An interesting interview with Jean Catliff of Mallicot Rough Collies..........

Champion Back in Love at Mallicot

I guess it all began when I was 6 years old, and had a blue merle rough collie, I loved this dog and we were constant companions, I think he made more of an impact because he died young of distemper. We always had a dog at home so it followed on naturally that when John and I got married in 1965 we had our first dog, a miniature poodle , then in 1973 our first rough collie Davmark Cindy Lou, by Jefsfire Sportsman, she had a lovely temperament , which was very important to us as we had 3 children by now, We mated Cindy to Ch Jefsfire Clean Sweep, we kept a puppy from this litter, we thought she was wonderful, but unfortunately never made better than 3rd at open shows.

At this time 1975 we decided to buy a collie for show and our first Mallicot arrived, bought from Carole & Keith Armer, she was Careith Gay Classic (at Mallicot). not the greatest winner but a superb brood bitch, she bred on from Ch Brettonpark Whatzizname M. Gay Melody and M. A- May - Zing, she was then mated to Brettonpark Country Tweed and our first tri colours were born Mallicot Black Satin (at Brettonpark ) Mallicot Night Rider ( Belgium ) M.Gay Melody produced our first Champion in 1984 mated to Ch. Myberns Minstrel. Ch. Mallicot Gold Cascade ( Malpass ) Int. B.F Ch M. Golden Whisper ( Belgium ) M. Magic ( France ) and so it began.

We were lucky to have a lot of people put their faith in us and we exported a lot of collies to different countries. who won well and bred on well for their owners. We have had some great times in collies, friends made which wouldn't be possible without dogs, not only in our own Country but all over the World. We had so much fun we laughed till we cried. The early mornings and late nights, visiting shows, and talking with friends, also the faithfulness of some wonderful dogs.

Lynaire Bluebelle of Mallicot

Careith Gay Classic at Mallicot (left) and
Mallicot Gay Melody (right)

We have been honoured to be asked to judge our lovely breed both in the UK and in some lovely Countries. It's hard to choose a favorite dog, but I will always have a soft spot for Mallicot Love Storm (left). and Geosan Flashback at Mallicot (below), Douglas the fool of a dog, and Storm born too soon, his head and expression full of love. Dogs I have always admired owned by others are The great Supertramp, and my all time favorite Myberns Minstrel.

Some of our greatest achievement's were winning a MP Class at London Championship show of 52 babies, then puppy with 51 entries, with Mallicot Razz-Ma-Tazz. winning Best Puppy in Show with Geosan Flashback of Mallicot at British Collie and winning Best In Show at Collie Association with him. We are very proud of being the producer of Jackaroo van Koridwenn (below at 8 years of age), who was so influential in Europe. We were fortunate to be able to use some great stud dogs in some of the best kennels, who without, we would not have won so well, Amalie, Brettonpark, Lynaire, Myberns, Aberthorne, Lynway, and Brilyn.

Mallicot Crazy Daisy

One of my most memorable moments, was getting off a train in Norway with John and Derick Smith at 1am in temperatures of -17 and snow, the whole judging of Collies Rough and smooth was magical from start to finish.

The display of Lipica horses when we judged in Budapest, eating fish and chips at the top of the Eiffel Tower, then seeing our Ch Mallicot Golden Whisper go Best In Show in Rambouillet, Paris.

We finished our love affair with Rough Collies in 2003 on a high note, when we bred our last litter from Mallicot Crazy Daisy x Ch Amalie Deep In My soul. A puppy from this litter was bought by Rob & Naomi McDowall Ch Mallicot Crazy In Love At Birkmyre. The Collies today.....I'm disappointed with entries, no longer do we get the 200 - 300 + collies at a show, I do think there are some very promising dogs and bitches around and I think the faults we always had are still there, as is the variance in type.

We have made some amazing friends, judged some stunning dogs and loved every minute of showing our dogs, I think we had the best years of dog showing, petrol prices were cheap, entries even cheaper, quality in depth, and time was slower, we always stayed till the very end, then made a leisurley way home, often stopping for a meal and meeting up for a last chat.

In the future we have a couple of judging appointments and will always follow our lovely breed THE ROUGH COLLIE

Jean Catlliff
8th January 2013