Well, we went abroad for a few years taking four of our dogs (Lucy, Murphy, Scarlett and Red-sadly Lucy and Murphy passed away while abroad but their spirit will always be with us) and on returning to the UK, my son, Christopher, and myself took up a childhood passion of mine, horse-riding.  Christopher was blessed with taking to this easily – bit more hard work for me though!!!!!!  Our Riding Instructor thought it was marvellous how I could stay on a bucking horse!  We progressed from riding school ponies to having our own.  Christopher continued to progress (as did I) and we both favoured jumping.  I was, perhaps, bolder at this but Christopher was definitely better.  Sadly, I had quite an accident, which Christopher witnessed and he never went back onto his pony.  It was most unfortunate and we had to let both Perry and Safi go to new homes.  I do miss them.

So, at home, recuperating and very very bored I started thinking about the good times we had had in the Ring.  Should I dare to get back into it?  We still had Roughrigg Red Marauder and Ch. Sachenda Scarlett O’Hara At Roughrigg, both now Veterans.  Scarlett passed away at almost 16 years of age in 2012, my soulmate and sorely missed but ‘Miss Scarlie’ will always be my blueprint. 

Yes, I would get another puppy and chose………..a Polish Lowland Sheepdog.

Dobrany Dorianblue Lukier At Roughrigg - 'Luka'
D.O.B. 21/01/2012
Sire: PL/INT/RUS Flinkbein Dla Kontekst    Dam: Dobrany Dorianblue Jola

Luka had a super, albeit short, career with the following wins:

Leeds – PD, BPD, BPIB
Darlington – MPD
Driffield - MPD
Polish Lowland Sheepdog UK – MPD, BPD (beaten by his Sister for BPIS)
Plus Open Show wins and AVNSC BOB

Crufts – PD, BPD
Leeds - PGD

A most intelligent but strong-willed breed.  He is the most manic, although most sociable, dog we have ever lived with and his past-time has to be ‘barking at anything that moves’, which qualifies him as an excellent watchdog. 
He is Christopher’s best pal!!!
I was delighted when he appeared on the front cover of Our Dogs – ‘Dogs In Focus’ Supplement, May 2013.

In order to concentrate on our roughs we have decided to ‘retire’ Luka from the Ring. 
He will certainly keep the roughs on their toes!


Roughrigg Red October
Lynmack Walk All Over You at Roughrigg

Glory Way Cinderella For Monsolana At Roughrigg

Update March 2016

Roughrigg Red October – 'Lemmy'
D.O.B. 19/10/2002
(Sire: Roughrigg Red Marauder   Dam: Roughrigg Red With Attitude)

Lemmy is owned and cherished by Lynda Watt. 
Amongst his many wins Lemmy was Scottish Collie of the Year 2007  - the first time the Club held this event.

Lynmack Walk All Over You at Roughrigg
‘Mac’   –   D.O.B. 24/07/2013 - CEA/PRA Clear
Ch Moon Walker Dallinaire for Chantique (IMP SRB) x Lynmack Touch Too Much)

Photo (left) Linda McCormick

Photos taken at Ayrshire Collie Club Open Show - March 20 14 - Thank you to Loraine Hannah, Strobroy

Mac at 18 months - January 2015
Photos above of Mac taken June 2015

With thanks to Linda McCormick, we are delighted to welcome ‘Mac’ to Roughrigg.

Taken at Welsh Kennel Club August 2015 - 1st Graduate Dog - with thanks to Judge Daphne Iley (Ileyda)

1st Graduate and Best Dog - Scottish Collie Club Open Show - September 2015 - Judge Ms Sophie Wray (Takhisis)

1st Graduate Dog - Ayrshire Collie Club Championship Show - October 2015 - Judge Val Brown (Mertrisa)

1st Post Graduate Dog - British Collie Club Championship Show - March 2016 - Judge Sandra Wigglesworth (Sandiacre)

1st Post Graduate Dog, Best Dog, Reserve Best In Show and Best Opposite Sex at Ayrshire Collie Club Open Show - Judge Alyson Rae (Paridel)


Mac - photos taken March 2016

1st Post Graduate Dog Scottish Collie Club Open Show April 2016

Mac below - July 2017

Glory Way Cinderella For Monsolana At Roughrigg (IMP RUS)
‘Cindy‘ – D.O.B. 25/5/2013 - CEA/PRA Clear
Ukr Ch.Benifis of Colomber Field x Monsolana Sungloryway)

above photo taken at 3 months old

'Thanks to Olga Buldakova for Cindy and getting her safely to Scotland'

Cindy now almost twelve months old - Above and below left taken at Scottish Collie Club
May 2014

'Cindy' - March 2015

Scottish Collie Club Puppy of the Year 2014

Cindy - photos taken February 2016

Photos above taken March 2016

1st Post Graduate Bitch - Ayrshire Collie Club Open Show - March 2016 - Judge Alyson Rae (Paridel)

1st Post Graduate Bitch - Scottish Collie Club Open Show - April 2016



Dad, Mum and Daughter - Mac, Cindy and Rhea


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