.Hello & Welcome to Ladnar Collies Established 1997.

Let me tell you a little bit about how we started & how dreams can come true.

Our love for the Rough collie started in 1982 a year after our youngest son was born, Originally, I had gone to the Jurassic kennels to purchase a S/W puppy but I couldn’t resist the Blue Merles that were in an adjoining kennel so my love for the Blues started.

Showing didn’t really take off until the kids had grown up & by then we had applied for the Ladnar prefix which is Randall back to front minus one of the Ls.

We purchased a Tricolour again from the Jurassic kennels her name was Floyd Joy Zoe who can be found behind all of our present-day collies, although not shown she was mated to Beechmere Boy Blue & so the beginning of our blue lines was in the making.

We ventured into the sables with some success winning many KCSBN but it was Ladnar Bitter Sweet that was to annex 2CC unfortunately he never gained his title but was always a peoples Champion.

2004 Things were about to change for our kennels with the birth of Layla CH Ladnar Maid Sweet JW a beautiful blue that glistened in the sunlight she had shape good movement & attitude! Layla won many BIS, BPIS awards at Breed Clubs, All Breed Open Shows & Champ shows.

At Championship shows Layla annexed her first CC from Puppy at EACA & her Championship title in 2007 along with a further 7CC, 4RCC. She had four litters producing several CC & RCC winners her most influential son being Phenix…. CH Ladnar Kingfisher JW.

In 2008 Kingfisher was born he soon made his mark winning many BIS, BPIS awards & admirers around the world. Crufts 2009 at just 10 month of age he annexed not only BP but also Dog CC from Jack Bispham (Bridgedale) co-judge Angela Hodgson had awarded his mother Layla the Bitch CC. After many times of running around the ring & much deliberation the nod went to Phenix for BOB…. WOW what a day that was can you just imagine doing the double at Crufts & BOB now that’s what dreams are made of!!!

In 2011 another life time achievement. Phenix won the trophy of all trophies BIS at The British Collie Club. Phenix was a once in a lifetime dog he loved the show ring it gave him a real buzz he went on to win a total 11CC & 16RCC two BVIS before retirement at 7.5yrs.

As a sire Phenix wasn’t over used producing champions here in the UK, Ireland, Israel & Italy with many more sitting on CCs, CAC and CACIB. He has many grand kids around the world that we are equally proud of his most recent in Finland, Italy, Germany, Chez Republic, Hungary & Australia all sitting on titles.

We have had some lovely dogs in our time of breeding & showing too many to go into detail here. If you would like to take a wonder around the website you can find most of them in the history section.

Present day breeding stock is health screened for Eyes, MDR1, & Hip scored. Wherever possible when planning a litter, we use health tested studs. Our litters are carefully planned & puppies well socialised in a home environment.

Our aim is to breed healthy dogs to the standard with good temperament, brains & beauty.

Puppy and stud enquiries treated in the strictest confidence.


CH Ladnar Inkheart JW - 'Eve' - 3CC, 3RCC
Sire Ladnar Harvey Moon JW 1CC X Dam Ladnar Full Circle
DOB 15.04.15 Eyes Mildly Affected @ 8wks
MDR1 -/- by parentage
Hips 3/4 = 7

Eve is everything one would wish for in a bitch....Beautiful temperament, Good confirmation a jet black coat & Very very naughty !

Her show career has gone from strength to strength resulting in her JW @ 12 months. Puppy Of The Year 2015 EACA Collie contest, Her 1st CC, BOB, BIS @ L&P CH show 2016.

Thrilled to bits on Eve's latest RCC at E.A.C.A Many Thanks to judge Stella Clark (Astrellita)

Many Thanks to all judges concerned for making the above possible.

After nearly 6 months rest from the show ring. Eve attended L&P Open show her first show of 2018 to be awarded BB,BOB,BIS Many thanks to judge Jan Milligan (Alfsden)

After a 2yrs abstance from the show ring due to maternal duties and Covid19 our beautiful Eve came back in style. Attending EACA CH show April 2021 the first show to take place since lockdown. Eve went on to win LB and her 2nd RCC. Many thanks to judge Ann Smith (Tentola)

Our beautiful Eve now a veteran made her first appearance in over a yr at SCCGB back to back shows. We were thrilled to bits with her performance winning RBVIS at show 1.Thanks to judges Di Collino and Fran Kaye. Then onto show 2, where she pulled out all the stops with BVB, BVIB and the icing on the cake BVIS. Many thanks to judges Stefani Flower and Hannah Walder for these amazing awards.

Our beautiful Eve pulled out all the stops to win her 2nd CC, BOB plus BVIB at Southern Counties Championship show. Many thanks to judge Dr Annukka Paloheimo Segersven (Finland) for these amazing awards.

Wow Mother & Son do the double at E of E Championship show. Our handsome Tom adding another CC to his impressive collection but it was his mum Eve that pulled out all the stops to gain her 3rd CC taking her to the upper house. After competing against her son it was decided Eve should take BOB and later BVIB. Many thanks to Mr J Peach (Rozdyke) for an unforgettable day.

Eve continues her winning ways with BVIS at WECS CH show 2022 Many thanks to breed judge Ann Hollywood & BIS judge Nick Smith. Paignton 2022 seen her take the RBCC/BV Many thanks to judge Duna Jones, Eve was also shortlisted in a very strong Veteran Group. EACA CH Show 2022 BVIS Many thanks to judge Mrs U Bergh-Persson.

Our beautiful Eve never ceases to amaze me. At her first outing of 2023 we ventured to EACA Collie of The Year contest where she not only won Veteran of the Year 2022 but also Overall Winner 2022. Many thanks to judges Stella Clark (Astrellita) & Michaela Rukopf (Vom House Rukopf)

Manchester CH show Judge Tan Nagrecha BVIB.

RCOTY 2023 Eve was awarded Veteran of the Year. Many thanks to judges Lene Newman (Phreelancer) Sandra Taylor (Bruernish) & Tony Iley (Ileyda)

Eve put in a good performance at Midland Collie CH Show under Tracey Goodwin to go all the way to BVIS.


Wow Wow what a day Crufts 2023 turned out to be with our beautiful Eve. At the tender age of 8yrs Eve pulled out all the stops to win her 4th CC, BV & BOB. Many thanks to judge Derek Allsopp for these amazing awards. To win BOB at Crufts (2009) once is a dream to win it twice is truly amazing..!!

15/04/2015 to 03/06/2023

Eve attended WECA open show 02/04/2023 to win RBB, BVIS Many thanks to judge Jill Kelly for these awards..... Never in a million year's did I think that this was too be our last outing together. Our beautiful Eve was taken away from us so unexpectedly on 03/05/ 2023 that day will haunt me forever 💔 Eve loved the shows and in her time accumulated 4CC all with BOB including Crufts 2023, she also notched up 7BVIB, 1BIS,  3 BVIS, 3RCC at Championship level. Whilst at the Open breed shows she had numerous wins. Eve was also Top Puppy of the yr at EACA, Top Veteran of the year at BCC and EACA. We shared so many happy memories together for which we are truly grateful for. RIP My Darling Eve


Ch Ladnar Mustriharder - 'Tom' - 4CC. 2RCC
DOB 11/05/2019 - MDR1 -/-, CN +/+, CEA -/-, DM +/-, DMS AAbb.
Hips  4/4=8
We are really happy with how this boy is maturing. Tom has size fabulous bone & a temperament to die for he is such a sweet natured boy with a happy outlook on life.

At 6.5 months Tom attended his first show winning a respectable 2nd at London & Provincial Collie Club CH show many thanks to judge Tony Foster (Jaysur)

Well what can we say...at just 10 months of age Tom wins BPIB Crufts 2020. Many thanks to Trevor Hayward for this very special award.

© Marko Tuominiemi 

News in that our lovely boy Tom is Joint Our Dogs Top Puppy 2020. 
      Tom is proven and available at stud to approved bitches.

Our handsome lad Tom attended his first show since winning BP at Crufts 2020 just before the country went into lockdown. He attended EACA CH show April 2021 along with his mum winning a respectable 2nd in YD. Many thanks to judge Mick Taylor

Below - East of England Ch Show - July 2021

Our handsome Tom won his first CC, BOS at East of England CH Show 11/07/21.
Many thanks to judge Nick Smith (Tentola) for these awards.
Photo credit Hazel Lomax

DCC - NW&PB Breeds 17/7/2021 - Judge Derek Allsopp

DCC - Bath August 2021 - Judge C A Lunt

DCC - E of E CH show 8/7/2022 judge Jim Peach (Rozdyke)

RDCC YCC CH Show 4/8/2022 judge Cathy Howard (Shandlmain)

RCC Darlington 2022

In less than 4wks Tom has acclimated 3CCs at the above shows and ultimately his CH title. Many thanks to all the judges that have made this possible.

Tom enjoyed his day out with his mum at EACA Collie of The Year to be 3rd Adult of the Year 2022. Many thanks to judges Stella Clark (Astrellita) and Michaela Rukopf (Vom House Rukopf)

At RCOTY Tom had a fantastic day competing against CC & RCC winners of 2022 where he was awarded Rough Collie of The Year 2023. Many thanks to judges Lene Newman (Phreelancer) Sandra Taylor ( Bruernish) & Tony Iley (Ileyda) for an unforgettable day.

Sue and Dave Randall

Coalville, Leicestershire LE67 8RL
email: ladnarcollies@talktalk.net

Telephone: 01530 813611