Flint & Deeside Canine Society Open Show
25th August 2014
Rough Collie Judge Michelle Davis (Rosschell)

Judges critique

Junior 6 (5 Abs)

1 Mrs D Vogan & Miss S Vogan Lenosann Midnight Rascal

Post Graduate 4(1 Abs)

1.Mrs M Harrison Elshajo Lil Miss Moonshine RBOB

2.Dr L Boyle Monsolana Butterfly Blue Over Barrenclough BP

3.Miss T Clare Bluchip Solar Storm Of Skyeshelm

Open 4(0 Abs)

1.J Edwards Elshajo Armani Moon BOB

2.Dr L Boyle Barrenclough Moonglow JW
3.Miss T Clare Bluchip Solar Storm Of Skyeshelm
4.Jones Rossavon Tuxedo With Dancol

If you have a 'good quality image' you wish to be included in the results, please email as a jpeg attachment to collielife@aol.com, please include the dogs name, show, and class.


Judges Critique

Junior (6,5)
1 Vogan’s Lenosann Midnight Rascal Tri Male 17 months old, good bone, neat ears which he used well, well moulded foreface with nice dark eye. He has a good reach of neck, good length of back, just needs to settle on the move.
Post Graduate (4,1)
1.Harrison’s Elshajo Lil Miss Moonshine Very pretty Tri bitch well balanced head, correct stop, well moulded foreface lovely dark eye and expression used her ears well, very attentive to handler. Good reach of neck,nice outline and shape,moved well. RBOB
2.Boyles Monsolana Butterfly Blue Over Barrenclough Very pretty Blue merle puppy bitch just 6 months old, nice broken colour, good outline,tightly fitted coat, good bone, neat feet, lovely eye giving a sweet expression, very attentive to handler, moved well for one so young and she showed like a veteran. BP
3.Clare’s Bluchip Solar Storm Of Skyeshelm.
Open (4)
1 Elshajo Armani Moon Upstanding Tri male with well fitted jacket presented in immaculate condition with good bone. He has lovely neat ears which he was reluctant to use but when he did he had a lovely expression, head of nice type foreface is well moulded with almond shaped dark eyes,good reach of neck, good length of back ,nice outline and shape, moved very well BOB.
2 Boyles Barrenclough Moonglow JW Sable & White 18 months old,nice eye with a lovely expression, well used ears, good length of back, nice outline and shape, just starting to lose his coat, moved well.
3 Clare’s Bluchip Solar Storm Of Skyeshelm.

Michelle Davis