
Lovely sized sable bitch with good head and ears, which she constantly used. Beautifully put together and moved well, just lost out on furnishings.

3. Cope's Samhaven Honey Bun
4. Arrowsmith's Saganan Dancing For Joy
5. Corben's Wicani Spectral Blue Via Caprioara


If you would like a photo included in results, please email a good quality jpeg image,
together with the dogs name and which class it was placed in. I will hold the image on file for future placings.
Thank you