Cariadhaf Crazy Dream - 'Brodie'

Mr K S Wilberg (Blackpool champ show June 2015 ): Steven's Cariadhaf Crazy dream, Promising puppy of excellent type. Nice head and expression, moves well.

Mr A Jammett (East of Scotland Canine Club open July 2015) : This 8month old rough collie dog showed his socks off. Good head, well placed ears and a great expression complemented good construction and a very good balanced movement.

Ms Jane Powers (Kirkcaldy and district canine club open August 2015):  8 month old sable. Lovely proportioned head, medium dark eye giving desired expression. Good ear placement, strong neck of good length. Oval feet. Firm back and good angulation to rear. Moved very well and with purpose for his handler.

Mr William Fulton (Upperward of Lanarkshire Open August 2015): 9 month old sable male wit ha good head, correct bite, dark eye and well set ears. The depth,spring and length of ribs all correct. Good bone, not to heavy not to fine. Moved well although he did fly his tail slightly not enough to prevent me awarding him BOB.

Ms Sophie Wray (Scottish Collie Club open show September 2015): Good length of back and good short hocks but would have preferred more neck. He has a good clean head with a flat scull and well placed ears. Showed well but needed a bit more confidence on the move.

Mr J Robinson (Scottish Breeds open show October 2015) : Nice, well constructed collie with a nice head and sweet expression, well handled and presented.

Mr J Chorley (Collie association champ show November 2015): This young dog caught my eye as he entered the ring. Lovely head with a nice eye and sweet expression, good neck into correct shoulders, nice length of body well angulated rear and moved out well. RDCC.

July 2016 1st place Yearling dog at NWPBs under judge Dave Gordon with the Critique: "1st  Steven's Cariadhaf Crazy Dream  20mth s/w, well balanced head ears on top, good dark almond eye - pigmentation, good stop, well rounded muzzle, bite, reach of neck, deep chest, brisket, good withers, well laid shoulders, spring of rib, loin, bend of stifle, hocks, good coat level top line moved well, excellent presentation"

September 2016 , Scottish Collie Club Open, Judge Michele Mccann

"sable and white, this boy is very nice to handle, he has a very clean head, good ears which he used really well, which gave him an alert expression. Good shoulders, and body shape moved very true, just needs to mature and rather proud of his tail"



Cariadhaf Cookies and Cream - 'Bella

June 2016  2nd place MPB at Blackpool Champ show

July 2016 1st place MPB and best puppy bitch at NWPBs under judge Dave Gordon with the critique :

"1st  Steven's Cariadhaf Cookies And Cream  Very feminine 8mth Tri, good head, ears on top, good pigmentation, very sweet dark eye, good stop, well rounded muzzle, bite & under jaw, reach of neck, deep chest, brisket, withers, well laid shoulders, spring of rib, loin, bend of stifle, well let down hocks, moved well, good top line, excellent presentation. BPB, Boy just had the edge for BPIB on back skull"

Aug 2016 Coatbridge and District Judge Lorna Carrigan

"great expression on this girl, good bone, in lovely coat for her age, felt she could move a touch quicker but feel that will come with age"




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