Published with the kind permission of Carole Smedley (Antoc)


There were 34 sets of CC’s on offer during 2018 (68 in total) and next year, along with the new All Breed CC Shows, where CC’s are still allocated to our breed, these will be Windsor, Bath, Leeds, Darlington, LKA and Bath. Along with the original Representative shows of Birmingham Dog Show, WKC, SKC May, and Crufts, there will be an 5 extra sets of CC’s on offer at Manchester, East of England, City of Birmingham, Driffield and Southern Counties giving the breed a total of 39 sets to compete for.

However, if entries decline, although this new allocation lasts for 3 years, it could well be reviewed, at its end, in 2021.
Talking of entries, taking Crufts out of the equation, the average entry for all shows has dropped to an average of 89.  Some shows managed entries in 3 figures and some just around or below the 60 level.

However it is good to know that our 13 Breed Club shows (Yorkshire CC were on rotation and Irish numbers are not included) had much better figures of 99 per show.

Perhaps it is the judges who determine any show entry but in 2018 there were 12 new first time CC appointments, 5 at Club shows and 7 at All Breed/Sub Group shows. Next year, already there are at least 6 new names to add to our ever expanding list of approved judges which currently amounts to 265 as listed on KC Find A Judge. Now math’s is not my strong point but with 39 shows, mostly appointing just a single judge everyone could judge once in 6 years!

Maybe the Judges Competency Framework (JCF) will reduce these numbers with all judges, regardless of status, being required to hold a Judge’s Licence, available by joining the Kennel Club Academy – which is hoped to be “Live” during the second half of 2019.

There is some good news on this front concerning the payment to hold a Judge’s Licence as Single Breed CC Judges who do NOT aspire to judge further breeds at CC Level and who have been approved to award CC’s by July 1st 2019 these will be FREE OF CHARGE. For existing Single breed CC Judges who do not aspire to judge further breeds at CC level will be charged just £10 and for those who award CC’s in more than one breed will be charged £26. More details of this can be obtained from their web site or by reference to the KC Press Releases.

Having got some of the facts and figures out of the way we can now to look at last year’s winners. There were 11 new Champions added, made up from 5 bitches and 6 males. 4 Blue merles (2 dogs and 2 bitches); 1 tri dog and 1 tri bitch; 2 s/w bitches and 3 s/w dogs. Between them, these 11 collies annexed 32 CC’s and 9 RCC wins

They are, alphabetically, Born To Be Quite Famous Lynmead, for Cas Waterhouse, Churchoak Temptress at Wicani for Angela and Keith Harvey; Collingvale Crème Anglais for Jane Margetts; Jugband Blues de Clos de Seawind Via Aaronwell for Margaret and John Congdon; Lorraine Quince with her first ever Ch in Karafaye Black Quillan; Chantal and Andre Scott with Magical Moon of Lowlands Green Valley for Chantique; Marjalu Talk Talk owned by Tracy Oliver; Robin & Gill Blaikie with Kourika Karrizma; Gianpaulo Falletto and One Extraordinary Blu di Cambiano; Terry McGowan and Riverside Song Bossa Nova Baby Joins Corisian and lastly John and Caroline Tipper with Tiganlea Too Good To Be Forgotten.

Interestingly there were just 5 raiders from abroad gaining Ch Titles with the remainder (6) all being home bred
Eight (8) existing Champions returned to the ring and between them won 20 CC’s and 5 Reserve CC’s, they were Brian and Odile with Beldones Fit For Fun (5+1); Sue Hawkins and Brilyn Platinum Lustre who won most of her 4 CC’s from Veteran; Natalia Skalin’s Chelborn Desirable (1+1); Miranda Blake with Corydon The Ringleader (1+1); Simon and Hannah Walder’s Heart of Gold de Cabrenysset for Hanvale (4); Brenda Cooney and Jopium Stole My Heart at Lingwell (1+1); Sharon Gladwell and Monsolana Love n Kisses Jotars (2) and Rev Vikki Burrows with Tiganlea Tinkerbelle with 2 CC’s and 2 Rcc’s.

This left the following dogs, Liam Kelly’s Ballahana All Guns Blazin’(1); Anne Hassock ); Camanna Colour Me Perfect (2+4); Christine & Noel Collins with Chelborn Touch of Desire at Triburle (1+1); Eamon Nealon won in Ireland with Ezzmare Huggy Bear (1); Jotars Blue Moon for Sharon Gladwell (1);John & Margaret Congdon with Monsolana Bounty Taste from Aaronwell (1+1).

The bitches included Carole & Jim Smedley with Antoc Soul Diva (1+1); Simon and Hannah with Beldones La Vita Belle for Hanvale (1+2); Jo Hodges who won the last CC of the year with Jopium Secret Fantasy; Lorraine Quince with her tri Karafaye Black Beauty; Lovely Flower du Bois des Amazones for Corisian (1+1) for the Brooker family; Lynmack Edge of Glory at Stregato for Audrey Boyd and Wendy McGill; Lene Newman won with Phreelancer Phond Memories; Stefani Flower won her first ever CC with Serenlas Keeping Faith and finally Vanessa Cronk and Natalia Skalin won with Skabona Heaven Can Wait.

Of these winners in 2018, the following 4 Collies, 2 dogs and 2 bitches, along with a few from previous years are waiting for that elusive 3rd and crowning CC: Antoc Soul Diva, Beldones La Vita Bella for Hanvale, Camanna Colour Me Perfect, and Chelborn Soul Desire at Triburle.

This leaves Ballahana All Guns Blazin’; Ezzmare Huggy Bear; Jopium Secret Fantasy JW; Jotars Blue Moon; Karafaye Black Beauty; Lovely Flower du Bois des Amazones for Corisian; Lynmack Edge of Glory at Stregato, Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell; Phreelancer Phond Memories; Serenlas Keeping Faith and Skabona Heaven Can Wait who all started out taking home their first big green card.

Only three(3) existing champions returned to the ring and then brought home a Reserve CC, these were the Irish duo, belonging to the very well travelled Karen McDevitt with Ch & Ir Ch Caronlea Lukin’ Black and his kennel mate Ch & Ir Ch Caronlea Lord of The Dance. The other was a bitch, now a sprightly veteran, Pauline Sibbald’s Ch Lynmead Amalie Lucy Locket at Telforth

There were quite a few RCC winners during 2018 with Aaronwell Azena for Lexcol for Alexis Swain, Edith Pryor and Aqualita Dr No, Beldones Coco Chanel at Gataj and Gataj Beau of Surprises, both owned by Melissa and Graham Lockyer. Sally Humphrey had Shasam Shades of Guilt and Brilyn’s Guilty Pleasure is Shasam. Sue Hawkins annexed 2 RCC wins with Brilyn Molly Coddles, whilst the Jones Family took a first RCC with their Brooklynson Black Diamond. Marianne Benton/Nick Smith and wife Anne celebrated a RCC with Brooklynson El Dorado. Anne Patterson and Valerie Newton won with Darahill Xanadu at their local show whilst Sandy Blackmore availed the services of Stephen Clark to win with Derbypark Dame Edna at Magenta. Duna and Josh won 2 Rcc’s with their blue, Erjon Exclusively Special. Gerian Sundazzle took a win for Gee McEntee whilst Gerian Sunkisses Over Corisian won for the Brooker family.
Winning 3 Rcc’s was Rob & Margaret Shipp with No More Heroes du Clos de Seawind but not to be outdone, his kennel mate, Gillyflower Della Buca Delle Fate also annexed one.

Another winner from Italy was the tri boy, Xcode Della Buca Delle Fate at Rannaleroch who collected 2 wins for Carron Jenkins & Mr J Barron from Scotland. Also living in Scotland and seen at many Ch shows this year was Louise Ritchie and Margo Walker with their RCC winners, Hana of Lowlands Valley at Starlenga and her kennel mate, the tricolour Nelinka Remember Our Love for Starlenga who collected 2 RCC and Puppy G2. More Scottish based winners are Kilchrennan Keltic Briar, owned and bred by Alyson Carmichael and Stregato Gemilli Amore for Audrey Boyd and Wendy McGill.

Jo White and her homebred blue boy took a RCC and along the way has also collected numerous Open shows Group wins; he is Mejola Fate and Fortune. Another blue, a dog owned by Marina McLaughlin won a RCC, he is Moondance de Cabrenysset for Brihow and a bitch puppy, Saganan Blue Diamond annexed not only a RCC but many BPIB awards along with some wins at 2 European shows for joint owners, Gwen Beadon and Kate Arrowsmith. Pauline Sibbald won with Telforth Little Mix, whilst whilst John Tipper handled Tiganlea Too Good To Be True to start of her show career. Wicani Blue Ivy for Kevranna returned home to Angela and Keith Harvey with a Rcc and made it a day to remember as their other bitch; also a blue took her 3rd CC and crown. Russian influence continued with RCC wins for Monsolana Bonjour Paris for Aaronwell and Monsolana Lime Flavour of Rossbethany in Ireland.

Having digested all the above facts, now we come to Top Collie for 2018, by virtue of CC and any Group wins and this year it falls to an Italian Raider, owned by Gianpaulo Falletto, and handled to his wins, with the exception of one by Valerie Geddes. Known at home as Piaf, this blue merle returned to the UK at Crufts and has, since then annexed a total of 10 CC’s, most with BOB and a G1 at Darlington and G2 at Blackpool. Sired by Steadwyn Blue Legend out of UK Ch Hit Parade Blu di Cambiano (who also came to the UK and won 6 CC’s) bred by Maria-Teresa Garabelli who is also Top Breeder.

Runner-up to Piaf was Jive, another Blue Merle, bred in France by Mr  & Mrs Giles Mervant, he is campaigned by John Congdon and jointly owned with wife Margaret and he won 6 CC’s. Sired by Dazzle Blue Legend de la Chapelle des Arbres out of Eclipse Total du Clos de Sea-wind.

Close on his paws, is the sable bitch, Eva, Ch Beldones Fit For Fun, owned and bred by Brian and Odile. She won 5 CC’s and is sired by Ch Beldones Double Diamond out of Intrigue des Beldones and secures Top Bitch position.
Another bitch, the blue merle, Ch Brilyn Platinum Lustre takes the runner-up spot for bitches with her 4 CC’s wins, and Veteran Group places.

Others winning 4 CC’s were, Ch Magical Moon of Lowlands Green Valley for Chantique owned and shown by Andre and Chantal Scott. Hannah and Simon Walder also won 4 CC’s with Flo, Ch Heart of Gold de Cabrenysset for Hanvale

Top Puppy, according to Our Dogs went to Louise Ritchie and her French Import, Nelinka Remember Our Love to Starlenga, followed closely by Culbrae Code Red at Chelborn who gained Puppy Group 3 and PG4 earlier in the year along with some very regular BPIB winners through the year. No doubt the British Collie Ladypark Puppy of the Year award will clarify the positions.

Now we come to Top Stud Dog for 2018, which is a very debatable issue, so you can decide for yourselves once you read the facts. Is Top Dog decided by the number of CC’s won by a collie sired by one dog, or, the number of progeny gaining CC’s? So here is the list of the Top 10 involved.

  1. CH MONSOLANA BLUZSTAR FOR AARONWELL, produced 1 CC winner and 1 RCC winner in Jotars Blue Moon, CC at Crufts and Monsolana Bonjour Paris for Aaronwell.
  2. LYNMACK THUNDERSTRUCK – Brilyn Molly Coddles winner of 2 RCC and the CC winner Lynmack Edge of Glory at Stregato
  3. CH JOPIUM STOLE MY HEART AT LINGWELL – CC winning Jopium Secret Fantasy and Jopium Love Heart with a RCC
  4. GEKO DE MIDLAND VALLEY – Ballahana All Guns Blazing with a CC and Beldones Coco Chanel at Gataj with a RCC
  5. HONKY TONK MAN OF RIVER TWEED – Beldones La Vita Bella For Hanvale who won 1 CC and 2 RCC and No More Heroes du Clos de Sea-Wind who won 3 Rcc’s
  6. CH JOPIUM TOUCH OF SOUL AT TRIBURLE JW produced CC winner in Chelborn Soul Desire at Triburle who also won a RCC and Antoc Soul Diva who won a CC and the RCC at Crufts.
  7. CH ERJON EBONY JOKER,  who had Camanna Colour Me Perfect with 2 CC’s and 4 Reserve CC’s along with Erjon Exclusively Special who won 2 Rcc’s
  8. CH CHANTIQUE HUGGY BEAR FOR TIGANLEA, who sired Ch Tiganlea Tinkerbelle at Revdvikki who won 2 CC’s and BIS at British and also sired the new Champion in Tiganlea Too Good To Be Forgotten winner of 2 CC’s and 2 Rcc’s.
  9. CH CHELBORN KISS N TELL, sired Ch Brilyn Platinum Lustre, winner of 4 CC’s and the CC winning Skabona Heaven Can Wait both blue merles.
  10. CH BELDONES DOUBLE DIAMOND, now in Veteran sired Ch Beldones Fit For Fun, winner of 5 CC’s and a RCC along with Darahill Xanadu who won a Rcc.

Top Brood Bitch is much easier with just 2 bitches in contention.
1. Corydon La Fayvourita avec Karafaye who is the dam of Lorraine Quince’s  new Champion, Ch Karafaye Black Quillan and the CC Winning Karafaye Black Beauty both of who are Tricolours.

2. The second is Hazelnut des Vergers de Iacchos, sired by the late Ch Tiganlea Best of Times at Rayawna and although bred in France, is the dam of Ch Tiganlea Tinkerbelle, winner of 2 CC and Tiganlea Too Good To Be True a RCC winner

Sadly 2018 saw some well known collie breeders and owners no longer with us, and as usual, when you attend the British Collie Ch Show, there will be a Book of Remembrance where more details will be issued but those we have lost included: Lynn Westby (Lowerpark); Alan Mather (Rubec); Both Derek and Thelma Clarke (Beaublade); Jenny Goddard (Bludayle) John Basing (Joslynns/Arranbrook) Janet Cunningham (Kesbury) Bernice Harris (Myberns) Joe Kirk (Cregagh) Dave Corfield, back room boy at Lashol.

I do hope you have all enjoyed this review and please accept my apologies for any errors or omissions.


Carole Smedley (Antoc)