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Rough Collies
Amalie Lynmead Live in Lover
Breeder page
Ch Amalie Lynmead Hi Honey
Breeder page
BCC - Bath
BCC - Bournemouth
Lynmead Amalie Ours to Love
Breeder Page

Owners A Hollywood & C Waterhouse
Angelfield Veuve Clicquot
BCC - Belfast
Int Ch Beldones Double Diamond

Owners B Hawkins and O Foy
DCC - Ayrshire Collie Club

DCC Collie Association Championship Show
Clowns Come on over to Ballahanna
DCC - Belfast
Brilyn Intoxicated
Erjon Ebony Joker

Breeder Page
DCC - Bath
DCC - Leeds
Erjon Elizabeth Arden

Breeder Page
BCC/BOB - Darlington
Heylijays Dragonfly at Angelfield
Beldones Black Illusion
Drole De Dame Des Beldones
BCC - National Working and Pastoral Breeds
Ch Brooklynson Bruce Willis
Breeder Page
DCC - Windsor
Ch Brooklynson Fifth Avenue
Breeder Page

Ch Brooklynson Miley Cyrus
Breeder Page

BCC - Crufts 2014
BCC/BOB - Windsor
BCC - Richmond
Ch Brooklynson Martini
Breeder Page
Brilyn Kiss at Midnite to Jamesfair
Camanna Cottonpicker

Breeder page
DCC - Darlington
DCC - L & P Ch Show
Ir Ch Caronlea Lord of the Dance
Caronlea James Bond
Ch Caronlea Celtic by Design for Avonfair

Owner Kennel page
Caronlea Dixie Chick
BCC - Irish Collie Club
Chantique Pixie Bell

Breeder page
BCC - Border Union
Chantique Simply Dreamy

Breeder page
Ch Chantique Huggy Bear for Tiganlea JW

Owner Kennel page
DCC - National Working and Pastoral Breeds
Chelborn Desirable
Chelborn Soul Desire for Triburle

Owner Kennel Page
DCC - Border Union
Chelborn More to Tell
DCC - Richmond
Danfrebek Love Child

Breeder page
Ch. Hanvale Doogie Howser

Breeder Page
Heart of Gold de Cabrenysset for Hanvale (Imp Fra)

Owner Kennel page
Ileyda Jimmy Choo

Breeder page
Ch Ingledene Lace N Promises at Allangill

Owner page
BCC - Midland Counties
Ch Ingledene Spirit of Legend JW

Breeder page
Ch Jopium Secret Star JW ShCm
BCC/BOB/BIS - Collie Association Championship Show
Jopium Cool Dude for Mertrisa

Owner page
Lynmack Carlina

Owner Mr B Hawkins and Ms O Foy

Breeder page
BCC - Leeds
Mejola My Blue Heaven for Corydon

Owners Miss M J Blake
Mejola I am Persuasive

Owner Mrs J White
Rahlissa Snow Maiden for Tremaro

Owners Mr and Mrs R Shipp

Breeder page
BCC/BOB/BIS - L & P Championship Show
Redola Just the One

Breeder Page
Champion Redola Gran Torino

Breeder Page
Redola Hot Shot

Breeder Page
DCC - Irish Collie Club
Wicani White Lace n Promises

Owner Mr K and Mrs A Harvey
BCC - Paington



Smooth Collies
Collidach Molloney Fay Mouse ShCm

Owners Ms F Hutchins
Ch Foxearth Flockmaster for Breckamore

Owner Kennel page
Fortune Cookie from Breckamore

Owner Kennel page
Ch Foxearth Frappuccino

Owner Mrs B White

DCC - British Collie Club - March 2014

Ch Foxearth Flintab

Owner Mr T Hayward
Ch Eridor I'm Mr Blu at Newarp
Juniperwood Dreammaker at Blamadord

Manordeifi Satin Doll at Koczkodan

Owner Kennel page

Oakestelle Vivaldi

Owners Misses M L and M K Benton and Wood
Shulune Imperial Flower of Plaisance

Owner Kennel Page
Ch Mighty Spring Meadows Gift for Shulune

Owner Kennel page
Yaganes Lavender Mist